BY | June 23, 2009

Nahan: A 16 years old Student Karam Singh from Kharar in Punjab was found dead under mysterious circumstances at Akal Academy Baru Sahib in Himachal on Sunday afternoon. He was a Class X student at the Academy.

The authorities at the Academy claim that Karam committed suicide by hanging himself but the family demanded an autopsy to establish the cause of death. Family members suspect it might be linked to ragging.


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  • Manpreet K. Gill

    I don’t know if Dr. Davinder Singh or any student of Baru sahib will read this but I sure hope that the whole world reads this. I was a student of Akal Academny once. and when I was in 6th grade one of my class mates died in a car crash. she was going home on a leave and died on Sept. 5th 2006. Now I’m in 9th, and i don’t go to that school anymore, but what happened still effected me. If most people don’t know that school was a spiritual school. It was made to make this world a better place and these types of situations shouldn’t occur. All I want to say is that I wasn’t really a good student when I was in that school, and I know that a lot of other kids weren’t either. But it is said that don’t be running away from God. I mean he is the only person that will help you handle yourself. Now I know why this stuff is happening, because we are getting farther and farther away from God and not even realising it. We think we are enjoying life even though we don’t know what the consequences might be. So. hear me out and think abouth what I said.

  • Sadhu

    I came to know that Karam Singh did not want to study in this school anymore and he clearly told his father. School authorities sent the boy with his father and father dropped the boy back in school.
    While boy was out he told his father if he sent back to school, he will commit suicide. Karam Singh commits suicide with in less than 24 hours after he was dropped back in school.
    When father was told that his son tried to commit suicide he was calm and told school authorities that they should tell the family that boy fell from stairs. It is a Great loss for every one as we lost our child.

  • Ruby

    I was really very shocked to hear about Karam Singh of Akal Academy Baru Sahib. It must be really very hard for his parents and his close friends and I am really sorry for them. I was also a student of akal academy baru sahib and I studied for about 7 years up to 10th grade (2007-2008).I loved my stay and leant many things. I had never ever thought that this would take place in my school. This world is like a stage and we the people are the actors and GOD is our director and Manpreet everyone plays their own roles and death is one of the roles and it can take place anywhere. And the girl that you where taking about didn’t die while going back home from baru sahib but died while going with her father to get something to eat from the hospital where her whole family had gone for some reason. And that time, I was also a student of akal academy baru sahib and many girls of my class were worried because they were scared of dying and had the same belief as yours. Some religious people say that committing suicide is a sin because it is against GOD’S will. I am really sorry for karam’s family and friends who have lost a great part of their lives which might be really hard forget and there might not be any one in this world to take his place. MAY GOD GIVE PEACE TO HIS SOUL!

  • tejveer

    once i was a student of baru,i passed out in 2009 xii batch and i know how they force and torture a student till i was there i n my friends used to patrol evary hostel and keep in track everything….. i think this death might be cause of too many restrictions burdened on child….Dr.veerji must behave with students in a normal way….and keep them free.. to stop this things……i pray god for peace of child’s soul;;;;;;;

  • Sadhu

    Dear Tejveer Singh Ji, please do not post your views till you are not sure, here you are just thinking. Sometimes thoughts can be wrong. If the school authorities are torturing students then you might have told your parents as well and why your parents let you stay till you graduated from the school??
    I know restrictions are there but no torture. Parents are told about the restrictions before they drop their kids. My daughter is a student of Akal Academy.

  • amit

    I am not taking the side of either school authority or the students. But wrong is always wrong and right is always right. The school authority is working on the traditionally rules framed by them.But now the present time has changed as the students too.This is time of liberty and nobody likes to bound in some or so many hard rules now a days.If the students in the Academy feels themselves under any pressure or in a condition that does not suits them then it is not safe for the organization for the upcoming future.They are the childrens and they are bound to follow the authority rules in the academy by them unwillingly or willingly. If a student is happy in the academy it means that is sign of properity for the academy. But if he is not then ? No matter how your study standard is or how your result is? Matter is how a child feels there by his heart.Think over it again and prepare some new relaxation rules with the advise of some experience person from the same profession for the betterment of the academy as well as the students, the staff, every person related to the organization.

  • Sadhu

    Amit Ji thanks for your comments. Academy stands for its traditional values. If a child is happy then he can stay there otherwise he can leave. There is no restriction on the kids to stay there by the Academy but it is imposed by the parents on their children.
    You are talking about liberty. New liberal India is spearheading towards disaster now. Drugs, Gay rights etc.
    Here is the comparison of liberty and restrictions: -
    These student went through the restrictions and reached on the top of world.
    Even Buddhists love to stay and learn at Baru Sahib :-
    You can learn other things in your life any time but education.

  • jaswinder

    Hello Dear,
    Can some shed light on the truth, behind the death of young soul in a great place. I have been to Baru sahib and want to know the truth. I am not a great fan of the media. Can school post the trusth behind the diminsh of the young soul.

  • अनजान

    यह महत्वपूर्ण नही है कि आप पत्रकारीता जगत के विषय में क्या सोच रखते हैं | जहां तक सच का सवाल है वह भी किसी से छिपा नही है | यह हमारा दुर्भाग्य है कि हम सभी स्कूल प्रबंधन के छात्रों के साथ किए जा रहे व्यवहार को धर्म और धार्मिक भावनाओं से जोड कर देख रहे हैं | निश्चित तौर पर सिख धर्म महान है और जो भी किया गया वह सिख धर्म कभी नही सिखाता, धर्म की आड में किए जा रहे व्यवसाय को सिख धर्म की आस्था से क्यों जोडा जा रहा है | जो भी हुआ स्कूल प्रशासन सीधे तौर पर इसके लिए जिम्मेदार होना चाहिए |
    मेरा आप सभी से निवेदन है कि आप बडू साहब को केवल धार्मिक आस्थाओं से न जोड कर, उन नन्हे बच्चों की दृष्टी से भी देखे जो वहां कठीन जीवन व्यतीत कर रहे हैं |



    Hello everyone
    this is Kanika Sharma
    I was really shocked to hear the news of a student dead in the Academy. It has left me totally utterless and without words. I really hope that his parents and friends find solace and they find the truth about his death. I have studied there and I feel that a person will be what he has to be so blaming anyone is not the correct thing to do at the moment. Let us just hope that
    greetings to Dr. Sir, the staff and the school(especially my class)

  • Gurvinder Kaur

    I confirmed from different sources about the boy’s death. Every one blames the school authority, but it is not right. Boy was sent out of school with his father and was dropped again in school just one night before. He was sent with his father as he do not want to stay there any more. He clearly told his father that will commit suicide if he left there.
    Against his will the boy was dropped at school and proved what he told to his father. The blame goes to the father who do not want to listen his son.

  • ami

    I am agreed with what Ms.Gurvinder Kaur writes. This is the fact. I think this is not only the case of this boy, I fear that in coming future it will became the trendz of the childrens, only the medhod to free themselves.
    The school authority members should individually contact every student of every class and ask him or her of his or her grievances.
    There should be organised debates and other programmes in which the students as well as parents can tell their problems and the staff members who can answer those questions.
    There are culturaral programmes organised by the school but they are prepared under the guidance of the school teachers and they choose the subject which reflects only the good image of the school.
    There should be a school magazine as well as a weekly or fortnightly newspaper in which every one can send their article.
    A personal web page of the grievance cell or direct mails to the higher authority or the school principal should be launched in which every individual / student can express their thoughts.
    A weekly or monthly meetings of the teachers-parents-students will be there to review the progress of the organization under the supervision of some responsible authority.
    There should be overall change in the whole previous system adopted by the school authority.

  • Sadhu

    Amit Ji thanks for your suggestions. I agree with you on the parent teacher meetings, but every month Academy invites parents for the PTA meetings. This is going on since long. Let me tell everyone real interesting story. It is about Gautam Budh.
    Gautam was raised by his parents with all the SUKHSUVIDHA (luxury life) and he never saw any DUKH (sufferings) in his life. One day when Gautam saw dead body then he could not bear the sufferings anymore, became sad (depressed) and left his home.
    So it means that when parents try to raise their children with every single SUKH present in this world then parents are putting their own kid’s future in danger.
    It was just a sad accident and let’s move forward and take care of own children.

  • Amandeep Singh & Others

    We, Amandeep Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Bahadur Singh, Som Raj, Mackenzie Paul, Bhupinder Kaur, Darshan Singh, Ram Singh, Parshotam Kumar, all residing at Chandigarh, raise voice for justice to Late Karam Singh S/o Mehar Singh, who was studying Akal Academy, Baru Sahib at Himachal Pardesh. We pray to all the Parents, Students, Teachers and Other Staff of the Akal Academy to come forward with truth so that we can pay true homage to the departed soul of Late Karam Singh. We are of the view that Karam Singh in such a young age cannot means cannot commit suicide. In such a young age a student always with happy mood and enjoying studies at academy could not even think of committing suicide. There is a strong reason behind his death, which is not known to Karam Singh’s parents that in which circumstances their son committed suicide. Which can only be disclosed with all of yours help. We request to all of you to come forward with the truth and tell the truth to the parents of Late Karam Singh and we are confident that your identity will not be disclosed to any one by Karam Singh’s parents. Please let the truth come out and don’t let the truth be buried as I know that Karam Singh cannot come back to tell that what had happened to him who killed him, its only you people who can help to let the real culprits be behind the bars.

