AMU VC Abdul Azis hands over the charge of AMU to Prof. S. Mehdi Abbas Rizvi


    ALIGARH: The Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Prof. P. K. Abdul Azis handed over the charge in the afternoon of January 17, 2012 to Prof. S. Mehdi Abbas Rizvi, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, the senior most Dean amongst the members of the Executive Council under Statute 2(7) of the Statutes of the University.

    While assuming the charge, Prof. Rizvi has said that the AMU Centres established in Murshidabad and Malappuram and up-gradation of University maintained schools projects as well as the phenomenal growth in ICT facility were notable achievements of the outgoing Vice Chancellor that meaningfully contribute to the advancement of AMU.

    Prof. Mehdi Abbas Rizvi had vast administrative experience as the Controller of Examinations for almost a decade and functioning as Dean., Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

    A large number of University officials were present during the handling and taking over charge ceremony held at Vice Chancellor’s lodge. Prior to charge giving programme, Prof. Azis was given an emotional farewell.

    Prof. Azis assumed the charge of the AMU Vice Chancellor on June 11, 2007 and demitted his office today on attaining superannuation.

    Prof. Azis thanked the University community for their support and cooperation. He urged the University staff and students to carry forward the noble mission of the visionary AMU founder, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and further transform the community and the nation at large.

    In a good bye message to all AMU stakeholders, the outgoing VC said in a written message that the four and half years’ period that he spent at the Aligarh Muslim University was most fascinating and in essence filled with rewarding reminiscence of great value. The productive partnership that he developed with the vast majority of teachers, students and non-teaching staff has brought a new wave of expansion and capacity building in the University. The sense of devotion that he saw in promoting the vision and mission of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was inspiring.

    Prof. Azis said that he had given his best in the service of this great institution. He appealed to the students that they were the ‘hope of the nation’ and should shine in their studies. He placed on record his deep sense of gratitude to everyone for the support and appreciation extended to him throughout his stay in AMU.

    Earlier, AMU Vice Chancellor went round the offices in the Administrative Block and met the non-teaching staff and wished them good luck.


    1. Where is the doubt? The university is going through troubled times. Now that, the VC has retired, we need a leader who can make a huge difference, and there is no one as suitable as Honourable Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah, Former Deputy Chief of The Army Staff ( The first muslim general in the Indian army to reach this post), who also happens to be an academician apart from being a presidential awardee of the highest Defence Services award – Param Vishist Sewa Medal, for outstanding devotion to duty, who also happens to be the real brother of AMU’s illustrious allumni – Syed Agha ( Haji ) Naseer Uddin Shah ( The coveted Padma Bhushan award winning actor). Only a man of his stature, persona and personality will be able to improve the condition of our prestigious university. We need an honest and an upright man of his demeanour. Let us as a community, join hands together and nominate him, and make a humble request to General ( Haji) Shah Sahab, to kindly take charge and bail us out from the mess our university is into. I believe Shah sahab is a Judge in the Armed Forces Tribunal, in New Delhi. I am sure he will be willing to take on the challenge of holding the reigns of our university, for the sake of betterment of our community in terms of education. We were all eagerly looking forward for him to take over the reigns of our prestigious university the last time – However, we were dissapointed, when he didn’t take charge of the university. Let’s hope he is the VC this time, inshallah. Can anyone help me in getting details of his address / telephone number please.

    2. @AMU Well Wisher – Seems like Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah is your relative or a distant relative. You are so badly vouching for him. I had read exactly same comment posted on some other news article few days ago. Get a life man. Its only because of people and politicians like you that AMU has not been functioning as it should be. PK Abdul Azis was a one of the better if not the best VC this university have had. Framed for some idiotic charges. People in AMU dont have a day-job, they like doing this NAUTANKI every now and then. You think the next VC would magically change things overnite? Silly!! You need to grow up.. Idiot.

    3. Well brother, I have never denied the fact that PK Abdul Aziz, wasn’t a good VC. He sure must’ve been. I have never said anything derogatory about him. Its only in the best interest of the university, my brother. Please don’t take me wrong. And to give you the correct picture, YES – we ceratinly are voiching for him to take charge of the university, and we certainly will. Since, it will only have a positive impact on the university. Since, you too are an AMU well wisher, please come up with a solution to our university’s problems, instead of adding more to it…Would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks.

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