BY | February 14, 2013

These smart-phones are going to rule the market in the months ahead. Apple iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia EOS, Google Nexus X and a low cost version of BlackBerry 10 are expected to be launched in the days to come

We have witnessed to many amazing handset releases recently. All key phone makers have launched devices that suit well with the demands of the new era. Tech market is now replete with a huge variety of products from the top-of-the-line and budding companies. Well, recent surge of the phablet-like FullHD handsets has added some more quality phones to the market. But, it doesn’t kill the craze of tech buffs to see more nice devices.

All major tech makers that include Sony, HTC, Huawei, ZTE and others are about to take their new phones to market now. Every company has given much attention to design their products unique and perfect. From Xperia Z of Sony to Grand S of ZTE, all products are known for something special, apart from their common features like a quad core processor, 2GB of RAM, 5-inch FHD displays and more. Here we look into five major phones expected for the rest part of the year.

Apple iPhone 5S or 6: Indeed, this is the new generation iPhone. It is not still clear what a name Apple might give to it. But, the device has been in rumors for a while. The new-gen iPhone should be prepared with all the stuffs to lead an intense battle against the new lineup of FHD phones. Otherwise, there is no significance for such a device and it will taste the bitterness of failure in market.

If we can believe in rumors, the new iPhone, whatever it is named, is to get a large display with 1080p resolution. Apple is to power up the device with a further stronger A6X or A7 chipset, which should be built under the same standards the current quad core chipsets are made. It will be further sporting 2GB RAM, a 128GB version and a heavy 13MP camera.

Samsung Galaxy S4: The time for Samsung’s new Galaxy S upgrade is around the corner. The company used to announce a new addition to its flagship Android phone series early every year. Two years back, the firm chose the Mobile World Congress to announce its second version Galaxy S2. But, last year, Samsung took a special media event in London to publicize the current Galaxy S3. Anyway, this time as well, it looks that Samsung is to launch its new product through an own press meet, which may most likely take place sometime after the MWC 2013.

The fresh Galaxy S phone is touted to keep the same potentials of the new FullHD phones. Thus, the S4 is said to mount a 5-inch 1080p display with a more advanced quad core ARM Cortex A15 processor (with Samsung’s new Exynos chipset inside). The device will also get a 13MP camera, a new slim look and feel.

Google Nexus X: This is yet another much-awaited phone for the year. As it name indicates, the device will be the next-gen Google Nexus phone. This time around, as rumors say, Google is to get the device exclusively shaped up by its own hardware subsidiary, Motorola. Google took over Motorola for a record-breaking price early 2011 and this phone is expected to be the first project from the firms in team. The new Nexus X is likely to debut Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie (KLP).

Nokia EOS or Lumia 1000: It is now almost certain that Nokia is to expand its Windows Phone 8 sphere from Lumia 920 to more advanced Lumia 1000. Coming to rumors as Nokia EOS, the handset is to outdo many top-of-the-line phones with a huge 41MP PureView-branded rear camera. Apart from the camera, the device is to get a completely new design and body, which is made of aluminum rather than plastic.

BlackBerry Low-cost Phones: BlackBerry has already launched two new devices called the X10 and Q10 for its new BlackBerry 10 OS. But, the market expects for more low-end phones from the Canadian firm. As per recent reports, the firm looks ahead to ensure a big presence in mobile market with a range of quality and affordable phones that run the company’s BlackBerry 10 OS.


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