Algeria wants to learn English from India


    By Sarwar Kashani

    New Delhi, (IANS) With only five percent of its people able to speak “good English”, Algeria has invited Indians to teach the language in its universities, according to the envoy of the largely Arabic and French-speaking North African nation.

    Some 100 institutes affiliated to 13 Algerian universities need nearly 250 English teachers and his government is keen to have Indian educators, Ambassador Mohammed Hacene Echarif told IANS in an interview.

    But why only teachers from India?

    “Indian education standards are very high. Our government is highly impressed with Indian teachers who have great educational advantage in subjects like English, science and mathematics,” Echarif said.

    The embassy has asked the government to get them candidates who will be offered a monthly salary of 2,000 euros, free accommodation and transport with a three-year contract and “good annual increment”.

    “But they will have to bear the difficult Algerian conditions. Politically there are no problems at all. But weather can be tough,” said the envoy.

    More than 90 percent of the area in the Muslim-dominated country with over 36 million population is covered by the Sahara desert.

    With huge difference in day and night temperature, the midday desert heat can get unbearable and the nights can get from cool to chilly, said the envoy of the largest country in Africa, the Arab world and the Mediterranean.

    Interested candidates can apply for the job directly with the Algerian embassy in Delhi. They will be interviewed by a panel of experts from that country before the start of the session in September. The contract will be valid for three years but can be extended.

    “Only five percent of the Algerian population can speak good English. We hope Indian teachers can help us in popularising the language,” said the envoy.

    The envoy said that there were already some 3,000 Indian workers in his country who had proved to be “good, well behaved and friendly”.

    “Their behaviour is good. They are highly regarded in our society. They are hardworking. And that is another reason why we want to have more Indian workers in our country.”

    Echarif said Algeria also wanted to “reduce its dependency on the West”.

    “India has a huge man power resources. We want to tap it and invite more Indian skilled workers in the near future,” he said.

    The embassy’s first secretary Faycal Sifodil told IANS that the Algerian health ministry was likely to enter into an agreement with its Indian counterpart under which “hundreds of Indian doctors and hospital managers will be offered jobs in Algeria with handsome remunerations”.

    Algeria is not the only country that is looking at Indian teachers, who have been the focus of many nations over the last few years, particularly in the wake of globalisation and the advent of the Internet. There are many Indian teachers in the UK, US and the Middle East countries.


    1. what a crap they called India to each English in Algeria ?????????are you kidding ?? get real staff ? British not India ? so are they cheap ?but useless technology Irish ?not Indian ????????and with that amount you can get the best British teacher in UK what a waist and crap idea ?learn Arabic from Russian ? why don’t learn Arabic from India too it will be good crap ???and that’s we called corrupt Algeria education system

    2. I quite agree as a english person who was hoping to teach young children english in algeria!! does that mean I don’t have the correct credentials even though My english will be learn from a person who can speak englisjh and prenouce it as it should be spoken!!!!Um something not write!!!!!!

    3. It may be too late to catch up with the rest of the world in using English, but to hire Indians for this is the wrong approach.
      There are plenty of Algerians in the US and Britain who can help. Not to mention young British or Americans who would love the opportunity to experience a new country.
      A coupleof decades ago, Algeria started teaching English in elementary schools, but the Frensh lobby made sure the idea will not succeed.So they stopped the program after just one year. They didn’t even provide teachers with textbooks and declared the experiment a failure.
      The writer of this article show little knowledge of Algeria. he mentioned that the country is 90% desert and this may be dremental to sensitive Indians (millions work in the middle east in back breaking jobs under direct sun). The writer forgot that most Algerians (90%) live on the mediteranean cost, something he will never dream of.

    4. I have no grudge against indians teachers, but for some reason it will be best if the teachers are english.

    5. I’ll be perfectly willing to teach english
      as someone else said there is a lot of american/british algerians who can teach english

    6. why not encouraging Algerian who grow up in US/UK and who speak English with no accent ! this way to encourage them to serve the country of their parents and create some connection with Algeria!?

    7. Dear Readers,
      it’s not nice to dscriminate the Indians because they are in space with chinese,and is too much 2000 euros a month with other benefits and not fair,for not hiring the Algerians and paying them the same.
      Thank you,

    8. This country (Algeria) is F***up, I live in USA and I been working with Indian for years, I agree they are nice people, but their english is terrible, so I really don’t know who is the F***ing persone who had this F***ing idea to bring Indian teacher. I know a lot of American that can teach much better with that offer.

    9. No grudge to India or Indians
      I would do it for more less than that as iam teaching English in china since 2007 with a 2100euros salary,but still far from my land. And as i was an English teacher in Algiers university(inc)(Ben Aknoun)from 2006 to late 2007…why bringing some teachers from countries who speak English with an accent while we still can do it with our owns..if not hiring Americans?? British?? or even Australians!! to teach better English then the Indians would do???

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