Apple iPhone 6S vs iPhone 7, what in name: Rumors, specs and release date

Apple iPhone 6S vs iPhone 7, what in name: Rumors, specs and release date

Apple iPhone 6S vs iPhone 7, what in name: Rumors, specs and release date 

Rumors about Cupertino based Apple’s next generation smartphone(s) are doing the round. Though there is still no word from the tech giant regarding the forthcoming smartphone that will break every previous record, it is expected that the next gen version will come in the fall of 2015.

Not many experts believe that the new version will come with earth-shattering updates, nonetheless they are sure that the forthcoming version(s) will come with significant improvement in its camera and display.

Till now there is no word as to what the forthcoming version will be called. But it is no new thing. Apple tries to keep its fans and analysts in dark till the last moment, yet it is another thing that there are so many official and unofficial leaks that nothing seems to be new when the end product arrives in the market.

iphone 6 plusThere are many people who believe that the new version will be called “iPhone 7” due to the fact that Apple will bring substantial changes in new version, but many others believe it will be called iPhone 6S.

Nonetheless there are many people who claim that as it is going to be an “S” year upgrade and because the iPhone was just redesigned, the next-generation version will focus on internal improvements rather than an updated external look. There is no denying the fact that the smartphone’s screen sizes will remain at 4.7 and 5.5 inches, and Apple is not expected to introduce a new 4-inch model.

Though as far as outer changes are concerned, there may not be much, nonetheless some reports suggest that the Cupertino based tech giant may add a new color option to its iPhone lineup in 2015 — pink. We’ve also seen a rumor suggesting Apple might opt to use the same 7000 series aluminum used in the Apple Watch in the next-generation iPhone. The aluminum is 60% stronger than standard aluminum but still lightweight.

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