AMU VC details his vision on opening AMU schools in each district of Uttar Pradesh

AMU VC details his vision on opening AMU schools in each district of Uttar Pradesh

AMU VC details his vision on opening AMU schools in each district of Uttar Pradesh

Aligarh: Aligarh Muslim University Vice Chancellor, Lt General Zameer Uddin Shah (retd) in a seminar organized by the external-members of Aligarh Muslim University Court and the India Islamic Cultural Centre on ‘Sir Syed ‘s Vision, A School in each District of UP’ said that discriminations happen to those who are less educated.

The organisers said that the idea of the seminar came after General Shah’s announcement that a ‘Sir Syed Public School’ will be established in all districts of Uttar Pradesh to address the crucial cause of Muslim education. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will run these schools.

“Students from all communities will attend these schools,” said General Shah.

“After seeing the conditions of riot victims and their children in Juala Village, Muzaffarnagar refugee camps, we realised that education will change things and there will be no more discriminations,” lamented General Shah.

He added that in the year following the Muzaffarnagar riots, AMU students decided not to hold the mass dinner on the eve of ‘Sir Syed Day’ and instead use the money for the dinner for the relief of the riot victims.
gen zameeruddin shah
“The locals in Muzaffarnagar recommended us to use the saved money for opening a school in the riot affected area,” said AMU Vice Chancellor, General Shah.

“The idea took much precise shape with the help of some educationists and like-minded people. It was decided to open a school based on secular and Islamic ethos with a reasonable fee and free education for children of the lower strata of the society,” said General Shah.

He stated that the efforts in Uttar Pradesh would be a learning experience and the lessons learnt will be helpful in introducing this model in Bihar and Bengal.
Confirming that these schools will be established by the ‘Sir Syed Education Foundation’, General Shah stated that he will be the President of the Foundation and the 129-year-old All-India Muslim Educational Conference (AIMEC) will be a part of this endeavour.

“AIMEC has been prominent in promoting education among Muslims and their assistance will be of great help,” said General Shah.

He also acknowledged the support of AMU Alumni, Mr Ameer Ahmad in the schools project, who has a comprehensive idea about the development of education among Muslims of Uttar Pradesh.

AMU Vice Chancellor, General Shah also answered queries and attended suggestions and concerns of the speakers while assuring that he would do his best to make the project of the schools a success. General Shah thanked the organisers of the seminar while concluding his address.

Dr Mairajuddin, Ex Cabinet Minister (UP Govt) pointed out that what is needed is the consciousness to offer ones services to the causes of education which were in Papa Mian, Shaikh Abdullah, who established the Women’s College in AMU despite oppositions.
Dr Shakeeluzzman Ansari (former minister in Bihar) appreciated the ideas of General Shah and expressed that Bihar should also figure in this comprehensive agenda.

Mr Nadeem Javed, MLA, Jaunpur and INC Media Panelist, stated that this was a very far sighted imitative and the deliberations of the seminar would be of significant help in making the cause further. He thanked the organizers for holding the seminar in and assured AMU Vice Chancellor, General Shah of all possible help when the matter comes up in Jaunpur.

Mr Asif Jah, organizer and coordinator of the Seminar and Member, AMU Court later welcomed the guests and highlighted the objectives of the Seminar. He elaborated the steps taken by the VC to make AMU Schools more productive which included the establishment of Directorate of Education. Mr Asif also conducted the Programme.

He also proposed that the AMU Centres should be converted into fully fledged minority universities in future.

Senior Delhi High Court lawyer, Mr Shahid Azad briefly introduced the aspects of the Seminar. Recalling the establishment of a school in 1864 by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in Ghazipur, Mr Azad said that it is hoped that the like Sir Syed’s school, the establishment of new schools in Uttar Pradesh will be a positive step in education of Indian Muslims and prosperity of the under privileged.

Mr Aslam (President, AMU Lawyers Forum) pointed out that such a move needs to be legally and technically justified and all the norms of the primary and secondary boards should be strictly followed.

Mr Ameer Ahmad provided statistics which showed the dire need to work on the development of education of Muslims in Uttar Pradesh. Mr Ahmad also promised to conduct a workshop on the issue in the forthcoming days.

Mr Rakesh Sherawat (Executive Member, Delhi Bar Association ) pointed out that these school will cater all communities.

Professor Salauddin (Delhi University), Prof Waseem (Jamia Millia Islamia), Mr M J Rahman (Director Amity Group) , Mr Khalid Rasheed and Mr. Sherwani expressed their valuables views and suggestions and assured all help for this mission. They also pointed out that AMU should also do something about hundreds of dying minority schools and institutes in the country.

They Suggested AMU to take initiatives in formulation of committee for revival of the old Muslim schools and other educational institutes.

The speakers thanked the organizers for the sincere efforts which resulted in a successful and thought provoking session at IICC.

Ms Khushbu Mirza, a young scientist from ISRO who handled Chandrayan Mission’s Launchpad and Alumunus of Engineering College of AMU delivered the vote of thanks.

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