Android Ice Cream Sandwich: things that make ICS a revolutionary upgrade


    Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is making waves in the tech world. The new upgrade to the Android OS is branded as the most revolutionary version of the software. Many cutting edge features like a redesigned interface, face lock system, Android Beam and many others make ICS the most advanced Android version ever.

    The software has been just initiated by Google on Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the third Google Nexus phone. Many new Android products and upgrades are soon to get the Ice Scream Sandwich. On its way, the operating system may simply outperform the iOS 5 and Windows Phone 7.5 in coming months. Here are some key features that Android 4.0 shows off.

    Unified Operating System: Following the path of Apple iOS, Google has designed Android 4.0 as a unified version for both tablets and smartphones. Until now, we used Android 2.3 Gingerbread on smartphones and Android 3.0 Honeycomb on tablets. Well, the Ice Cream Sandwich merges the features of both Honeycomb and Gingerbread to become a full-fledged unified OS for the phones and slates alike. The feature largely helps app developers, who just can design apps with less exertion now.

    Native screenshot capability: Ice Scream Sandwich has introduced native screenshot capabilities to the Android platform. On devices with the previous version of Android, we have do install extra add-ons to capture screenshots. But Android 4.0 features a facility to take screenshots on just pressing Volume Down + Power buttons. The activity captures you a .png image of the screen you are in, which you can use for further use.

    Facial lock system: The new Android version comes with a facial lock system for enhanced security. The feature helps you lock your smartphone or tablet making your face as a key to open it. To activate the feature, the front camera of your ICS device captures your face. Later, while unlocking, the device will match your face with the stored image. As a whole, you get extra security on your Android device. Facial lock system is largely touted as a way to secure your valuable data up from theft.

    Great user interface: You can enjoy an unmatched user interface on your Android Ice Cream Sandwich devices. Unlike its previous versions like Honeycomb and Gingerbread, the ICS offers a single interface for both tablets and phones. What makes the ICS interface smart is its simple-to-use interface, widgets and icons rather than anything else. Reviewers have largely lauded the Android version for its being as a unified firmware for both tablets and smartphones.

    Android Beam: Android Beam is a feature to let you transfer data between NFC-enabled devices quite instantly. Sharing various contents like images, videos, audio, contacts, web pages and others is possible so quickly thanks to Android Beam. You don’t have to pair two devices and open a menu or app to transfer data now. It can be done as you just touch two NFC devices in tact. Well, it is a smooth way to transfer data between two NFC devices, indeed.

    What others say?
    TechRadar reviewer of Android 4.0 calls it the most accessible and east-to-learn OS ever from Google,

    “But make no mistake – Ice Cream Sandwich is the most accessible and easy-to-learn OS from Google, and that’s going to be key in the wars against Apple and Microsoft.”

    Meanwhile, Engadget reviewer establishes that ICS is the largest incremental update to Android OS ever,

    “If you argue that Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t the largest incremental update to the Android platform since its birth, you’re probably going to lose the fight. Not even counting the number of features added to 4.0, the changes in UI alone are enough to take your breath away.”

    As most of reviewers noted it down, the Ice Cream Sandwich is the most sophisticated version of Android ever. Indeed, the software is to change the way we have been familiar with mobile OS from Google. Many current phones and tablets like Galaxy Tab 10.1, Eee Pad Transformer Prime, Galaxy S II and Droid RAZR are soon to get updated with the latest Android version sooner. In addition, many more devices are expected to come out early next year with Ice Cream Sandwich as well.