Aligarh Muslim University’s Faculty of Medicine establishes ‘Anti-Ragging Committee’

Aligarh Muslim University’s Faculty of Medicine establishes ‘Anti-Ragging Committee’

Aligarh Muslim University’s Faculty of Medicine establishes ‘Anti-Ragging Committee’

Aligarh: The Faculty of Medicine, Aligarh Muslim University has established an ‘Anti-Ragging Committee’ to prevent ragging in the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Dr Ziauddin Ahmad Dental College.

Professor S Bano, Dean Faculty of Medicine confirmed that the meeting of the ‘Anti-Ragging Committee’, which happened recently in the Faculty of Medicine, had teachers and students representatives.

Prof Bano along with Prof R K Tiwari, Acting Principal, Dental College; Prof Nafis A Faruqi, Department of Anatomy; Dr Moinuddin, Department of Biochemistry; Dr Neema Usman, Department of Anatomy; Dr Anshu Jain, Department of Pathology; Dr Saba Khan, Department of Orthodontics; Dr Masood Hasan Khan, Assistant Proctor, Department of Oral Pathology and Dr Yasir Salam Siddiqui, Department of Orth. Surgery represented that teachers community in the meeting.

The students in the Committee were represented by Mr Rehan Ahmad, MBBS 2010 batch; Mr Faiz Malik, MBBS 2010 batch; Ms Fatima Khan, MBBS 2011 batch; Mr Madhav Chadhary, MBBS 2012 batch; Mr Sheeraz Khan, MBBS 2013 batch; Ms Sheerin Fatima, MBBS 2013 batch; Ms Ariba, MBBS 2014 batch; Ms Sana Shahab, BDS 2011 batch; Mr Shahbaz Khan, BDS 2012 batch and Mr Kamran Ahmad Zaidi, BDS 2013 batch.

Prof Bano said that it was decided in the meeting to take useful steps in sensitization of campus against ragging through notifications to various chairpersons, teachers, senior residents and junior residents.

“We have also decided to include undergraduate students of batches 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 in the Anti Ragging Committee,” said Prof Bano who added that an anti ragging orientation programme will be done to assure an anti ragging campus to the new students.

Prof Nafis A Faruqi, Convener of the meeting further confirmed that phone numbers of the Dean, Principals, Deputy Proctor and Assistant Proctor will be given to the new students. He further said that calls on these numbers will be open 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the universities authorities have also assured that teachers and staff will beef up security with extra vigilance during the college hours to avoid ragging incidents.

The Committee has assured that students involved in identified ragging incidents will be punished according to the rules and regulations of the university.

“Several teachers and members of the Anti-Ragging Committee will be on rounds to check ragging incidents,” said Prof Bano who also assured that teachers and Committee members will be in touch with first year students at weekly interval.

The Committee has also urged students to display anti- ragging posters in the campus premises.

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