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The tech giant is all set to release Apple iPad 3 on 24 Feb coinciding with the birth anniversary of Steve Jobs. Here are 4 must have features in the new iPad

With the year 2011 coming to a close, and the new year beginning very shortly, reports have started doing the rounds about the possible launch of iPad 3, the Cupertino based tech giant’s super successful tablet’s forthcoming edition. Reports appearing in different media outlets have suggested that Apple may release the new iPad version as early as the fourth week of February.

Reports suggest that Apple may launch the new generation iPad may be released earlier than expected and reports indicate that Apple seems to have made its mind of launching it on the birth anniversary of the late company founder Steve Jobs.

A PCMag report suggests that the new iPad 3 will be released on 24 February, the birth anniversary of late Steve Jobs, the iconic founder of Apple, the largest technology company in the world. There are two probabilities, one is that Apple unveils iPad 3 on that day and then release it in the market in early March.

Meanwhile there are rumors that Apple may come up with major up-gradation for its new iPad tablet to leave competitors further behind. Now it is time for Apple to notch things up to a whole new level. And this can be done by introducing the immensely powerful quad core A6 processor. According to senior analyst Kevin Krewell, a quad core A6 can be a direct competitor to Nvidia’s much touted Kal-El series. As a matter of fact, A6 can tip the scale to its favor by having a cost (and power) effective 28 nm semiconductor technology (as compared to 40 nm of Kal-El).

Another important aspect where Apple iPad can get further improvement is its display. The Cupertino based tech giant has made it almost clear that they will look forth to integrate an advanced Retina Display like feature in iPad 3′s 10 inch screen. If integrated, the forthcoming iPad will have a whopping 2,048×1,536 resolution ‘dense’ display. Though, according to some experts, this may not be required for iPad’s larger screen (as it is not held close to the eyes). Even an intermediate 1,600×1,200 resolution display will appeal to the (tablet) users.

Another aspect that will certainly be integrated into the new iPad is cloud computing. With iOS 5 it can be easily integrated on iPad 3. With this function at the tip of their hands, users will now be able to have access to better storage and sharing of media not only in their device, but also through cloud features.

With Apple already putting 8MP camera in its new iPhone 4S, people are looking forward to having similar camera in the new version of the top selling tablet.


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  • Delax

    An 8MP will not be on the iPad.. Who takes pictures and videos on a big ass tablet? Seriously.. The cameras on the iPad is just for FaceTime, occasional picture/video, and augmented reality apps.. iPad 3 might get bumped up to 3MP at best.

  • bhuvnesh Jawa

    the new iPad 3 should have the screen made of such a material that the finger prints which make the screen dirty and need cleaning so very often need not be required .The screen should not leave any marks on it after continous usage even and if at all it does then it should be very easily cleanable.
    It should be priced such that the competitiors are left way behind to match or beat the price.

  • DelaxDick

    Wow, such short-sighted comments and opinions from Delax there. The price-point between a 3MP and 8MP sensor will be negligible to Apple based on their buying power. Having said that, a bumps up to the old 5MP sensors as found in the old iPhone could end possible too.

    Several years ago poeoe laughed at the idea of tablet devices without keyboards, now look where we are. Whing about the camera resolution is quite pathetic really.

  • ShouldI BuyaiPad2?

    I want an iPad. Nothing gets my goat faster than spending close to a thousand bux only to have it obsolete in 60 days. Should I wait for iPad3?!?!

  • Applebean

    I am not too bothered about resolution and I agree that 1200 x1600 will be ok for a small screen. You might prefer higher resolution only if you connect it to a HD TV. I am not sure how much difference shown on a HD TV would be between two different resolutions though. Also you have to balance it with the cost, you don’t expect price gets too high to have the best resolution. I hope price will not vary too much from iPad 2.

  • Emma

    I take a lot of photos on my iPad 2! Also where does the “close to £1000″ come from mine was £400 brand new although I think I will be selling this and upgrading when the iPad 3 comes out even if it is just for the camera quality!

  • ConflictedCollege Student

    Should I wait for the Ipad 3. What are the chances it will actually come out on Steve Jobs birth anniversary?

  • mfrq

    All I know is that you lot are a bunch of NERDS!!

  • 3T

    Feb 24 or earlier for ipad3 to release, please :)

  • Ltsmash

    @emma there are other curriencies about from the pound.
    @delax i agree the cameras not nearly as important as one of an iphone. Could do with a little improvement. But really people shouldnt give a shit a MP when there areany more important factors that comtribute to the quality of an image.

    @steve jobs- i write this comment on your art <3

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  • TBAG

    yes we’re all nerds. I don’t care if it’s Ipad or Android. I waited half the year for Asus Transformer prime to hit the shelves and close to xmas it is having wifi problems. Screw android I’m waithing for the ipad 3.

  • Sprzfan

    @Delax…there are tons of people using IPads for videotaping…some are even making low budget movies using them. And as stated before….I seriously doubt any price difference will have an effect…its ALWAYS been about specs…and 8 sounds better than 3.

    I think it will be a hit…but not as much as 1 or 2…we as a society have come to expect different as well as better. But..I will be getting one….

  • porno

    great idea…..Poop….Peee….vaginal fluids…..semen……fun anal up the butt :p

  • http://Apple B.Hunte

    I had iPad 1 but when I wanted to get a smaller laptop at apple store I saw iPad 2 and realised it was better than getting another laptop I have the 64gigabite and I love it for me to upgrade to iPad 3 it will have to have exceptional extra features I thought some remarks were ridicules by the way am 73years old I started with apple laptop waited for ipad1 have the 16gig touch pod and iPhone 4 apple gives you so much more for your money and by the way iPad 3will not make iPad 2 be obsolete get your heads out the clouds and learn to use you iPads to the fullest
    Mrs elderly IT

  • http://Apple B.Hunte

    iam73 and I have already upgraded to ipad2 it’s great why would it be obsolete after60days I love my iPad and get your heads out the clouds use it to its fullest
    Elderly IT lady

  • http://Apple B.Hunte

    What do you mean by awaiting moderation?

  • juko

    guys its everything you geeks dreamed about!and thats all you need to know!

  • Jacqueline Mosley

    I love my iPad 2,I entertained slot of children with the photo booth when my mom was very ill and we were taking care of her at home before she passed away. The kids were afraid of her hospital bed,so I use my iPad to take the focus away from my mother by taking funny photos,I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything. Who knows maybe I will upgrade,if I can afford it. Paid nearly 800.00 for this thing,and I haven’t learned everything about this one yet.

  • Dudley

    I wish iPad 3 will have a BluRay player/recorder and an HDMI port.