BY | March 5, 2013

And the fourth judge of America’s Got Talent is supermodel Heidi Klum. This was announced by the NBC and this is for the first time that the show will be judged by four judges. Until now, the pattern has always supported three. Now, how will the things unfold and what changes will be seen, well, just wait and watch. Have some patience people.

Others who will be along with Klum on the show are Mel B, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern.

Seeing the past record of Klum, Project Runway was hosted, judged by Klum and she was also the executive producer of the show. Apart from this, Klum will be seen hosting Germany’s Next Top Model. It is time that she puts her judging talent to test at NBC because oh boy, Judging talent is quiet some job.

She was reported as saying that some serious talent will be seen on the show and a lot of excitement has surrounded Klum to join the panel of AGT. She stated that it will be great to see the transformation on the show from ridiculous to fantastic.

While talking about the show, Klum stated that the show is all about surprises. Someone who sang ‘not that good’ yesterday can just croon exceptionally well today and may be ‘just the best’ tomorrow. This surprise element is something that has instilled a lot of exhilaration in Klum. Apart from this, Klum also looks forward to being with her fellow judges.

As the buzz says that Klum’s entry to the show is a step to simply reverse last season’s ratings as they had dipped and this time they should not go down, and Klum comes to rescue.

The varied experience of Klum as a model, actress, designer, producer, TV host and a super successful businesswoman is being expected to add that extra edge to her judging skills and this might even make her better than her fellow judges. Klum knows the know-hows of being a booming entertainer and she has been welcomed warmly to Season 8 with Howie, Howard and Mel B.

The lady is regarded as an unscripted TV star but becoming a part of AGT might also mean getting distanced from her role as a host of a glorious cheesefest alongside Howard Stern and Howie Mandel. As far as her Project Runway is concerned, she will continue being a part of it.

The last question that comes to our mind is when the show was doing just fine with three judges then why is a fourth one needed. Well, might be that the attempt to create gender balance has led to this step. If AGT’s results are seen then one can easily spot male dominance. This might be an effort to make this stark observation fade away.

This will also mean that there will be certainly more ties on the show. How things take their course is something that everyone after reading this will be waiting for and for that you will have to wait till May as the new season launches in May.


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