    Please contact his father Mr. Mehar Singh at Telephone numbers, 0160-2285670, 094173-45651, 09417191275, 094638-11577.

    All above.

  • Bhupinder Kaur

    I Bhupinder Kaur. Massi of Late Karam Singh. I want to share something with you about him. There are too many misunderstandings with the students and people and parents of students. One Gurvinder Kaur says that:-
    “I confirmed from different sources about the boy’s death. Every one blames the school authority, but it is not right. Boy was sent out of school with his father and was dropped again in school just one night before. He was sent with his father as he do not want to stay there any more. He clearly told his father that will commit suicide if he left there.
    Against his will the boy was dropped at school and proved what he told to his father. The blame goes to the father who do not want to listen his son.
    But that the truth is that Karam Singh was staying the academy premises since 24th February after holidays and his father met him at Bisakhi at Baru Sahib Academy after that they had telephonic talks. Last call was made from family members on 3rd June, 09. On that day he was very happy and talked smoothly. But I want to know from Gurvinder Kaur that on what basis she says that Karam Singh’s father had met him a night before committing suicide. Is she fully confident that what she is saying is true. Had she seen the entry register in which the time and date is mentioned when his father was permitted to meet Karam Singh. You Gurvinder Kaur give some solid proof about the visit of his father at Academy. If you don’t have then you have no right to say such rubbish words which upsets the family members. You Gurvinder Kaur listen that we have sent our child to study there not to commit suicide. I also think that you are one of them who are involved in his death, that’s why you are supporting them. Now the truth is that we have got some information from reliable sources that Karam Singh was heavily beaten up day before his death. Which I cannot disclose due to personal reasons. Which I will disclose lateron, as the one who did this will get awakened. At last I want to say that the whole Administration of Akal Academy at Baru Sahib is responsible.
    I personally request all not to comment unnecessarily on Karam Singh’s death, if you know something about him then you can straightly talk to me on my cell no.094638-11566.

  • anonymous

    There may be a lot reason for the death of dear karam singh.I am the guy who has seen this Trust developed before my eyes from the begininig the day when Gurugranth Sahib was placed near old langar under oak tree. Now the Trust is not the same as is used to be 20 years back. The greed has come from somewhere .Baba g is not told each & every thing that is happening in the Trust .The childrens are too much restricted.The labour working under them is as we indians were sacked in Andaman & Nicobar Islands before Azadi.The native villages are given the toilet water to cultivate their lands which has made them sick & suffering from diseaes. If any one wants to speak truth he/she is going to be sacked anytime. a team of C.I.D. is there to catch you any time.What we thought and what happened .Baba Gurunanak dev g once told the dacoit bhumia 4 not rob the poor.2.always tell the truth.3Do not do ill to any onewhose salt thou hast eaten.4.Do,not allow the innocent to suffer for thy sake. Karam singhs soul may rest in peace.With condolence to his family to kanugo sir.

  • Herman Mundi

    me and him were good friends and i cant believe this happpened

  • Herman Mundi


  • anonymous 2

    It is very sad that young boy has gone from this world. I have seen comments from each side. Why the father was quite on this? I know being Massi, Chachi you are very sad, but ask the father then you will get the answer. I will tell you after you will talk to father?
    Kids from relatives study there and I met them personally the families after the incident, wondering what the kids might be reacting. They are happy and getting good grades. Even I’m going to send my son there for education next year.

  • Vishal Sharma

    Shame on all those people who are commenting uselessly on this soulful topic and blaming the school authorities.
    This is not just a comment but an eye-opener for all those who have never visited Baru Sahib and are commenting in this public forum on hear-say basis, without knowing the reality.

    I, Vishal Sharma, am presently pursueing my B. Tech. from Akal College of Engineering & Technology, Baru Sahib. I belong to Shimla, The capital city of Himachal Pradesh, which is a totally different place in comparison to Baru Sahib. Though Baru Sahib is an islolated place in the himalyas away from cities, but it is the best place for a student to become an all-rounder.

    Isn’t it the duty of the parents to send their children to gain education in a place where he can get excellent education living in a pollution-free, drug-free, smoke-free and liqour-free environment.
    so did the parents of that child (Karam Singh) sent him to study at Baru sahib. I don’t know why children fail to understand that it is only their parents who think about their welfare.
    Though this incident is sad but all the allegations against the Academy authorities are totally false.
    Akal Academy is one of the most prestigious institutions in the whole world and as it is known to all that it is only the reputed and famous people who have a number of critics.
    Let the people speak what ever they wish to but we have full faith in GURU NANAK DEV JI and our beloved and honourable Baba Ji.

    I hereby challenge anyone who can show me any educational institution in the whole world which has all those exuberant and matchless qualities which my Baru sahib possesses.
    Can anyone name any school, college or University in the whole world which not only educates children but also teachers them to become a good human being and work for world peace.

    Hats-off to The Kalgidhar Trust and Baba Ji.

    Thank u.

  • amit

    Hi Vishal,
    I don’t say what favour do you want from the Kalgidhar Trust because you boasted too much about them.
    You want names of those schools which provides such education. If I start telling you the names you will became tired. A day of those Instituions( I don’t want to disclose here the names) is equal to 100 days of the Akal Academy. Perhaps the Authority is very much known / familier with them so they don’t boast.
    We should work to improve the condtions rather to display only our good things.Those who are studing another place or are unable to study here are not human being ?
    True is always true. If the Akal Academy or The Kalgidhar Trust is a worthy trust then there is no need to praise them. Reality don’t came under any shodow.
    The whole credit should not only go to the trust but also the students. I praise them because when the Sea is familiar it is all because of its tresures, gems. There is no value of the Sea if there are no jems in it.
    Nobody is praising the students those are sacrificing there lives and the parents who have send their childrens to study there.Further any queries or suggestions I welcome your call at : 9805352945 ,9459114920,9915729695,9815865133

  • Vishal Sharma

    Hi Amit,
    I wish to remind you that I have not boasted about any thing in the above comment. Let me remind u that boasting means to show off but I have said only those things which are totally true and factful to the best of my knowledge.
    Friend let me tell u that I have myself done my Matric from St. edward’s School, Shimla (you might have heard this famous name?) which is one of the most prestigious institutions, not only for India, but for the whole world. Studying there was an excellent experience and it is only due to the excellence in communication skills which I gained there that I am here to reply ur comment. But in my 10 years experience, I never saw the same essence of purity and reality, I see in Baru Sahib. I don’t need any favour from The Kalgidhar Trust, do you know why?????? Because as they have given me this precious opportunity to study in that valley of divine peace, is in itself a very big favour for me.

    and as you said that “Those who are studing at some other place or are unable to study here are not human being ?’ SO let me clarify your doubt that every one (homo sapiens) in this world is a human being, but not alwayz a good one.
    we, at Baru Sahib, are not only taught to become a god professional, but are also taught to become a “GOOD” human being. We are taught to work for the mantainance of peace in the whole world.
    You can view the objective of our University at

    Bro let me remind you that Our University is the only University in Himachal Pradesh that is being run on NO-PROFIT, NO-LOSS BASIS.
    Read the activities of our Trust on the following link:

    sorry for the family of the student who died due to some unexpected circumstances, but nothing can be done against the wish of the Almighty.
    Bro, If u have never visited Baru Sahib, then do so and experience the purity………….

  • J.S.Gill

    Please see the comments about Baru Sahib in the link below.
    I’m sure most of the people have missed it.

  • a kaur

    i think that it is very true we all are speaking from perspective/ point of view….. and i respect your views… and i have studies there for 5 years from age 7 till 12…. and i believe that there good and bads …… and of course if ur a parent u always want the best for ur child and cnt stand any wrong that’s being said or done!!!!! and i did know Late Karam Singh….. he was a year older than me…. and i was the classmate of the girl who died in a car crash….. knew her pretty well…. and so did some other ppl knew that that girl and Karam singh who have been leaving coments… like manpreet gill, herman mundi and J.S gill (we all were classmates)….. and i think that on baru sahib’s website the won’t really display every single that has been said to them….or every thing that a child has gone through or anything else besides the goods…. i personally have had some down’s at baru sahib and i think that’s ok because life does give u goods and bads… just have live with Waheguru’s will…..

