Apple releases iOS 8.4 Beta 3: What is new?

Apple releases iOS 8.4 Beta 3: What is new?

Apple releases iOS 8.4 Beta 3: What is new

Another great news for Apple fans. The company has finally launched the the third beta version of its forthcoming operating system iOS 8.4 update.

The new update is going to solve many issues and make the operating system all the more user friendly. The new update is all set to come out with a redesigned music app that is obviously better, presenting the UI as well as function modifications to the music playback app.

There is no denying the fact that the new beta update makes the already great operating system a lot more futuristic and throws some more challenges at Android. Analysts are of the opinion that this step is actually considered as the advent of a different iTunes streaming music service at the Worldwide Developers Conference to be held in early June.

One more aspect of the latest beta update seems to cater to refining the OS besides taking care of bugs that many people have been complaining. It is further assumed that the streaming services will be placed in the music app together with local libraries as well as iTunes Radio, in a release update.

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