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Though Kumar Vishwas was a professor by profession but after allegations from different sides he resigned from his post and fully dedicated to his romantic poetry and social work. He started first with India against Corruption and then parted ways with Anna to be comrade in chief of Arvind Kejrival when he floated his Aam Admi Party (AAP). He has distinction to address thousands of students of different colleges and university of India and entertain them with his continuous remarks and romantic poetry. Among Youth particularly college and university students he is a much sought after poet. AN Shibli of NVONews talked to him on different issues.

Question: After joining Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal team now you are busier in giving interviews, attending press conferences and participating in debate on television. Will it not affect your popularity among the youth of this country?
Answer: It is right that due to our social involvement I was very much in news and it was very difficult for me to spare time for the romantic poetry for which I was famous among the youth. Now I have realized that politics is not for me and it doesn’t suit me so now I am sparing my time for this and I am again going among students. Today I am in Rajasthan, tomorrow I will be in Kolkata College then on February 7 I will be in Jabalpur IIT.

Question:  Now again when you will give more time to your passion, poetry, doesn’t it mean that Arvind Kejriwal will miss you?
Answer: No this is not true. You already know that Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal or General VK Singh, all are doing very same thing and only their line of action is different. If I am going to address five thousand students of any university and telling them about the scourge of corruption it means that I am spreading their message and ultimately I am strengthening the hands of Anna, movement of VK Singh and that of Arvind Kejriwal.

Question: after Mukesh Ambani episode Arvind Kejriwal is getting no much space in media like earlier. What you will say about that?
Answer: Media should understand as to whom they should give support. It is fact that Ambani has stakes in all the media houses but it is surprising that recently Mukesh Ambani sent legal notice to a media house for airing the live press conference of Kejriwal about him. First he should send the legal notice to Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan who had organized the conference and raised the corruption issue and involvement of Ambani in it. Ambani has given the notice to channel and newspaper instead of Kejriwal and others. As far as the media is concerned somewhat media is with public and the day will come when all the media will stand with public.

Question: In India money plays important role and this is a fact that on many occasions political parties purchased votes by offering money to voters. In this situation how the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) that doesn’t have any business house behind it will get political success in this country?
Answer:  I am not agreeing with this. In this world many movements got success without huge amount of money.  And if money plays important role in it then why Tata and Birla are not running this country. I am sure that the day will come when neat and clean people will come in politics and they will run this country. This is a change that is why even the corrupt politician like Mayawati are saying that we will not give ticket to a rapist candidate. You already know that in the past she had given ticket to many corrupt politicians like Amarmani Tripathy etc. The day will come when the ticket will not be given to corrupt candidates.

Question: what is your opinion on home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde’s remarks about terrorist training camp in India?
Answer: In my opinion a patriot and a traitor has no religion. As far as Shinde’s statement is concerned he has given a foolish statement. His statement has a given a chance to Hafiz Sayeed and the Tahreeke-e-Taliban to speak against us. After Shinde’s statement now the Pakistanis are saying that we will go to UN as the Indian home minister himself said that there are terrorist training camps in India.

The main thing is that if Shinde has any proof against this type of camps in India why is he not taking action against these camps and those behind these camps. He is doing Hindu Muslim politics and nothing else. For his stupid comment he should resign from his post.  I am agreeing that in this country there are Asaduddin Owasi and Praween Togadia type of people who do politics of hatred for their own sake. In order to maintain his membership the coward Asaduddin Owaisi even said about the hatred speech that it is not his voice.

Question: After rise in the heinous crime of rape if people are talking about dress code for women what is wrong in that?
Answer: The main thing is that dress has no relation with the incidents of rape and as far as dress code is concerned who will decide as to which dress is good and which is not?  There are many areas in this country where women don’t wear anything on top and there is no incident of rape. We hear the news of rape of an even two or four year old girl and the rape of even a 70 year old women here what is the role of dress. The main thing is that people have no fear of law. Fear of law is important to curb this type of crime.

Question: What you will say on the current problem with Kamal Hasan’s film Vishwaroopam?
Answer: The main thing is that if censor board has passed a film nobody has right to disturb its screening. It was the duty of Tamil Nadu’s CM Jayalalitha to arrange security for the releases of the film. But she herself stopped the film by banning it.  If I will make a film on reservation I will show it to Ram Vilas Paswan and Mayawati, if I will make a film on Jat I will show it to Kerni Mahasabha in Rajasthan, if I will make a film on Budha I will show it to Bihar? It is not fair. The people who are protesting against this film are doing politics. Most of the protestors are those who even don’t know what is wrong in this film?


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