Apple iPad 4 vs Microsoft Surface Pro tablet: Features comparison


    Apple iPad 4 and the forthcoming Microsoft Surface Pro will compete for the same space in the days to come. Their feature comparison makes very interesting reading

    For many people Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet is a logical conclusion to what Apple began as iPad, mostly an entertainment machine. For the last more than three years, the tablet has defined as to what a great tablet must be. It was always ahead of time and every other manufacturer tried to imitate it in one way or the other and despite many patent cases that Apple initiated against the ones aspiring to compete against it, no one really gave up and continued to strive to come up with tablets that can finally beat iPad.

    But so far the struggle has remained a struggle and while Google continues to sell tens of millions of units of its tablets, other continue to introduce a few hundred thousand units. Samsung that has been able to challenge Apple in smart-phone market with its super successful handsets including Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note original and now Note 2, it has miserably failed to challenge Apple in the tablet market. Its Galaxy tab one and Galaxy tab 2 have failed to impress the users and tech experts for one reason or the other. Now it is trying to come up with an altogether different 7 inch tablet in the form of galaxy Note 7, the larger version of a successful phablet that Samsung has sold in millions.

    Meanwhile the market seems to be expanding fast. There are other tablets in the reckoning other than Google’s Nexus 10 and Apple’s iPad 4. Microsoft, the software giant that made its foray into the tablet market just two months ago is all set to launch its top rated Surface Pro. Though Microsoft is branding it a tablet, the machine will be just a mid-range ultrabook with all the goodies that are part of a standard machine. The Redmond based company has announced the availability of Surface tablet, running on Windows 8 Pro OS, in the market by January next year. The Surface Pro, quite expensive, will cost you $899 for 64 GB version and $999 for 128 GB version. The price mentioned above does not include one of the fancy keyboards that come with the Surface. Fancy Keyboards are sold separately and that will cost you additional $120. However, it is not clear from the release whether Microsoft will discount them if you buy Surface Pro. Kirkland analyst Wes Miller said “At that price, by the time you add the keyboard you’re at the price of an 11-inch MacBook”.
    For many of us it will be a dream product as the Surface Pro is supposed to be a laptop replacement as with Intel chip it can runs almost all Windows applications, including Windows 7 applications. Earlier version, Surface RT was not able to run application such as Photoshop, however, tag price of RT was $400 less than Surface Pro. The Intel-based Surface Pro will also feature a Core i5 processor with integrated graphics to power a 10.6-inch display running at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels in a 16:9 aspect ratio. It also has a Mini Display Port that can power an external display up to 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Surface Pro features 10-point multi-touch support All Surface Pro models will come with a Surface Pen, Microsoft’s proprietary stylus, with Palm Block technology. The hardware also features 4 gigabytes of RAM, a USB 3.0 port, and the full Windows 8 operating system.

    Though the new Apple ipad 4 doesn’t come with many improvements it is still worth buying. When it comes to dimensions, Cupertino based Apple’s iPad 4th generation comes with the same dimensions as the its previous iteration and to be true, both the tablets come with almost similar thickness, but different length and width. One thing that has impressed reviewers in both the tabs is their build quality. Both the tablets come with very impressive build qualities and beautiful bodies. Surface comes with a dimension of 274.6mm, width of 172mm, and a depth of 9.4mm. On the other hand Surface tablet comes with dimensions of 241.2mm and a width of 185.7mm. Surface is bulkier compared to Apple’s iPad 4. While Surface weighs around 680 grams, iPad 4 weighs merely 652 grams.

    Cupertino based Apple’s display is still the best in the market. Though now Apple’s Retina display has lost its charm as being the best display in the market with the arrival of Google’s Nexus 10 tablet that comes with a far better display than Apple’s Retina display, nonetheless for many people it is still the top display around. Apple’s latest iPad also comes with its impressive display from its previous iPad 3. It is such a delight to watch a video or a movie on the Retina display of iPad 4. It is simply a treat for eyes and its 9.7 inch screen looks crispier than anything else available in the market. Though Google’s latest 10 inch tablet improves over Retina Display, the results aren’t that impressive. iPad 4 comes with resolution of resolution at 2,048 x 1,536 pixels with 264 ppi. iPad 4 comes with the new A6X chip, a slight upgrade to the iPhone 5-debuted A6 processor. It is claimed that new chipset will provide two times better performance than its predecessor. The new tablet will also get increased graphical performance. With the iPad 4, Apple’s mainstream tablet will join the Lightening dock connector bandwagon. After iPhone 5, iPods and the new iPad Mini, the premium iPad will also get the new dock port. That means customers can use the Lightning-compatible accessories with all the iOS machines from Apple. It will be a great benefit for both the costumers and the accessory builders alike.


    1. BIASED REVIEW: what a terrible review! If you are going to do a biased review say so at the start so unbiased people don’t have to bother reading it! 680 grams wow that’s obviously much much much heavier than 652 grams LOL! Or maybe its the weight of just 1 of the additional connectors that APPLE has decided you don’t need Like USB, HDMI etc etc! Kickstand on the ipad you know the obvious addition to a tablet so it can stand on its own, er No, APPLE decided you don’t need that either LOL! But I see the reviewer above saved the best till last by deciding that APPLE changing the connector somehow is a good thing for its loyal base of fans as they now have to go out and buy a whole new range of connectable’s whether they wanted to or not and even more hilarious is that APPLE has the cheek to change the ONLY charger/connector that they give you they didn’t think oh lets give them a USB port etc etc ABSOLUTE GEM THAT ONE LOL!!!!

    2. These are two different class of devices; one with a mobile OS and the surface pro with a full OS.

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