  • Waheguru

    Mai bahut sarian tipnia Karam Singh di maut bare padhiya atte pad ke mainu apne din yaad aa gaye jado mera putar ve akal academy baru sahib vich paddha se atte issi taran di maut da shikar hoiya se. Mai puchna chaunda han oh loka nu jine ne baru sahib di hamait vich apnia tipnia likhian han ki jedha bacha (Karam Singh) 10 saal ton iss academy vich padha si ne 10 saala vich kade ehho jiha kadam nahi chukia te ohnu apne padhai de akhri saal vich ehho jiha kadam chukan vich ke majboori aa gayi se, Mai eh gaal SADHU ji nu puchna chaunda han ke jan tan oh academy de khaas chahete han ja phir eh saab kuch likhan piche ohna da koi viaktigat mantav hai. Mai uss parivaar da haal changi taran samaj sakda han kiun ke eh aukhi ghadhi mere te ve ik din ayyi se atte mainu ve isse taran academy walia ne doshi thairaia se. Sadhu ji je thuade apne bache naal ve eho hunda tan ki tusi eho jahe vichaar dinde. Mai tan eh chaunda han ki kisse de ve bache naal eho jiha na hove, tan hi mai chaunda han ha ki assi saab mil ke uss (Karam Singh) de parivaar da saath daiye tan jo uthe padh rahe kisse hor bache naal eho jehi sharamnak vardat na vapre. Mai uss parivaar nu salah dena chaunda han ke je iss vardat di ucch padar te janch padtal karvai jave tan dudh da dudh atte pani da pani ho jauga atte eho jahe hoor kayi vardatan ve samne aa jan giya. Mai Karam Singh de parivaar naal dukh sanja kardian hoiya Karam Singh di Atma di shanti lai ardaas kardan han. Sadhu ji mainu ik gaal hor dasu Ke tohanu pata ki uss parivaar da ajj ki haal hai? Jo tusi tipnia kaar rahe ho kis adhar te kaar rahe ho ki tusi Karam Singh de ghaar gaye hon? Ki tusi ohna de ghar diyan naal koi gaal kiti? Je nahi kiti, tan mein eh ardass kardan han ki Sadhu ji nu Waheguru akkal atte samaj bakshe, ki oh ik dukhi parivaar bare soch ke galat tipnian na kare. Baki Sariya nu ve galat tipnian karan waliye nu Waheguru ton dar ke rehna chaida hain, uss di lathi vich awaaz ni hundi, Wakat hi sach samne lia ke rahuga pher mai dekhugan ki galat tipnia karan waliye da ki hashar hovega. Waheguru

  • The most possible Truth behind death/ Murder in deed of Karam Singh

    To all — I hope there are people of all kind here who are posting their just views. I shall request all to pleae talk to the parents of Karam singh and also to trust authorities to reach some conclusion. I saw few comments written without verifying the facts which is really painful. A group of relatives and friends and well wishers visited Badu sahib academy and many were of the view (after listening to the discussions held between the rep of academy and parents of late karam singh) that there are lot of unanswered quetions which clearly raise serious doubts about if Karam Singh has really opted for suicide or he was murdered or he died due to scuffle between few people and was shown as suicide by the authorities to save its repo and some one influential person related with the happening. We shall try to post few verified facts for the knowledge of all very soon. We believe if HP police could do some justice after complete impartial investigations. Thanks to all

  • Gurvinder Kau

    What more evidence the family is looking for? Before the cremation the parents might have taken photos of Late Karam Singh.If he was beaten or some thing else wrong might have done to Late Karam Singh then
    it would have been clear to the doctors who did the postmortem on him. The postmortem report and the investigation done by Himachal police is the same, how it is possible? No foul play.
    No matter how Karam Singh died, my personal sympathy is with the family. It is sorry to see your own child go in front of your owns eyes.

  • http://yahoo anonymous

    SAT SRI AKAL, I had jus gone throu d comments posted by the peaple of different walks of life, n m amazed wid d flattering sense of the persons lyk Vishal n so called sadhu (do u know the meaning of ur name?????????). I had joined Akal Academy as a teacher and i came back 2 home widin a week of my joining. U know y? Bcoz i felt lyk a slave who dont have its personal lyf. M myself a sikh but it is really shameful 4 me to say dat sikhism dere is not preached but enforced on the children. I had seen d children insulting Gutka Saheb dis was realy intolerable for me n i evn i scolded dose children. Bt can we hold d children responsible for that? N d Panj baniya path was listen oraly dere n even d teachers on the duty were use to hold gutka saheb lyk ordinary textbooks. Is dis d way 2 preach sikhism n givin education? N wot kinda peace u r tokin about Mr. Vishal? did u forgotn about d strike? N TO MY SURPRISE & HORROR A TEACHER(I vl not take her name, it CAN ruin her carrier) TEACHING DERE WHOSE DAUGHTER WAS ALSO……SORRY SHE IS STILL STUDYING dere told me dat wen her daughter will complete her studies from akal academy she will CUT OFF HER HAIR N REMOVE AMRIT, she had taken amrit jus to retain admission in dis school n wot surprised me more is dat she belonged to a JATT SIKH FAMILY. SO DIS KINDA TEACHING IS GIVEN DERE? Our religion is khalsa means PURE. Bt i cant find anything Khalis dere.I as a teacher was feeling overburdened so jus imagine about students……… I have deep condolnces wid d bereaved famly. May Karam Singh’s Soul may rest in the peace

  • Vishal Sharma

    Mr. Anonymous,
    First of all if you really have guts then please disclose your name and your identity. A true Sikh will never do so.
    I am presently studying in B. Tech. 2nd year of Akal College of Engineering & Technology, Baru Sahib. Sir, let me tell you I m not a sikh as my name indicates, I m a Brahmin by birth. They are not imposing rules and regulations on their students. it is ridiculous to read that being a sikh yourself you are giving such comments not only about the Trust but also about the students who are residing at Baru Sahib.
    You are trying to brain wash the students and are making a concocted story. thus, trying to portray an entirely wrong picture of Baru Sahib for the world outside.
    Plz tell us that did u intentionally leave the place or were you kicked out by the higher authorities.
    I am here talking about the mental peace sir, which can be realised only by the spiritual people.

  • lovepreet k dhillon

    I Lovepreet K Dhillon have been a student in baru sahib for the last 8 years and now i am back in us with my family. i has never thought such a thing would happene in baru sahib. coz it was a good place thou but there was alot of burden on the kids, i remember all the days i sent were …………. ! i just wanted to know how did this actually take place ……. well every1 in the talking about the deadth of L. karam singh .

  • Harpreet

    Well, I am just 13… and I live in New York… My mom told me about this and I was like what the hell are you talking about.. I have been studying in Baru Sahib…I came here and i saw all this.. I’m speechless…. Well I can proudly say that Baru Sahib is not one the best school in the whole damn world… Also no offense but that true.. what the hell is wrong with those principal???? The one just show and pretend that Baru Sahib is one of the best school..And also they should stop this shit cause it’s bad.. they need to show how’s the school in reality… I think that someone might has beaten him up and so he suicide..i am 100% sure they still beat kids…. well if I’ m wrong am sorry… But there is no such thing that could have happen.. And also college student mind your own f***g business cause you know what if you have been a student then you can realize what happens otherwise you are just thinking…… I wish i was in India I could have case on Baru Sahib….. I was in 5th grade when i was first time beaten by my teacher (Rahul Biswas) for no damn reason.. He is still a teacher I guess I want to f***g p** him off.. They do want they want and like beat kids and when the kids argue they feel shameful cause they know they are out of control…….. And hope Karam Singh’s soul may rest in peace of the heave….!!! Everything is gonna get up their a**…….

  • Sadhu

    Sorry to read the comments by coward Khalsa who do not want to post his/her name:-

    >>>I had just gone through d comments posted by the people of different walks of life, n m amazed wid d flattering sense of the persons lyk Vishal n so called sadhu (do u know the meaning of ur name?????????)<<<

    I would like to let him/her know that here the comments are for only Late Karam Singh not to read what he felt in the Academy. A teacher loosing the concentration from the subject. What you can teach to your students??
    A teacher has to show High Moral values and you have not any values at all. We can differ on the views but it does not mean that you should make fun of others name and stooping low asking the meaning of my name.
    Being a teacher you should also know that some students can not perform well in the class. If some one want to cut her hair it means that she is not a good student, may fail in her Sikhi life. Why you have taken an example of the failed student?
    You should have seen the example of Pavneet Singh who went to American uni. in Washington DC and got the permission to wear Kirpan, where most of the Sikh Organniztions failed to get the permission to wear Kirpan in foreign countries.
    Net result of your comments: – That you do not have the qualities to be a teacher at all. So if the Akal Academy has thrown you out they have done nothing wrong. Akal Acadmey has all the rights to through out teachers with -ve attitudes.

    Thank God you are not children’s teacher.


