Apple iPad 3, iPad 4 release in 2012: Pegatron to supply millions of units


    Cupertino based tech giant Apple’s iPad 3, iPad 4 release is expected in 2012. Meanwhile Pegatron has reportedly got order for millions of units

    There are more leaks about the launch of iPad 3, the forthcoming edition of Apple’s tablet. The way more and more powerful tablets are being unleashed by different producers of Android tablets, Apple is certainly going to be on its toes to ward off the competition and keep its market share intact.

    Asus has introduced a great tablet in the market that may become a big threat to Apple’s dominance in the tablet market. It is the first tablet to use Google’s latest Android 4 or Ice Cream Sandwich. It was the tablet that received the largest pre-order for any Android tablet. But the company is struggling to meet the increasing demand. With some great advertisement campaign this tablet and others in the pipeline are sure to pose significant threat to Apple’s dominance of the industry.

    Meanwhile a report in Diditimes says that Pegatron Technology is all set to ship Apple iPad 3 for orders that are going to be shipped as early as two months from now.

    If this was not enough the same report dwells in length about the planned release of one more version of iPad, that it names iPad 4 as early as October and reveals that Pegatron already has an order of close to ten million units of the tablet. The news however fails to say why it is calling that tablet iPad 4 and why not iPad 3S.

    Meanwhile there are reports of Apple releasing an iPad mini sometimes this year to take on successful tablet launched recently like Barnes and Nobles’ Nook and Amazon Kindle Fire. Many people are very excited over the prospect of a 7 inch iPad from Apple. A reader says, “Apple’s magnificent touch screen response would make a 7 inch model the ideal size for tablets. The smaller screen requires more zooming for websites and magazines, and not many manufacturers have the accuracy and responsiveness with touch like Apple. I think they need to come out with a smaller one ASAP to kill the rising of nook and kindle. Siri will probably only sell wifi models because of data usage. Retina display, A6, more ram is all that’s needed. An accessory game controller with the processor and ram could allow game makers to make apple compete with PlayStation and Xbox since u can hook it up to a TV via HDMI. Apple still has so much more potential that it’s kinda scary”.


    1. This is a very smart move by Apple to start producing a tablet that is smaller then the iPad, and hopefully cheaper as well. This will help destroy the market for Amazon’s Fire and the Nook tablets. Apple has and will control most of the devices world and will continue to do so.

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