AMU faculty partakes in international conference

AMU faculty partakes in international conference

AMU faculty partakes in international conference

ALIGARH: Maj Gen (retd) Prof G G Dwivedi, Coordinator, Faculty of International Studies, Aligarh Muslim University, participated in the International Journal of Art & Sciences (IJAS) Conference for Social Science and Humanities, held at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA recently. Around 400 delegates from 30 odd countries attended the event.

Prof Dwivedi presented a paper titled “Leadership in Changing Times”. In his paper he highlighted that while basic tenets of leadership have remained consistent, however its practice has continuously evolved. The phenomenon has been driven by the changing environment and shift in the balance of power, from the leaders to the led.

While addressing the conceptual framework, Gen Dwivedi delved into the “leadership and authority” interface; bringing out the fact that merely exercising authority tantamount to headmanship. Real leadership is about influence. Further, leadership is not related to position as it is action which defines a leader; cases in point are Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King (Jr) and Mother Teresa who practiced leadership without formal authority, servant leadership.

Military is the fountainhead of the leadership, the pioneers in the field. The ethos of leadership in the Armed Forces is through personal example; mission and the team being always supreme. It is the highest form of leadership, through intense influence. Spirituality is essential component of leadership as it imbibes empathy and humility; facilitates leaders to remain balanced in the face of heaviest odds.

In the concluding remarks Prof Dwivedi reiterated that challenges faced by the leaders of the day are rather complex, never faced before, requiring adaptive and collective approach. Despite advances in technology, leadership still remains an art; more tribal than scientific, more weaving of relationship than amassing information.

Prof Dwivedi also chaired a dual session on ‘Business & Economics’ and ‘Teaching & Education’.

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