  • Well, I am just 13… and I live in New York…

    So you are from that group of NRI’s whose children are neglected, like you. When they neglect their children then their children start finding their boy/girl friends while they are still in their diapers. Your language used does prove that you are not from a good family. Your parents, specially your mother failed to teach you how to tell your opinion in a decent manner. Being American I can see the language you use and I can tell from what type of family you belongs to. I can say lot more things which will be right but I rest my case saying that you need some mental treatment from a doctor.

    Gurjeet Kaur

  • http://yahoo anonymous

    Dear Vishal Sharma,
    Pity on u. Never seen such a big flattrer in my life. I am girl n my qualifiction is also B.Tech which i had completed from Chandigarh n i was placed in the MNCs lyk IBM-Gurgaon & Dell. But i opted only for Baru Saheb, u knw y? jus bcoz i love to serve 4 sikhism. I want to devote myself to my religion. But my experience was worst there. I am not revealing myself bcoz of some reason my younger bro. R u studying for free dere or jus wana b dere favourite students to get good internals??????????? Stop flattering it is really indigestable.

  • http://yahoo anonymous

    oh vishal r u spritual? no u r a big FLATTERER. CARRY ON

  • Harpreet

    girl listen.. watever i said if true everyone knows violence ….. rite so i care no rite … dare u to talk abt my family i can also say that u are now well mannered ….. listen i know my limits it’s time for u 2 learn urs… cause .. when it’s up to the end no one can tolerate if u can … go to baru sahib… i think u are worried .. if sumthin went wrong .. it up 2 u .. and don’t tell me wat i need to know and wat not.. cause u r a wiredooooooooooooo……

  • http://yahoo Harmanjot

    Respected “Sadhu” ji my name is Harmanjot kaur. It clearly predicts that u r very much frustrated by my comment on u. Its ok i can understand truth is bitter. U CUD NOT DIGEST THAT. Actually i do not want to comment on Late Karam Singh’s Death becouse his masi had publically requested all not to comment on this topic. But wen i read ur art of FLATTERY I cud not stop myself. N one more thing i am still doing job as a lecturer in Guru Gobind Singh College Of Technology in Kharar. And regarding Pavneet Singh……… My Hats oFF to him. But how many of such kinda guys u have seen in Akal academy? Bt i have seen nearabout 70% of children about whom i was tokin about. N m myself saying that thank god i am not teacher there. Because i cant tolerate such BE-ADBI of our bani MEANS OUR GURU. N wot u say that i dont have the quality to be a teacher? Now tell me do u have the quality of being a human bieng at least, dear flattrer? Bcoz u knw the flatterers are compared with whom?????????
    Mr. Sadhu jus have a luk at urself and try to be at least a Human being only after that say anything about me.

  • Run Baby Run

    Comments no. 34 and 35 are written by you Miss/Mrs.Harmanjot Kaur ji. Same words used in both and in the last comments no. 37 ……flattering…
    Now lot of question arises out of the comments of Prof. Harmanjot Kaur, the biggest liar.
    She said in her comments no. 28 that she joined Akal Academy, which she never joined in real but she might have joined Eternal Univ., a totally different entity from Akal Academy, a school. Professors from Eternal Univ. does not go in Akal Univ. in any manner, as the Univ. building is located at a different location.
    Prof. Harmanjot Kaur might be busy to adjust to her new teaching life/schedule in Baru Sahib or she was running in the Akal Academy, leaving her college classes to see what is wrong in the Akal Academy system??
    Every body will be surprised now to learn that you are employed by Guru Gobind Singh College Of Technology in Kharar. Is it your college management is encouraging you to defame Baru Sahib so that
    Guru Gobind Singh College Of Technology in Kharar can get more students in their college?
    A case can be filed against Guru Gobind Singh College Of Technology in Kharar, as you are their employ and your actions are damaging against the Akal Engineering College and helping Guru Gobind Singh College Of Technology in Kharar.
    If your employer,Guru Gobind Singh College Of Technology in Kharar, is not encouraging you to defame then a case can be filed against you as you were not the employ of the Akal Academy and Prof. from Akal Engineering College are not allowed to go there frequently without any reason and you have not reason to go in the School.
    You have a slave mentality. You love ***(removed) so that you can get a better pay from your employer Guru Gobind Singh College Of Technology in Kharar?
    We should love these types of prof. in our society so that our next generation should also learn how to ***(removed) and they can be real good rich citizens of the world.
    We will talk to your employer and ask Baru Sahib organizers to file a case against them or against you.
    Now you,Prof. Harmanjot Kaur, Run Baby Run.

    New York

  • Vishal Sharma

    Dear Miss Anonymous,
    first of all shame on people like u who wish to comment on different topics without knowing the facts and figures and not even revealing your identity. If you have guts then do reveal your identity and if you really think that Baru Sahib is hell then why the hell are you allowing your younger brother study in this hell?????????
    If u really are a true sikh then don’t put such useless and false allegations on this Valley of Divine Peace.

    You are also trying to brain wash the students and are making a concocted story. thus, trying to portray an entirely wrong picture of Baru Sahib for the world outside.
    Miss Anonymous, Plz tell us that did u intentionally leave the place or were you kicked out by the higher authorities.
    Baru Sahib not only produces Good Professionals but also the Excellent Human Beings who imbibe in themselves the most sacred and costless moral values.
    All those who think that either I m studying here free of cost or that I want any favour from the Trust, may plz excuse me, coz I am paying a lump sum amount of Rs. 1,14,000/- per year as my fee. I am good at studies and therefore don’t need any favour from anybody for my internals as well.

  • virus

    kalgidhar trust is surely a full profit no loss organisation……steep hikes in fees n other charges……n no comparable facilities… infrastructure…..wat does that mean…???when authourities are approached peacefully the don’t listen n when we do it violently they start giving spiritual speeches……..we are sent in front of babaji……our virtues stop us from arguing with such respectable persons…..and the result is that our petitions and demands remain unheard…..n wat to say about barbaric rules…..??? ab to inki aadat ho chuki hai……students of eternal university were faked by the prospectus which conatained fake info about the unversity and university campus……..n i am one of the victims of that……mr. vishal spirituality is not of much concern for an engineer he needs to be mastered in technology …..n you urself know what kind of technical educatuion we are getting here………..
    aur agar degree khatam hone par mere haath mein UGC certified degree nahi hui to aisi hi ek debate mere naam par bhi hogi……….

  • Sadhu

    Do you sit under trees and get your education if there is no infrastructure. When your Baap comes to Baru Sahib he stays for free and eat for free, right. You want your education for free.
    It looks like that your from the family of free eaters, beggars. You are a REAL VIRUS in the Society.

  • what kind of technical educatuion we are getting here………..

    Albert Einstein : -
    Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.
    So it all up to you if you want to be lame….

  • http://yahoo Harmanjot

    Dear Sadhu Flatterer, pity on u.I am amazed with ur power of imagination. Thanks for upgrading my post from a high school teacher at akal academy to a proffessor at Eternal University. I dont have time to argue with a flattrer like you nor i have spare time.I was here to mourn the death of the departed soul of Late S.Karam Singh. But by giving comment RUN BABY RUN it seems that u r enjoying his death n making it TAMASHA. SHAME ON YOU. I have the reply of your queries and objections but why should i give the justification to the devil like you. U can only understand the pain when your ward will die. I am amazed that you had posted such an objectionable words against me that they are removed? Shame on u. Anyways STILL I REQUEST U TO AT LEAST TRY TO BECOME A HUMAN BEING AND STOP MAKING FUN OF INNOCENT DEPARTED SOUL. BECAUSE I DONT WANT U TO COMPARE YOU. AGAIN HUMBLE REQUEST TRY TO BE A HUMAN BEING.

  • http://yahoo Harmanjot

    Dear vishal go through the message once again my younger bro is not studying there. I had addressed you as my younger bro. This depicts that how much gud u r in studies i was totally wrong to addrss u as a younger bro. I am not here to argue with a flattere n also i need not to reply. Bcoz everything is cleared by the comment given by your own batchmate. SHAME ON YOU. I am DAMN SURE THAT U R THE FAKE STUDENT N U R THE EMPLOYEE THERE WHO IS BEING PAID TO ARGUE WID THE COMMENTATORS. Anyways i was here to mourn the death of Late S. Karam Singh. Not to make any tamasha. So stop it now.

  • http://yahoo Harmanjot


  • Ms.(**) Harmanjot Kaur

    Dear Ms. (**)
    You said in your blog 43:- I was here to mourn the death of the departed soul of Late S.Karam Singh.

