BY | May 5, 2012

The rumor that Apple may cut down the size of MacBook Pro 2012 to the size of MacBook Air seems a wishful thinking. Apple is not going to do it. Apple evidently works to add a more gigantic battery, an SSD boot drive and HD drive to the new MacBook Pro so as to increase its usability. There was a talk that the gap between MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will be blurred with the new version of MacBook Pro. The case seems to be different and Apple is working to launch the Pros with the same size and features of its predecessor.

Apple doesn’t fit in disk inside its flagship notebook, the MacBook Airs. The recent report says that MacBook Pro will certainly have an HD drive along a SSD boot drive. That means the device may not become smaller in size and weight. The laptop will not sport a DVD drive, certainly. “What do you think of such a possibility? With all that extra battery, the MacBook Pro could potentially have a much more densely-packed set of pixels in its display or could of course allow for days of battery time without worry,” asks SlashGear’s Chris Burns.

MacBook Pro 2012 and other rumors
The new version of MacBook Pro is expected to come out of cover in a couple of months. The tech world is keenly waiting for the newest version of Apple’s laptop computer. Here we make a look into the major features that are expected to enrich the MacBook Pro upgrade apart from the SSD drive thing.

To discontinue 17-Inch MacBook Pro: It is a prominent MacBook Pro rumor of the day. Some rumors have gone on to state that Apple may cut off the large 17-inch version of MacBook Pro with the 2012 upgrade. Research analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has broken up the rumor that Apple would drop the 17-inch MacBook Pro from its lineup due to feeble sales. Indeed, Ming-Chi Kuo is an analyst known for making many accurate Apple rumors. “Apple is likely to stop making the 17”-inch MacBook Pro this year due to falling shipments, in order to maintain a lean product line strategy,” the analyst says.

To mount Ivy Bridge: It is indeed a sensible rumor. Intel has so far launched its third generation Ivy Bridge processors. The successor to the current Sandy Bridge processors will certainly appear in the device. Possibly, MacBook Pro may be the first device to get the Ivy Bridge processors.

To run on Mountain Lion: The upcoming version of OS X, the 10.8 Mountain Lion may likely run on the new MacBook Pro. The Mountain Lion is known for its integration of more iOS features with Mac OS and Apple TV’s interaction function and much more. “Apple’s Mac business in 2Q12 will be boosted by several factors. Three of which are: (1) Mountain Lion, which integrates iOS features with Mac OS, Apple TV’s interaction function, will be launched in June; (2) upgrading to Ivy Bridge; and (3) back-to-school demand,” Ming-Chi Kuo in his MacBook Pro rumors.

Thinner and smaller: A report says that the redesigned models of MacBook Pros will include 13-inch and 15-inch models. Also, the machine will be far slighter and thinner. Apple has been evidently working to make its MacBook Pros smaller and more user friendly product. The upgraded 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros in April and it may get initial shipments estimated to hit 900,000 units.

Estimated sales: According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will sell out 5.32 million units of the MacBook Pros series in 2012. The company can ship more models of the laptops with its more advanced features.

Let us wait for the new MacBook Pro at the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference. Many Apple fans and analysts now think that Apple may release the laptop at its developer conference. Since the new Mountain Lion is not ready for release, Apple may have to delay the release date of its MacBook Pro.


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  • Joe

    I’m going to disagree. I think that Apple will cut down the size of the MBPs almost to the air size. Apple thinks the future is in thinness and I agree. More information on that here

  • Hobbits

    I think Ming-Chi Kuo is guessing like everyone else and the media is a fool to believe him. Apple keeps its secrets for a reason and if there was consistent flow of information getting to Ming-Chi, Apple would have ended that relationship long ago.

    Will there be a 17″ model: Likely even if sales have been weak. We all know there is a market and Apple doesn’t want to lose sales to the competition because of size. There are too many other accessories that Apple relies on to lose a customer over 2″.

    Ivy Bridge will be there because it has been available and to miss it on the first round would be a major mis-step for Apple. Tim Cook is too smart a business man to introduce a new OS and leave the hardware sitting on the shelve.

    SSD Drive: Likely. Apple made a big investment last year in an Israel company but whether they are ready or not to offer their products at an affordable rate has yet to be seen.

    Display: No idea, what works well on an iPhone or iPad doesn’t always translate to normal systems. That is a big wait-and-see

    Release Date: Likely at the developer’s conference and hit store shelves shortly thereafter. I betting that all sizes will be immediately available as opposed to just rolling out the 15″ and adding the others later. To withhold the other two sizes will miss the school season and make it hard to track customer preference. Also, it goes back to losing to the competition if you only have one product to choose from.

    There you go, Ming-Chi Kuo because I am betting my predictions are just as good as your!

  • Jesse

    Wow. This was a fake picture posted on reddit that a speculator made in Photoshop. No computer maker in their right mind would put two hard drives in a computer. If anything, Apple would use a SSD similar to the Air, but still, having two hard drives is not going to happen.

  • rudyrudell

    I do not think that apple would put two hard drives in a laptop. Apple is always about making things lighter, removing the optical just to add a second piece of weight, even in something marketed for the “Pro” is just not Apple’s style. I do hope they keep the 17″, most people who actually use there Macbook Pro’s for video/sound work on the go really do not want to have a smaller screen. Regardless though Apple probably knows these people will still buy the 15″ Pro if they lose that 17″ model rather then switch operating systems.
    Kind of silly how much this slashgear article has circulated around the net.

  • Ken Lewis

    I’m with you Hobbits. I see a gap between what people are reporting and common sense. For example, for Apple to drop the 17′ would be foolish. They even sell 3 versions of the iphone to cast their net wide.

    Sometimes the insider reports seem like they are created in a tunnel. I appreciate you bringing in practical business sense.

  • Hobbits

    I did fail to mention that when I said there would be a SSD, I meant it as an option, only larger that they current 512 GB on that is currently available. According to the Magic 8 ball sitting on my desk, there will not be 2 drives in the laptop. I agree with Rudyrudell, it would add unnecessary weight and outside of the Mac Pro that can withstand a thermonuclear detonation, Apple tends to go lighter.

  • Preston

    So any more updates on the actual date of the 15″ Pro release? First it was april, then it was may, now this article says more like back to school…do you think they wait till inventory really runs low on the last models before they release the next model…that way they dont have alot of “extras” sitting around? Would love to get on in the next 4 weeks…just hope they are out.