Apple Online TV Service Coming This Fall, Says Report

Apple Online TV Service Coming This Fall, Says Report

Apple Online TV Service Coming This Fall, Says Report

Just less than a decade ago, Apple co-founder and former CEO late Steve Jobs had said that Apple will never make Ts. But things change really fast in the technology sector and a decade is obviously a very long time in the life of a tech giant like Apple.

Apple is all set to come out with a subscription TV service that will go live as early as this coming fall and I am sure many Apple fans have already made their minds to go for the service as soon as it goes live. Apple fans are so much enticed by everything Apple that they cannot live without going for everything that comes with Apple tag.

The latest leak comes from a very reliable source, Wall Street Journal. This subscription TV service will reportedly work on all iOS devices, including the Apple TV.

apple outletWall Street Journal report while detailing the subscription TV service claims that the iPhone and iPad maker is in serious talks with TV programmers to offer a Web-based subscription TV service. Rumors suggest that the latest initiative from the Cupertino based tech giant will offer at least 25 channels, including major networks ABC, CBS and Fox, that would be available on all devices running Apple’s iOS operating system.

Rumors make us believe that the service will be announced as early as June, merely three months from now and it is going to deliver programming across the Internet, like Dish’s Sling TV product. It is going to cost you as much as $30 to $40 a month. Dish’s Sling TV, meanwhile, is a $20 per month live TV package with 12 channels. Apple has been rather unclear on the issue. “TV is a hard problem to solve,” Eddy Cue, Apple senior vice president of Internet software and services, said in May. “One of the problems you have with a TV is you have a disparate system with a bunch of providers. There’s no standards. There’s a lot of rights issues.”

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