    You have written blogs no. 28,34,35,43,44,45 so far. But you have not mourn the death of the departed soul of Late S.Karam Singh so in your blogs. No one has made fun of the Late Karam Singh or his family but you made Big Tamasha of yourself. I wish you Happy married life but as per your behavior I can (*removed*)
    Wish you Happy Married Life,

  • Sorry Ms. Harmanjot Kaur

    You have posted these comments in the following manner:-
    Blog No. 28 was posted on anonymous August 6th, 2009 1:29 pm………… It was Thursday
    Blog No. 34 was posted on anonymous August 12th, 2009 1:52 pm……….. It was Wednesday
    Blog No. 35 was posted on anonymous August 12th, 2009 1:54 pm……….. It was Wednesday
    Blog No. 37 was posted on Harmanjot August 13th, 2009 12:31 pm………. It was Thursday
    Blog No. 43 was posted on Harmanjot August 17th, 2009 1:44 pm………… It was Thursday
    Blog No. 44 was posted on Harmanjot August 17th, 2009 1:54 pm………… It was Thursday
    Blog No. 45 was posted on Harmanjot August 17th, 2009 1:55 pm………… It was Thursday

    You are a teacher and middle of the teaching time on week days you were posting all these
    blogs which you are not supposed to be. You were being paid by your employer to teach not to do your personal work on their time and money. What type of Moral, Ethical, Spiritual values you have?

    It also forces me and others to think that you are not a teacher at all as you accepted in your blog no. 28 that you are a teacher in Akal Academy and on your blog no. 34 you have mentioned that your qualifications are B.Tech. Why a B.Tech degree person will go there as a school teacher??

    Then on your blog no. 37 you have mentioned that you are a lecturer in Guru Gobind Singh College Of Technology in Kharar. So it means that the education standard is much higher than Guru Gobind Singh College Of Technology as the school teacher of Akal Academy is hired as a lecturer in a Technology college. You are right here, see this link:-

    Not only him there are lot of Gems in Akal Academy and Sikhs from all over the world can feel
    proud of them, please check this link :-

    You made me think that if a school Masterani can be a lecturer in other college then a sweeper from Akal Academy qualifies to be teacher in any school.

    Every body loves your STUPIDITY.

    Sadhu Daang
    p.s:- What part of my name you can not understand Sadhu or Daang as per your blog no. 28?

  • http://yahoo Harmanjot

    Hey virus this sadhu is a (*removed*). He is such a mannerless person. M amazed wot kinda reply he had given to u. But u need not to worry coz u know that (**) use to (**) . And specially Sadhu is the faithful (**) of them. U jus carry on and study hard. Rest jus leave to the god. U know Akal Academy is not bad. But there r sum employees who wanna give it bad name. Why dont u meet Mrs. Neelam Kaur? I am sure she will definitely lisn 2 u. She is a kind lady. Go ahead and meet her.

  • Harpreet

    who the hell cares abt other …. gash … kids like u … and u vishal sharma… mind ur own business.. have ever been a student in baru sahib???????????? huh … doh… well listen .. dude only come… here if u were a student… hope u get this because i don’t think so u know english since u are studying in a damn college … ya need to go get a life… and first of all u don’t get it….. ha wat kinda of please u calling a divine valley of heaven…??? well it’s not taht bad and also not that good to be called a divine valley of peace… well now since it’s all done somthin .. no one is ready to take it… cause evrythin is up to them………………i don’t care if i have experienced the world less than u but i can say that i have experienced Baru sahib more than u … i don’t get y the heck they beat up kids… if i would go back to school… it would be just because of my frnds… anyways now please don’t get on my nerves……….

  • Jagdeep Singh

    The day Karam Singh died, I was in Baru Sahib. I had gone to Baru Sahib to visit my sister’s kid aong with my mother and brother in law. When I heard the news, we all were shocked. Why would someone commit suicide at such a holy place? People give different reasons for his suicide but only two know the truth, either Karam Singh himself or WAHEGURU ji. May his soul rest in peace.

  • harleen kaur

    hi this is harleen kaur i have studied in akal academy baru sahib for 10 whole years i would like 2 tell u how it is likely 2 b a student there there is a father [Dr sir] who would truly listen 2 u if u are facing a problem he is really caring there r teachers who give u the right guidence BUT there r people out there who love 2 torture students studing there at concession are forced to spy on there on their on friends not by higher athority but like hostle incharges or the one wearing awhite dress reports are made on students that r not disclosed means students are not told of there mistakes but the reports r shown 2 parents at the end of the year parents leave the offices red eyed what actually i was unable 2 under stand was that if staff there claimed 2 b our parents then why did they have to tell our parents about us but instead they should have tried counselling us teachers not all but some were really partial let m tell u about yhe kind of reports they used to make this girl stays in the company of this girl what is actually this all this made us frustrating but its not this that i did not learn anything there i learnt 2 speak english write english out there larent 2 do path learnt 2 become god loving i miss being there i love baru sahib i m extremly sorry if i hurt anyone but please there are really frustrating rules there that make students frustrating make them loose there peace of mind every thing has its limit so strictness too should not cross dr sir knows of problems because my classmates used share to with him sir please know take some step as all this has ended up wrong sir i beg u please i feel really sorry karam singh may his soul rest in peace

  • http://komalhanzra komal

    i am student of akal academy cheema.i am a medical student.i have faith in academy .

  • Arshdeep

    i have been to baru sahib and let u no that they have a lot rules the food yikes… i saw them grinding the atta with their foot!!!! and the teachers dont need a reason to slap anyone in the face y go to a scool like that and i think this scool should be shut down they teach path but along with that they can do wtvr they feel like to the kids…. i remember a person was kicked har just because he was late in turning a page…… so yea dont send ur kids ther….. 65% said that their kids r more spoiled then before 20% said that despite learning patyh and stuff they dont care about god!!!! and the dispensary ewww they dont take care of the kids all they do is put the medicine on the wound and kick the kid out!!!! most of the time it ws the wrong one…. i factured my finger they didnt care that much made me flunk classes and fail the exams

  • harleen kaur

    food is not yikes there for the kind information to arsdeep baru sahib has the best medical facility children are not punished for nothing if u had had such problems why not approached dr sir he despite having much work load listens to students i stayed there for 10 years i never got hit by anyone for gods sake do not write all this rubbish saying wrong about a holy shrine it will end up wrong for u dear yeah there r some wrongs there but tell me a school that is perfect

  • Arshdeep

    Ohhh come on I no that ur just saving their butt but u no inside that there r a lot of wrong things there the teachers do slap the kids without a reason. And there is no scool perfect but their is better scool out there wheree they don’t slap or hit the kids with stick

  • RPSingh

    Dear All

    A lot has been said about Baru Sahib and most of it seems to be opinionated impulsive comments.
    We all should try and read between the lines when such situations arrive.
    1. Do you think that an institution that has been silently working consistently and has grown massive in the past two decades, would ever receive Public support and also the Almighty’s blessings, if its mission or its working was faulty?
    2. We have seen in the past that shaky organisations become history in a few years time, since their motives are questionable. But we all have seen Baru Sahib grow from a 5 students single school to a 52 school chain and that too consistently. How would that have been possible without the noble aspect in it?
    3. Organisations are made of people and people are varied in nature. A one-off stand alone incident here and there should not raise our shackles. It is very much possible that a few people would have crossed their limits when situations are tested but pardon me, every organisation in the world has the same problems. We cannot write-off or taint an organisation as bad; in the whole context.
    Looking at the larger picture, I admit that Baru Sahib may have done and also plans to do what no organisation of this community ever dared to do. They are challenging ignorance and fighting illiteracy in the most deprived corners of rural north India. Rather, it would be very difficult for us to look at a similar example in this community. Thank God! Sikhs have started looking beyond Gurdwaras.
    4. If we all wish to enter into a meaningful dialogue then please let us spend some time in introspection and see what have we tried to do for the Society. There are much more important issues facing us but we are having a slanging match overlooking these. It is almost as if the house is on the fire but the occupants are busy in arguing about the mosquitoes, dirt etc.
    5. Do we know:
    a) that Punjab was no. 1 in per capita income for a long time but gradually has slipped tono. 5 position in 2008.
    b) that Punjab has been rated as the economically slowest growing state by the Planning commision in 2008.
    c) that Punjab has a poor rank of 16 in literacy rate amongst Indian states.
    d) that 48.10% students dropout before they reach Class X.
    e) that per capita consumption of liquor in Punjab is a whopping Rs. 2200/- p.a.
    f) that the Punjab Govt. spends Rs. 525/- on Education per capita while it earns Rs. 820/- from the sale of liquor per capita.
    g) that 2 out of 3 school going students in Punjab take drugs.
    h) that Punjab is the No. 1 transit point for Opium as per UNO.
    i) that as per Planning Commission there are 14,72,000 unemployed youth in Punjab.

    With folded hands, I request you all to wake up to these realities and tighten your belts to face this onslaught of social evils afflicting us all.

    Need I say more!

    I beg everybody’s pardon if I have hurt anybody.

