AMU establishes ‘Students Counseling Centre’ aimed at better educational planning

AMU establishes ‘Students Counseling Centre’ aimed at better educational planning

AMU establishes ‘Students Counseling Centre’ aimed at better educational planning

Aligarh: The Aligarh Muslim University has recently established its ‘Students Counseling Centre’ dedicated to promote emotional well being of the students and members of the university community.

Dr Shah Alam, Coordinator, ‘Students Counseling Centre’ said that the Centre will maintain strict confidentiality to work with highest standards of care.

He said that the service provides in the Centre are accessible, responsive and culturally competent. “They also support the acquisition of knowledge, skills and behavior necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced life style,” said Dr Alam.

He pointed out that the main objectives of the ‘Students Counseling Centre’ are achieving positive mental health, providing counseling for psychological well-being, improving personal effectiveness, counseling to help change and modification of behavior.

Dr Alam said that with a vision of bringing positive influences on all students and staff members during their university experience, ‘Students Counseling Centre’ aims to enable the students to maximize potential.

He added that the Centre also aims to grow ‘self-awareness’ and to develop effective life skills while supporting students in facing challenging situations.

Dr Alam further said that that the Centre aims to enable students to make academic and vocational planning and implement it effectively. “For building a better society, the Centre aims to prepare students for making wise and independent decisions,” said Dr Alam.

While talking about the mission of ‘Students Counseling Centre’, Dr Alam said that it is to foster personal, educational and career development. “We are responsive to the needs of our diverse community and committed to the empowerment of our students to help them realize their fullest personal and educational potential,” said Dr Alam.

He also pointed out that an important mission of the Centre is treating with care and respect and providing a warm welcome atmosphere of compassion and acceptance.

“The ‘Students Counseling Centre’ will be assisting students live an emotionally and psychologically satisfying life and help them adapt to different situations in life and avoid being bogged down by trying times,” said Dr Alam.

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