Aged Americans More Prone to Suicide Due to Economic Reasons

Aged Americans More Prone to Suicide Due to Economic Reasons

Aged Americans More Prone to Suicide Due to Economic Reasons

If you thought that suicide was more among youths you were certainly wrong. A latest report claims that suicide rate is the highest among the people belonging to middle age. Many people who are not satisfied with their married life, their jobs and are under depression resort take this extreme step belong to this group.

The study claims that the age group which sees the highest number of suicides is actually in the age group of 40 to 64 years in the US. The study also claims that suicide rate in the country has gone up by as much as 40 percent since the year 1999.

To be true it is shocking to hear it as this is one of the nations where the most well-off people on the planet emory university atlanta

Katherine A. Hempstead, one of the study authors claims that many suicides are actually related to occupation, money related or legal issue and are committed through suffocation. Hempstead further added. While talking about the findings of the report she says, “The sharpest increase in external circumstances appears to be temporally related to the worst years of the Great Recession, consistent with other work showing a link between deteriorating economic conditions and suicide. … Financial difficulties related to the loss of retirement savings in the stock market crash may explain some of this trend.” The study was published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

While detailing the findings of her study Katherine Hempstead noted, “Relative to other age groups, a larger and increasing proportion of middle-aged suicides have circumstances associated with job, financial, or legal distress and are completed using suffocation”.

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