  • Noorie verma

    dear all
    i am noorie arora i come 3 times in baru sahib for job. i want to serve this acadmy this is very beutifull place in this place we find the god. this place live god . inthis place we find a peace. now in this time i am in bangalore
    and work in bangalore but i want to join baru sahib when i come back to punjab . i try again to get a job
    i have done B A , B.ED ,this is better school where i want to serve.

  • Radhakrishnan

    I was teaching maths to the students of Akal Academy Baru Sahib from 1990 – 1993
    Shocked to hear the news
    I was loved by all and i have enjoyed my stay their
    I request every one to pray for the departed sole

  • navi thind

    hi ………i’m Navpuneet .i was astudent at aabs..passedout in xth(2006-07)..actually i decided to comment on this issue because blaming the school or the school authority for the incident until and unless u r not completely sure as to why karam singh took the step is not right…i’ve studied at aabs for 10 years and i never saw any reason or an incident that could force a child to commit suicide…hostel -life is meant for helping an individual to stand on his own and if there is any such issue(such as ragging etc),i think karam singh should have discussed the matter with his family or the teachers….
    my only request to u all is that please stop commenting on the incident and stop blaming the school for it…..i feel soory for the family members and relatives of karam singh……….

  • Harpreet

    i agree with u .. ia m goin crazy readin this .. like watever but i am (removed) they don’t have rules like we have in US like this is so serious and u guys think that he did it for no damn reason..

  • Harpreet

    why the (removed) u guys going crazy? like fighting for no damn shit??/ wat u gonna get .. chill out..

  • gursahi singh cheema

    i just passed my tenth this year from bru sahib. i knew karam personally though he was my junior, he was a happy boy nd he had no reasons to commit sucide upto time i knew him. i dont know why his reasons of mysterious death are not still revealed , but i still feel sorry for him . i will pray for his soul , but i am not satisfied by the reason “SUICIDE”

  • jayaram

    Here I have seen the various views and thoughts of students and parents. First of all I am not related with baru Sahib I belong to Chennai and a retireed Education officer. I came to know from the views of various sections of the people that death of a student is not due to the school authorities or not by the parents. if a student is drowsy or not obliging the parents request the parents are forcing the children to do this or that. forcing never pay good result. Here the school never commits mistakes. Becz., being a Hindu I visited the baru sahib and stayed few hours and they are running a spiritual related education course. It should be highly appericiated. In any religion it is not taught with religious aspect of teaching. the Sikhs are very lucky enough they are children of God, i think.i sometimes feel that I have not born in Sikh religion.any how stop the discussion of suicide of student and no more discussions please. Being a teacher and officer of Education I pray God it should not happen again . the teachers and staffs should be careful and proper counselling should be given to the drowsy students(home sick). God bless u all
    Jayaram from Chennai-9940183957

  • Kiran

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh…..I did study in Akal acedemy baru sahib for 3 yrs….As being student at that time I enjoyed, did cry ,doesn’t want to get up early in the morning,away from parents BUT now i feels sometime that I learned a lot … I learnt english, I was reciting poems, sports i became first always by praying to God….I still remember those days….for sure there were rules we had to follow…….too much stress……being student I was scared of people (sevadar)…..Teachers were very nice….helpful…Dr. davinder n his wife was very nice……..Honerable baba ji very very nice….I was going to baba ji n telling him my problems…he gives ashirwad…….But now i feel that i was crying at that time but we must learn to get up early in the morning to meditate thats wht now scientists say n authers say….

  • kiran

    I am shocked to hear about student death in akal acedemy……….

  • Harsimrat

    It’s death and nobody can do anything against it. How he died and why will always be unknown but we do not need to blame dr. sir or anyone. All the restrictions imposed there are for some reason which we may or may not abide. Death isn’t restricted to an area and baru sahib is included in it. God has his will and we can’t do anything. Whether he wanted to come back to school or not , what was to happen , has happened.

  • Manpreet K. Gill

    oh my God, what’s gotton into all of you I was the first one to write a comment on this topic and now what am I seeing that you people are fighting over the stupidest things.. maybe you should read what the kids from baru sahib said….. not hte parents of the kids not hte relatives or teachers either.. the kids…. ask the students who studied there… there the ones who know the truth… some will say good and some will say bad. the ones who say bad only realised the bad part of baru sahib…. and the people who said good only realised the good things… I say yes there are goods and bads for that school. but I kinda disagree with Sadhu, no offence and yes the university has entirely different ruiles than the school itself. Now, I’d advise the next person to see all the comments byt the akal academy students themselves and then comment on what they want to say oh and I too am an akal academy student.

  • MIlitant Athiest

    Man, i cant believe how you people are saying “dont leave god”…. I hope schools like this one get shut down one day, it is absolutley “child abuse”…. Im glad im athiest! I wish karan singh couldve done the same. if you have objections, email me

    Militant Athiest

  • Harpreet

    u guys r so crazy .. there a reason behind everything in this damn world ….

  • Rahul S.

    Hey, I just wanted to let you all know, that Vishal Sharma is my hero….people like him realize the true mission of Baba Ji and we could learn a thing or two from him…he is truly a good human being, who actually knows what he is talking about….

    Thank You Vishual

  • Manpreet K. Gill

    I don’t have any problem with athiest people. actually my really good friends are athiest. But ya that school does have some child abuse. but shutting it doewn would still be wrong because. babaji is trying to make people better in a way. it’s the autorities that are doing the abusing and they are the ones who are actually ruining the name of the school.

  • Manpreet K. Gill

    harpreet… you are so right the only reason I would go back to that school would be because of my friends. I’m sorta not that close to my family. and the only reason they call it divine valley of peace is because it’s in the mountains and Guru Gobind Singh ji went there one time. but ya that school sorta lost the right to be called the divine valley of whatever. trust me everyone would say that it looks nice from outside but fro inside it’s like a total jail. those were the bad parts but the good parts are just the path and stuff and babaji. I hope he’s not being blamed from what Dr. sir and ma’am are doing. probably the worst principles ever. Never really liked them. but I miss the kirtan, darbar sahib. and my friends. not really the tearchers. oh my god does anyone remember chirri(inderjeet bhaniji). I hated her. she slaped me on the face one time because my pajami was in my feet. that too in darbar in frnt of everyone. now that was child abuse.

  • Militant athiest

    Manpreet, the (*removed*) can go to hell…… in order to be good, you dont need babaji. I still dont know why some people just cant openly say that “religion is wrong”….. instead, your just taking out the bad things about it rather than everything, and for some reason cant let go of religion. im concvinced that there is a 99.9% chance that there is no god, therfore religion is not neccessary. I’ll leave the 0.1% that there is a god, but im not convinced. email your response, at

  • sadhu

    Manpreet Kaur Ji, please check this out
    his dad is the old timer and never liked the school then. He used to tell the parents of other students that your kids was beaten without any reason, a lie, and lot of parents took their kids away from school. Then he made the case and told his parents that everybody is leaving and he do not want to study there. So his parents took him back.
    He was in USA army and served as a Marine. He sent his both kids in Baru Sahib. When Baba Ji asked why
    he want to send his kids to Baru Sahib it is not good, teachers beat kids without reason then he admmitted his fault and admitted that itis the Best School.
    He is my distance newphew.
    I’m sure that you will also like this school after you leave.

  • Manpreet K. Gill

    Do you sit under trees and get your education if there is no infrastructure. When your Baap comes to Baru Sahib he stays for free and eat for free, right. You want your education for free.
    It looks like that your from the family of free eaters, beggars. You are a REAL VIRUS in the Society.

    Dear Sadhu,
    I believe you wrote this in one of your comments. How Rude. do you know you can hurt someone real bad. don’t you care if you offend anyone. and it is true that the baru sahib authorities take way more money then they should. I don’t care if you agreee or disagree. but you offend a lot of people and I think your probably pretty proud of your self. and you call your sadhu. God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    of cource I like the school. but teachers do hit the kids. especiallly the little ones. older ones can still bear it. I didn’t say that that person is wrong or right I just said that you are ignoring the bad pionts of baru sahib.

  • sadhu

    Beta Manpreet Kaur Ji, YES I wrote these comments:-
    Do you sit under trees and get your education if there is no infrastructure. When your Baap comes to Baru Sahib he stays for free and eats for free, right. You want your education for free.
    It looks like that you’re from the family of free eaters, beggars. You are a REAL VIRUS in the Society.
    The reason was you can read this:-
    40.virus August 16th, 2009 11:49 am
    kalgidhar trust is surely a full profit no loss organisation……steep hikes in fees n other charges……n no comparable facilities… infrastructure…..wat does that mean…???
    In blog No.40 some wants to defame Baru Sahib with fake name of Virus then he got back what he wanted.
    You know why?
    At the age of 80+ Baba Ji goes around the world to get Donations so that children should get better education. What other people have said please check out this link:-
    and go till the last comment. It is written by S. Harkinder Singh Ji of Canada. Then you will come to know that Baru Sahib is providing much better education than other schools where other schools charge 5 times higher school fees and do not provide any thing to the visiting parents. Parents go to Baru Sahib and ask for 5star hotel facilities, like they are doing “Ahsaan” on The Kalgidhar Society to send their kids here. I have seen with my own eyes.
    If some parents still complain then believe me they are nothing but free eaters. Pay less eat more.
    I was rude that’s fine but when Virus tries to defame then was he/she polite?
    Love begets love and otherwise.

