Airbus ready to manufacture in India, ‘make in India’ gets one more participants

Airbus ready to manufacture in India, ‘make in India’ gets one more participants

Airbus ready to manufacture in India, ‘make in India’ gets one more participant

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘make in India’ initiative has got its biggest support from none other than Airbus. One of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world, Airbus, said that it was all set to join the initiative by starting its manufacturing facilities in the country.

The announcement was apparently was made when the Indian Prime Minister visited to the aircraft manufacturer’s facility in Toulouse, France. Prime Minister just the other day finalized a massive $4billion Rafale deal.

The Indian Prime Minister was briefed on the functioning of the plant and what the company actually thought about the manufacturing activities in India.
Airbus A300-600
The company seemed more than excited about the prospects. Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders, who received Modi, said, “We are honoured to host Prime Minister Modi in Toulouse and convey to him our desire to forge a stronger industrial bond with India. India already takes a centre-stage role in our international activities and we want to even increase its contribution to our products.” “We support Prime Minister Modi’s ‘Make in India’ call and (we) are ready to manufacture in India, for India and the world,” Enders added.

Indian officials were simply amazed at the announcement. External affairs ministry spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin tweeted, “500% increase in 5 years. @Airbus to PMA @narendramodi : Indian outsourcing to increase from $400 mil to $2 billion. “Make in India gains further momentum. $2 billion cumulative outsourcing planned by @Airbus from India by 2020,” Akbaruddin posted on Twitter In India, Airbus Group already operates two engineering centres – one focused on civil aviation and the other one defence – besides, a research and technology (R&T) centre which together employ over 400 highly qualified people.

More details are coming from France. The group’s senior representative conveyed their decision to expand these centres so that they can take on comprehensive design responsibilities for future Airbus group programmes. The Prime Minister was given a tour of the Airbus A380 final assembly line. Currently, four A380 flights serve India daily.

In a press release the company said, “Much larger markets are waiting to be tapped, the potential for A380 to help Indian carriers win greater multinational market share with a flagship aircraft is enormous”. The aircraft manufacturer is willing to set up final assembly lines and establish supply chains and related infrastructure for military transport aircraft and helicopters in India, the press release said. These would be in full compliance with the procurement policies specified by the Ministry of Defence and local FDI (foreign direct investment) guidelines, the release said. Airbus Defence and Space has submitted a joint proposal with Tata to produce the modern C-295 aircraft in the country as a replacement for the ageing Avro aircraft of the Indian Air Force.

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