AMU finance officer clarifies financial transactions


    apr-9dAligarh: The Finance Officer of the Aligarh Muslim University clarified that all financial transactions in the University have been done in accordance with the norms and procedures and as per the University Act and Statutes and MHRD guidelines. The last 20 months in the University have witnessed all round development and academic and financial discipline based on transparency in every action. Any report contrary to this fact deserves to be rejected out rightly as a blatant lie.

    A group of Executive Council members are scuttling the meetings of the Executive Council are doing the greatest disservice to Aligarh Muslim University and trying to malign the Vice Chancellor at his personal level by spreading unverified rumours. Instead of meaningful participation in EC meetings they have resorted to a smear campaign that is bound to damage the glorious image of the University, observed a senior faculty member of the University.

    The Vice Chancellor Prof. P. K. Abdul Azis said that his slate is clean and will never succumb to the illegitimate pressure exerted by levelling wild allegations untenable by any standard.




    1. No Finance Officer will agree that he violated norms and procedures.
      If there were any violations committed during previous period he or DR. Azis
      would have taken action on them. Since they have not taken any action means
      the financial transactions during the previous periods were transparent.
      Neither there was any complaint about that period by others. The complaint is
      only about dr Azis. What else he can say other than his BLACK BOARD is clean?
      Will he say that he looted AMU ? Can he ? No!

      Dr.Azis’s period also witnessed a murder of a student.
      That means his rude and autocratic style of functioning is not a solution to prevent that.
      So, it is not different from other periods.
      Else, Academics will be same during any period.

      Finance Officer criticizing the EC members is a matter of indiscipline.

      If Executive council members not attenting meeting and the VC is fair then
      he should find the reason and solve it. Convince them that nothing is wrong.
      Members not attending meeting mean that its a waste of time going there since
      their views will not get any consideration and it is insultive.
      Furthermore they may not be wishing to share responsibility for violations
      committed by autocratic Dr. Azis.

      Buying furniture from kerala adds hugs transportation expense. furthermore
      there will be cheaper shops in kerala. Next VC may not like DR. Azis’s taste.
      He will change the furniture, wasting all money. What was the Finance Officer
      doing ? He do not know these things ? The 50 years requirement
      will only be a jimmick to cover up the huge sum for furniture.
      How much furniture is required for one man to sit and sleep ?
      Mere waste of money.
      They cover that up saying that it is used as a Guest house too.
      Wonderful make-belief explanations !!
      It appears that Dr. Azis escaped with the make beliefs.

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