  • Harpreet.


  • jugdeep

    is the academy a good place for academics compaired to schools in USA

  • jugdeep

    what about sikism i spoke to them and they stated that they start at the nursers clases before kidergarden
    teaching to read the gotka and guru granth shibe plus teach judo at that time by the time the kid gets to 3rd grade or clases the can read the guru granth shanbi and be well to fight if they have to i am thinking the kids here will bother him too much to the point where he will lose interst in studies plz give advise there is a kid that was being picked on went to the teacher and was told that is because he is different so if he cut his hair he will not have the problem

  • jasbir jassi

    I am so sorry to hear about late karam singh’s death. I was also a student at akal academy
    About 13 years ago.while I was studying there I missed my family too, but now I realize that I learned
    A lot there.

  • nancy

    y=u all people are mad. what the hell. is this place for writting comment. aren’t u all sickin tired of writtin. mad people.

  • Manpreet K. Gill

    nancy, you think that we all are crazy and your wondering why we’re writing comments and why we don’t get tired and all that shit. but then why are you commenting on this yourself. why do you have a problem with us commenting if your gonna do it anyway. I feel sorry for you kid.

  • Prince Jit Singh

    Dear All,
    One Point …….
    Is Baru Sahib School stressing more on teaching and also giving religious preaching as bonus.
    or its other way.
    We must know the purpose which might highlight the tragic death of a young boy.

  • sadhu

    Hi Prince,
    It is an old saying that” After listening the whole Ramayan, in the end of Ramayan someone asks that was Sita Ram’s wife?”
    So you have read all the messages and you might have seen their web site and now you are still asking:-
    One Point …….
    Is Baru Sahib School stressing more on teaching and also giving religious preaching as bonus.
    or its other way.
    We must know the purpose which might highlight the tragic death of a young boy.

  • simon sing brar

    hi i am simon brar i use to study in baru sahib in .i started from grade 3 iknow that this school knows me very wll pleas get my reply . i left this school from grade 5 .know i am in canada .i am rilly upset to know that karm singh has commited suaside .DR mam i am rilly sorry to here this . just remember that i use to study in this school it is me simon singh brar. thank you for reaseving my

  • Ramandeep

    OK ….. I have been studying in baru sahib for lyk abt 1 and a half year ….
    i wont reallly saiii its a bad skool n alll dht stuff its.A gD Skool Bt DEN i m lYK ders many rules… lyk da heck out of many dos n donts ….
    Wht eva Harleen said so it s true dht i m lyk da Teachers shud talk to us and really behave lYk parents nt jus saii dht we are u r parents behave lyk dem to damn it …
    our parents send us here to lear n to have fun n to not really feely kinda lonelly..
    bt to be true i lyk it ova dere bt nt really loving it lyk my previous skool broadway…
    Dr. Sir is a real man … he treats us goood. .. bt the authorithy bhagwan hi bachiya usko… .
    its a pain in da neck …
    dhts wht i have to saii if no 1 rea;lly agrress to it i dun really care cuz ….. i du nt…
    bye tc

  • Harpreet

    not playing doh but listen baru sahib was good one thing i mess about it is teachers just some and my frnzz.. ariii liten i still remember i was like in 5th grade and i couldn’t go to the bathroom like those freakin care takers don’t give a damn and now u know rite .. and i couldn’t but i did end it saying what the bathrooms for when we not allowed to use themm??…lyupp sum pain ……….

  • Harpreet

    yeah by the way sadhu it don’t matter what their sites says but u know what matters wat’s going on in the school, or what will happen, what has been goin on there like u give a crap ??? haan what r u telling her .. itt’s a fact who u telling abt this ?? … dead serious i would have snuff the shit .. and also one question just to let u know their site doesn’t say they beat up kids. and also when they doo ………………… why don’t they write that too??? soo better say something before u think.

  • Vishal Sharma

    I am extremely sorry to say that this blog is less related to the death of a student but more focused on criticizing the sacred valley of divine peace-Baru Sahib.
    I request this Blog owner to post a new blog whereby people will be able to discuss matters related to Baru Sahib.

  • Radhakrishnan

    Dear all
    I was at Barusahib from 1990 to 1993 as a maths teacher
    Where ever we go, we can find some plus and minus points
    I find at Baru sahib more plus points
    Now i am working as the Principal at a Public school at Trivandrum kerala
    Still i remember Baru sahib and its inmates every day
    Babaji is great
    I would like to visit barusahib again

  • harpreet tiwana

    akal academy is great n this cant happen here. we cant about this.

  • RAM


    Even I was shocked my my daughter inform me their one student suside in school bathroom I was just pray to baba ji sab per apani kirpa rakhe , taki koti dubaara eesa nahi ho. Also I request to that teachers who not understand some students yu should explain them like yr yr own kids, like parent lve 2 kids and lesion them very carefully , we no Dr Sir very nice , Mr. Jatinder all is nice teach 2 children , but still there many complains, like cold water, children get easy sick , yu can get many NRI student in yr school if yu provide good facility 2 kids , when go there hometown and explain to others no hot water fr bath, no good medicine, than yu should understand what parent can do , no one send children , please its our request………….

  • vicky johal


    I agree on this point that skool is strict on some points and some student can take this as burden but suicide way far from this point we cant blame the skool for this tradegy no skool or institution wasts to put there children in trouble instead they want best of what is provided i think it is worth art if we put blame of this to the i institution .

  • Shagun Verma

    Please press and sirmaur police answer these questions…i want to spread this word
    media members.. firstly find the answers of these questions than write something….

    1>why the hostel gate is opened at night?

    2>why students had spend night in forest?

    3>who have given swords to sikh people?

    4>why these swords are allowed to enter inside boys hostel at midnight?

    5>what are the grudges ?

    so plz atlest if u can’t support than plz don’t write anything wrong..

  • Shagun Verma

    One more thing there is no recruitment cell in this college who will be helping the first batch of this college to get jobs…students are worried abt there careers and these guys are taking out their swords..These students are worried and soon next month they have final examination …Himachal govt shuld think abt this and either migrate the 7th semester student to another college where they can live in peace and this is last year (to make their future not to fight against racicsm)
    i have mostly sikh friends being a hindu gurl but they are actually gems and they are also saying their religion never says to take out swords for students…show some maturity guys…(sick yaar india mein he aisa hota hai phir jab ek sikh ke saath australia mein kuch galat hota hai toh puri India ko kyun dukh hota hai …)
    Mr. Sadhu we are human beings so behave like one…dont take out swords to these small kids…Also i agree they might have started breaking the college infrastucture but what they can do if at midnight u guys are sending students with swords at midnight..they will do it out of anger out of rage …coz they are not safe in their hostel ..

  • sandeep

    hi guys did u hear the latest news of baru sahib some college boys fighting and two boys were badly hurt so de were shifted to rajgarh. i have studied there and its a great school but some kids make it inside bad. and manpreet maybe i knw u. r u frm california. do u knw sukhman. reply me ok. just wanna knw

  • Harmanpreet Singh Grewal

    hi guys i have studied in this school for about 2 yrs. It is such a School with the teachers bashing or beating the child badly. there is a called Jaswinder Singh Dahliwal in yr 7 in 2010 he used to bully me around now i remember i could have on him but i was scared he would bash me. i am so happy that now in am studieng in glenwood high school in sydney for any comments of what i have i said just email me on i just suggest do not go to this school it is like HELL.
    I left this school on 20th September 2010. JUST DO NOT GO TO BARU SAHIB!!!

