American Pharoah is worth $20 million after Triple Crown, Belmont Stakes 2015

American Pharoah is worth $20 million after Triple Crown, Belmont Stakes 2015

American Pharoah is worth $20 million after Triple Crown, Belmont Stakes 2015

American Pharoah has ensured a permanent place in history. The colt that already has a very lengthy Wikipedia entry than many top politicians in the world created record when it won not just Belmont Stakes 2015, but also the Triple Crown.

It is the first time in the last 38 years when Triple Crown has been won. The coveted prize has been won twelve times in all including the most recent one by none other than American Pharoah.

To be true, notwithstanding the fact that many people had said that he will not be able to win the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown and had given many reasons for it, American Pharoah dominated the race from beginning till the end. The race was attended by as many as 90000 people.

Many people are wondering as to why the horse name is wrong. But the typographical error hasn’t done any damage to its chances either in the latest race or in previous high-stake races that has brought in millions of dollars to its owner.

It is a massive achievement for the horse and its owner and trainers. The American Pharoah participated in as many as three races in five weeks, run in three different states. The 1 ½-mile final jewel of the Triple Crown, a distance so daunting that most thoroughbreds don’t race it. And the him-against-the-world factor, facing fresh opponents who skipped other Triple Crown races.

Now almost everyone seems to be showering praise at the horse that has mesmerized the entire world. A report says, “American Pharoah’s consistency is worthy of comparisons to Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak. He was loaded into the starting gate only five times this year, but his five races spanned from March 14 to Saturday. For all their size and strength, horses are still fragile and quirky beasts, and there was a slew of illnesses and injuries that could have derailed Pharoah”.

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