Adobe Systems Announces Document Cloud, Managing PDFs, Free e-Signing

Adobe Systems Announces Document Cloud, Managing PDFs, Free e-Signing

Adobe Systems Announces Document Cloud, Managing PDFs, Free e-Signing

This is simply going to make life easy for you. Adobe Systems Inc. has come out with web based tools for creating and managing PDFs. This is going to be of great help for many people who want to work on the go.

Details are emerging as to how the Adobe Systems Inc. is slowly launching Web-based tools for people to create, store and manage documents online. It is needless to say that many people were eager to have such features as now they will be able to do many works from anywhere.

But the service is not free and you will have to pay around $200 a year on subscribing this service. Being called Acrobat Document Cloud, the latest service from Adobe Systems Inc. is going to cost you as much as $15 a month and also give users access to digital signatures, mobile applications and other software for tracking documents, the company said Tuesday.

adobe photoshopTo be true it is not the first cloud based service that the company has launched. It already has a large number of web based services that are bringing millions and millions of dollars for the company.

The San Jose, California-based company is working overtime to earn more revenue from Internet-based subscriptions seems to be working fine. The company has said that the new offer is going to help businesses cut their printing and making it easier to sign and modify digital documents.

Many people who subscribe Adobe Creative Cloud will have access to the new product as part of their subscriptions. Earlier the company added e-signature technology, used to signed official documents via the Web instead of in-person, with the acquisition of EchoSign Inc. in 2011.

A top company official says, “Everything we’re trying to do is to make Acrobat and the Adobe cloud a strong companion for Microsoft office…What’s unique about Adobe here is that it’s bringing a basket of technologies together in one cloud, and you need several technologies to solve this problem…This could steepen the growth rate for Acrobat and EchoSign, through the addition of cloud and mobile.”

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