  • Dr Lakhbir Singh Mengher

    Dear Sir(s),
    Having read these E- mailed comments from various individual(s) on this web- page, the most notable aspect, that stand out above all is that most appear to the eye to be “emotionally” charged, with decided lack of co-he-rant thought process and poor English command; although I don’t expect it to the same level of able UK students, however, it ought to be expected that a student having spent 10+ years at an Institution studying they ought to have gained “something” to enable some order of “thought” process and review what they have written down before submitting on the Web- page for all to read. On World Wide Web (www)!!!
    I do feel the demise of this young man who apparently committed “suicide”… Thing happen for a reason….there is no fire…without ‘Smoke’….something/someone must have triggered this young man to take such drastic action….. May his soul be at peace …in Waheguru Ji Charran

    Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru ji Ki Fateh
    ….Disclaimer…I Dr Lakhbir Singh…have no association with the Academy…now or in the past…no financial gain either

  • Dr Lakhbir Singh Mengher

    P.S…..Someone ought to be accountable for this Tragedy….and the Academy ought to open & Transparent in all of it’s aspects…And be Monitored by Independent outside body…an NRI body familiar with Academic Institution Monitoring?
    Like UK/ Canada/USA…or elsewhere where Students are from…I for one offers here and now my services to be on the Panel with other ‘Learned’ Individuals to join the Monitoring Body
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
    Dr Lakhbir Singh
    Dr Lakhbir Singh

  • anirudh

    hello, sorry to learn about the demise of the young fellow being.
    well i was interested to put my 5yrs old son in a good barding school and had selected to put him at baru sahib. can you people suggest me some thing
    1. should i put my child in baru sahib and why ?
    2. if not then why?
    dear friends its a question of a carrier as well as the overal personality development of a child as he is going to be there majority of his time. moreover the overall atmosphere does matter.
    i am abit confused with above disscussions.
    it will be a grate help and gesture if you would extend to me. my email is

  • Maninderpal singh

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
    i’ve remained a student of aabs for 10 yrs {1997-2007} & for me this was the golden period of my life…’ve learnt everything out there…right from studies to being a good human being..BARU SAHIB IS THE “HEAVEN” ON EARTH…….& i’m proud to be a member of barusahib family. babaji works so hard at 80+…..that too for the children of aabs….so pls guys….since no one knows wa’ really happened……so pls stop blamin’ the institution ….see when the truth has to come out it’ll surely find its way……for the time being pls don’t bring disgrace to such a holy place i.e by writin’ bad words abt such a place………………by doin’ this u’re doin’ nothin’ but acting as a hindrance in babaji’s mission…………… pls huh…..

  • Jaspreet

    Hi ,this is Jaspreet Kaur and this is what I think of this institution.
    B.S is a perfectly fine place to me . You have to stay away from your parents but everything else is alright.Maninderpal is quite right .Its HEAVEN ON EARTH .
    Nobody has any right to say anything improper because its actually Baba Iqbal Singh Ji who is being offended . Give a thought to THAT and you’ll soon realise how rude you are being . You better learn to judge someone properly or you’ll be judged the same way.

  • hspandher

    The sudden demise of my lovely student karam singh gave a chance to speak against the teachers, the doctor virji,the jathedars, bibi inderjitkaur,and many many more who have have been made responsible. The adm. is indeed neither careless nor irresponsive. The coordinators maintain a nonbrakable link between the principal and the students.I have seen the students in regular in the principal office praising the teachers and at the same time criticizing them for their faulty teaching method,criticizing for their inaudibility of voice -which is immediately solved. Instead of blaming the instituition as Ia the parents are most humbly requested to listen to their inner voice


    Waheguru g ka khalsa Waheguru g ke fateh its a great institute i have seen in my life in modern sikh community. such case to be investigated till d rt cause of death, it shouldn`t happen again. this bring bad name to our community wether its a suicide.Psycology of student must b read by his close associates(friends,enemise,parents,teachers,saints& admn). Lastly an appeal to all ” Waheguru has not given birth to commit suicide, Guru Gobind Singhji has told fight for truth, live for truth & die for truth” – a poor slave of Guru Nanak


    I have ben stuying in baru sahib for only 9 yrs but the great thing is the studies are helping me at every single moment of my life that to which I thank all my teachers :

    MR ANTHONY ( S S T )
    more over I thank DR NEELAM KAUR for helping me under every difficulties,she is the one who had inspired me so much. I truly thank for her motivation.


  • sam singh

    dis is simranjeet singh i’ve studied in aabs for 6 years .
    & i’m really proud dat i was a part of such a religious scl.
    it’s like a HEAVEN ON EARTH .pollution free..
    parents sending their children with full trust.
    a place where you not only get knowledge of studies but also of sikhism ..
    i can’t forget her sweetness ,kindness for us..her integrity towards all.
    i will truely come back 2 see new changes in my scl…

  • http://facebook jimmy kamra

    i really want more about aabs .plz send it on my id

  • Amanpreet singh

    i am coming to baru shab . so plz gie me aadmission

  • free free ipad student stuff free

    Undeniably imagine that which you said. Your favorite justification seemed to be on the net the simplest factor to have in mind of. I say to you, I certainly get irked whilst other people consider issues that they plainly do not realize about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , folks could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thank you

  • Sajjan

    Like other friends i also say that the rules of Akal Academy are very hard.It is not possible for everyone students to commit with them .

  • http://akalacademybarusahib harjinder khaira

    wahe guru ji ka khalsa and wahe guru ji ki fathe . firstly many condolences to the family of late kid karam singh. sir i have been following this episode since 2yrs.inspite of blaming we should think seriously why this happened and it should not happen using dirty language against teachers ,school etc reflect there family background. we should not read about this.i am planning to send my small kid of 5yrs to this present days the teacher have to be bit strict to inculcate good manners to some students of foriegn origin. i request every not to pull religion in between all this. sikh religon is one of the best religions world over. i am a sikh but i am sorry to say that i have my hair cut but my kids they have grown hair. sir keep doing ur duty god is with u.

  • http://akalacademybarusahib harjinder khaira

    wahe guru ji ka khalsa and wahe guru ji ki fathe . firstly many condolences to the family of late kid karam singh. sir i have been following this episode since 2yrs.inspite of blaming we should think seriously why this happened and it should not happen using dirty language against teachers ,school etc reflect there family background. we should not read about this.i am planning to send my small kid of 5yrs to this present days the teacher have to be bit strict to inculcate good manners to some students of foriegn origin. i request every not to pull religion in between all this. sikh religon is one of the best religions world over. i am a sikh but i am sorry to say that i have my hair cut but i am proud to say that my kids they have grown hair. sir keep doing ur duty god is with u.

  • http://akalacademybarusahib harjinder khaira

    hope to visit school soon.thanks

  • swaran

    cant say what reason behind his death…it is still mystery……

  • Kaur

    Hello everyone. I was too a student in this academy until recently. I’m shocked at these comments. No one knows what tempted him to commit suicide or even knows why he committed suicide. just pray for his soul and leave him in peace.

  • Jashan Jassot Kaur

    Waheguru g ka Khalsa Waheguru g ki Fateh.
    me phela eh dasana chondi a k tuci sare bahut bahut hi bhaga vale o jo tuci sare Baru Sahib parh rahe o me v es school de vich parh na chondi c par me nahi par pai te me hun pvt. school de vich parh rahi a .me har roj saver di shurat thoda path sun k kardi a te rat da ant v me thoda hi path sundi a. Mehar roj thodi website dekh di hundi a lekin jad me kisse veer de bare death suni ta menu bahut afsos hoea .Me thonu ek gal kehna chondi a k tuci sare sikha de ghar de vich janam lea hai fer thonu sarea nu Punjabi bolni chahidi a manea k thode school de vich rule hove lekin kade v eh na bhulo k tuci sikh ho .Agar me khuch bura keh gi hova ta maf kare o
    Wheguru g ka Khalsa Waheguru g ki Fateh.

  • deep

    i just wanna visit this place…..lov their path …bahut e bhagan wale ho tusi …nd o jehre abuse kr rhe ne ..plz apni problms nu duur krn di koshish kro… u hav media power .
    dont try to spoil whole education systm ……

  • harjinder singh

    sir my daughter is a student of this esteemed academy.she is a ukg student.her name is palak khaira her admn no is7226.sir we are from kolkata. sir my request isthat during the relay of gurbani the camera crew consentrate more on senior student.he flashes the senior kids . sir we and our relatives they sit glued to the tv. during the relay. but since her admission we have not seen her. my humble request is that the crew should show more of small kids then senior kids. people will be encouraged to send more small kids to this esteemed acedemy. hope this sugestion will be passed on to the crew.this should not be taken as personal. i have regards for every one.

  • http://facebook arsh deep

    i m soooooo shocked……

  • Ravleen Chhabra

    I was d student of dis DIVINE PLACE ,,,,snce 3 yrs and I got a lot 4m dere …….dis news had taken place b4 my arriving at dat school but wn I came 2 know abt dis I felt very shocked dat any child living over here in such a wonderful place……I am d girl 4m Cacutta and only went dere due 2 my grndfather sayings Mr.Kang sir…….nw I am out but den also I miss my school,,,,,its all memories,,,,,and also I MST SAY it is d bst school…..and also respect our Respcted Principal…Davinder Sir nd Neelam mam who r still struggling 2 make it a more BETTER PLACE 2 live……………………………among d world

  • manjeet kour

    nurpreet kour 3 year ago

  • manjeet kour

    nurpreet ka amision ke jankari chahia

  • jaswinder kaur

    i am going to send ma son to baru sahib….but nw when i saw this conversation i got scared….means we should teach the good manners to our students…wht the qus is?….in which perfect way???? fingers cross dat ma son will get quality education frm dere….