Apple to Begin iPhone 6 Production soon: Features & rumors


    Latest reports suggest that Cupertino based Apple is set to begin iPhone 6 production soon. Here we take a look at its features and rumors

    The Cupertino California based company, Apple Inc (AAPL) is planning to start producing a revamped version of its current iPhone which will most probably be similar to the current iPhone in terms of shape and size of the device, by the second quarter of this year.

    According to reports published in the Wall Street Journal, sources close to the production of device said that the next version of Apple’s iPhone may be unveiled this summer. Although the coming iPhone may be the modified version of iPhone 5, the device is expected to have a more powerful processor and a better camera. The next iPhone flagship may also run on the next version of iOS, Apple’s operating system.

    In the meantime, Apple will carry on working with its Asian manufacturing partners on its low budget iPhone that couls most probably release by the second half of this year, according to the sources. The four- inch smartphone may come in a different body and is expected to have various color options including the existing black and white variants.

    However, Apple has declined to comment on the rumors as usual. Analysts are also expecting the next two versions of iPhone in the coming summer this year with the modified version of iOS 7, which is also expected to be revealed during that time.

    However, it is quite obvious for Apple to be in pressure as it is facing very strong competition from its rivals mainly Samsung. The Korean smartphone giant, Samsung, unveiled its latest Galaxy S series smartphone and the descendant of its top selling Galaxy S III which accredited 446 percent higher pre-orders than Galaxy S III. The latest Galaxy S version, Galaxy S IV, launched recently is apparently competing against Apple’s next flagship and this has pressurized Apple to introduce a strong and competitive smartphone to once again rule the market.

    Meanwhile, a rumor has it that the next iPhone may have been developed under the supervision of Apple’s former Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, late Steve Jobs. According to a report in the San Francisco Examiner, late Steve Jobs, had already developed and designed the next two versions of iPhones way before he died in October 2011.  While, some people are expecting it to be way behind the latest Android based smartphones because this to have been developed two years back.

    According to sources close to Apple’s production unit, the next two versions of Apple smartphones may be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which is held in June or July every year.

    According to Neil Mawston, an analyst from research firm Strategy Analytics said, “There isn’t really any major differentiator between the players at this phase. The panacea is to transform the industry with a revolutionary design and till then you have to do the traditional business school implementations like manage costs and move quicker than rivals.”

    He said to deal with this situation; Apple needs to learn from Samsung, who launch more products faster to fill appetites of tech-savvy consumers in the world.