Apple ‘Made for Watch’ third-party band guidelines: It will become more enticing

Apple ‘Made for Watch’ third-party band guidelines: It will become more enticing

Apple ‘Made for Watch’ third-party band guidelines: It will become more enticing

Apple Watch is certainly going to be a massive success not just in the US but around the world. The excitement is already very high and people want to get hold of this pricey gadget as soon as it lands in their parts of the world.

Though the number of units ordered thus far are not clear and the Cupertino based Apple hasn’t revealed the numbers, the first day response gives an indication that the order must be in many millions.

Meanwhile to attract more and more people to its watch the company has come out with ‘Made for Watch’ third-party bands programme for the Apple Watch. There is no denying the fact that the Apple Watch is going to be a money minting device for the tech giant. Though the base model comes quite cheap, but Apple fans will not be distracted by the base model. Instead, high end models that cost around $10000 or even higher, will be in higher demand.

apple watchDetails are now coming out about the Made for Apple Watch programme. It reportedly specifies the requirements for certification of third-party bands by Apple, and includes both design guidelines and Apple Watch schematics to assist the accessory makers. Reports suggest that guidelines includes specifications for both bands and lugs that connect the band to the Apple Watch case.

On the other hand there are reports that the guidelines do not talk about recently discovered diagnostic port that could potentially be used for delivering power to the Apple Watch at a faster rate than even the wireless charging hub on the smartwatch. There are other requirements including complying with the strict environmental regulations that Apple follows when making the strap or band, and that the bands should be adjustable and able to tighten sufficiently to ensure the Apple Watch sits flush against a user’s wrist in order to allow the built-in sensors on the smartwatch to read the user’s heartbeat.

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