Apple earnings report followed by iPhone 5 rumors and expected features


    First quarter Apple earnings report is followed by forthcoming iPhone 5 rumors and expected features that may be part of the gen. next smart phone from Cupertino based tech giant

    A new update is out regarding the iPhone 5. A report has stated that the next generation iPhone from Apple would sport a screen size bigger than 4 inches. The origin of the scuttlebutt was quoted to be a “reliable source at Foxconn in Chin.”.

    The report has been corroborated by a number of versions that state that the various prototypes circulating around that production facility share some common features. These are the four-plus-inch display and an outer casing that is very different from that of iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

    The report by 9 to 5Mac added, “No teardrop-shaped devices, as rumored in the lead up to the iPhone 4S. Samples so far have been symmetrical in thickness (also longer/wider).”

    The prototypes have made those in the know conclude that as yet Apple has not yet reached a definite design for the iPhone 5. And if deductions are made by Apple’s previous release cadence, iPhone 5 might see a release date of the summer or early-fall timeframes this year.

    Similar rumours had been around in the summer last year that Apple would come out with a radically altered iPhone 5 by the autumn of 2011. The expectation was of an altered design and powerful new hardware. But iPhone 4S did not flaunt any radical changes except some new features like the overwhelmingly successful Siri, the voice-activated “digital personal assistant”. This alone made iPhone 4S a bestseller that broke all kinds of records.

    Sales reports conclude that iPhone 4S sold some 37.04 million units that led to Apple’s monstrous fiscal 2012 first quarter earnings.

    Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO said that the wonderful sales figures can be credited to a combination of “breathtaking customer reception as well as pent-up demand from a particularly long gap between new iPhone releases”. Apple revenue in the meantime came to $46.33 billion, with a net profit of $13.06 billion.

    Along with the iPhone 5 rumour, some hints are also afloat regarding the next generation iPad. The next iPad is rumoured to sport a screen of higher-resolution and it expected to be released sometime before the next gen iPhone, that is, in the first quarter of this year.

    The success story of Apple, as told by its iPhone and iPad sales figures are not the only happening news in the gadget front. Android phones are getting in the competition with alacrity and giving the Apple gadgets a fair competition.

    Manufacturers of Google Android tablets and smartphones as well as Microsoft is hard at the heels of Apple.

    Seth Weintraub of 9 to 5 Mac says, “The iPhone 5, as it is currently being called, is now gearing for production. The source said various sample devices are also floating around (they vary slightly from one another), so it is impossible to tell which one will be the final.”