Apple iPhone 5 cases may be for some Chinese copycats


    There are reports of sightings of iPhone 5 cases, but Apple iPhone 5 cases may be for some Chinese copycats

    Rumors about iPhone 5 are going strong and there are reasons to believe that the new Apple baby is just round the corner. Many have said that the new version of Apple iPhone 5 is going to see a huge change in its appearance.

    From the first model of iPhone brought out more than four years ago to the latest iPhone 4 the design change has been merely cosmetic. People who have studied the pattern of Apple products launch say that the delay in iPhone 5 launch has been caused because of the fact that Cupertino based company is trying to make major hardware redesign.

    Going by the tradition, Apple’s iPhone 5 should have been out months ago. But notwithstanding rumors the wait continues even now and there is no certainty as to when we can actually see this gem of the smart phone.

    Meanwhile a report in Apple Insider says that there are many instance of availability of iPhone 5 cases that have been seen in several markets across China and other areas in the Far East Asian nations.

    The Apple Inside report suggests that the rumored iPhone 5 cases are far thinner than we can expect for available iPhone variants including iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. The report also suggests that the latest device is going to be more curvy than the ones that we have right now.

    But can we really expect iPhone 5 cases even when there are no iPhones available in the market? China is age of copycats and there are reasons to believe that these cases might have been manufactured for some Apple copycats. When whole fake Apple store can appear in China, why not a fake iPhone 5?