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The three latest or forthcoming upgrades of top mobile OS are being talked about. Here we compare Apple iOS 6 Vs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Vs Windows Phone 8

Here we go for an interesting comparison between the new versions of mobile firmware from three rival tech firms, Apple, Google and Microsoft. As you know, all three companies have already announced new versions of their operating systems. Apple’s new iOS 6 is expected to debut on its iPhone 5 in October. Google’s new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is announced to first appear on its own Nexus 7 tablet by the end of July. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is also to advance on a set of new handsets from companies like Nokia, HTC and Samsung. In brief, global smartphone market is all set to get the latest versions of the operating systems. All versions are to flaunt many high-end features, the respective companies have announced.

Apple is largely expected to introduce a fresh interface for iOS 6. Beyond the firmware, what Apple fans are really looking for is a complete interface change for its flagship smartphone’s upcoming version, the iPhone 5. Indeed, as per rumors, the new version of iOS is to come with a fresh look and feel. When it comes to Android 4.1, Google has said that a new design will matter along with better performance. Microsoft meanwhile has kept up its famous Metro-style interface on new Windows Phone 8. The new interface from Microsoft has grabbed attention.

Supported hardware
As usual, the iOS 6 is designed for Apple’s i-line of products; the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new version will possibly appear on iPhone 5 first. Later, if rumors are true, there will be a mini iPad to run on the software by the end of 2012. Anyway, along with iPhone 5, the new version of iPod touch will also run on the firmware. If Apple keeps up its regular iPad release schedule, we will have to wait until March 2013 for the device to come with preloaded iOS 6.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, being an update of Google’s open source mobile OS, will appear on a plethora of gadgets. However, Google is to first launch the software on its 7-inch Nexus 7, a newly announced small tablet from Google. The Asus-built Nexus 7 is slated to come out by the end of July 2012. Many other devices are in line to get the Jelly Bean update. There is a chance that Samsung and Google will update the firmware of Galaxy Nexus to the Jelly Bean sooner to thwart a shipment ban against the handset in the U.S.

Microsoft is soon to roll out its Windows Phone 8 update to the major Windows Phone 7.5 handsets including Nokia’s Lumia series. Nokia and other companies are also set to launch special devices with the Windows Phone 8 in near months.

App and digital content stores
As everyone knows, iOS 6 will have an updated iTunes version. Users will be able to find their favorite music on iTunes and share them with iCloud and other features. For apps and games, Apple has an exclusive App Store. Jelly Bean users can search for apps and games on Google Play, the advanced version of Android Market. For Windows Phone 8 users, there is Xbox Live and Windows Marketplace for enjoying a variety of digital content.

The new versions of all major mobile OS platforms are going to come in quick succession of each other. We are very close to getting Android 4.1 and Windows Phone 8. But, when it comes to iOS 6, it will take some months for the official release. The OS version, which was announced at Apple’s developer conference in June, is rumored to come out along with the new iPhone 5, which may only come sometime later


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  • noam

    As far as I know, windows 7.5 phones aren’t compatible with the windows 8 software and most phones running 7.5 will not be upgraded

  • Amrit

    ^that’s true. they will be upgraded to 7.8 version only.
    but same is true for iProducts as well. Current generation will not have iOS 6

  • Speters13

    Actually the current generation will have iOS6, although some hardware specific features may be cut out depending on the new additions to the new iPhone. Still, the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 4G (Maybe even 3G but I doubt it), iPad 2 and the new iPad will all most likely be upgrade-able to iOS6. I don’t really know too much about Android or Windows phones and how their updates work so I’ll take your word for them.

    For instance, as far as I know the iPhone 4 can run the latest iOS5.x pretty much in its entirety except for Siri, but granted the timings of the devices was rather strange last year. Still, every update before that has followed a similar pattern where the previous generation or two was supported as long as the hardware could support the features [according to Apple, jailbreaking is available too...].

  • vikram

    thank you sir