Apple iPhone 6 release will be accompanied by wireless charging


    Things are becoming very exciting for Apple fans. Reports suggest that iPhone 6 release will be accompanied by wireless charging

    More and more rumors are surfacing about Apple’s next generation smartphone iPhone 6. The latest buzz in the air suggests that the handset when launched will come with wireless charging. So Apple is trying to make things as enticing as possible and it doesn’t really want to be left behind in any field, be it fullHD display, top cameras, processors and accessories.

    A Digitimes report while reporting on the development says that the new flagship handset will come with wireless charging facility. So this means that Apple is trying to play catch up with the likes of Nokia that launched its Lumia 920 with wireless charging facility. To be true, Apple doesn’t want its fans to feel being left behind by Cupertino based company’s competitors.

    There is no point in doubting Digitimes report as they have a long history of making very accurate predictions about Cupertino based Apple’s future products. We have experienced it in the past on several occasions and in case of iPhone 5 too.

    A Digitimes report said that “Apple is likely to adopt the wireless charging technology developed internally, but it remains unknown if the next-generation iPhone will come with built-in wireless charging capability or with other attached accessories, said the sources”.

    When introduced in the market, it was the first of its kind. Nokia wireless chargers are compatible with Qi inductive power standard. Devices can be charged up to 4cm from one another. It’s pretty much the same principle used in some electrical toothbrushes you can find in your supermarket. Rather than plugging anything into the phone, you simply place the Lumia 920 on top of a mouse-sized charging pad to wirelessly give it juice. The process, called the “inductive method,” will reportedly support the Qi wireless power standard, meaning it should be compatible with other wireless charging products, says Tom Warren at The Verge. And the new Windows Phone won’t require a special inductive phone case to charge since wireless power capabilities are built into its hardware. So things are looking very exciting these days for Apple fans. The new iPhone may be still sometimes away, but such news are already warming the hearts of Apple fans across the world.