AMU Literary Festival 2.0 a roaring success

AMU Literary Festival 2.0 a roaring success

AMU Literary Festival 2.0 a roaring success

Aligarh: Aligarh Muslim University Debating and Literary Club, Cultural Education Centre (CEC) today concluded the AMU Literary Festival 2.0 with a valedictory function after a workshop and two panel discussions.

In the workshop on creative writing, Ms Mariam Kareem Ahlawat talked about the coming out of inner rhythm, when people write in their mother tongues.

She added that writing in mother tongues is natural, whereas people often make compromises while writing in non-mother tongue languages.

Nomaan Shauque, Farhat Ehsas and Sarwat Khan took the first panel of the day on the topic of ‘Samaaji tabdeeli ke liye adab ka istemal’ (use of literature for social change). The panel discussed about ‘respect as a way for bringing change and not losing our identities’.

Rana Safavi and Professor Nadeem Rezavi took the last panel of the Literary Festival on the topic ‘Interpreting 19th century Delhi’.

During the discussion, Prof Nadeem said that this historical period has its own importance as it marked the beginning of scientific developments with the origin of new ideas.

The panelists discussed, how Akbar is portrayed as a secular ruler while Aurangzeb had far more Rajput subjects in his court than Akbar ever did.

Prof Nadeem further said that the Mughal period cannot be removed from our textbooks. “History is such a sensitive subject and it demands responsibility,” he said.

During the Valedictory Function, winners of the online competitions were awarded. Later university students also organized a musical evening.

The AMU Literary Festival 2.0 was a three-day event that hosted guests like Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, Rajdeep Sardesai, Mani Shankar Aiyar and other eminent personalities.

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