Adobe Slate will revolutionize web publishing

Adobe Slate will revolutionize web publishing

Adobe Slate will revolutionize web publishing

If you are an iPad enthusiast and want to work on it for your presentations and reports, here is a great tool that lets you these and much more.

And the fact that this app has come from none other than Adobe is going to look all the more enticing.

Earlier today Adobe showcased its most recent products Slate, an iPad-only tool that actually allows people to make online visually beautiful newsletters, presentations, reports and much more.

Available free from the iOS App Store, Adobe Slate for iPad is also available along with Creative Cloud subscriptions with Lightroom and Photoshop access at just $9.99.

adobe-slate-for ipadA report says that the Adobe Slate may be something like an all-visual version of Adobe Voice. Slate actually pares down creation options to text, photos, design and animation making designing look so easy for common people.

Techcrunch while quoting Brian Nemhauser, Adobe’s director of product management for Adobe Slate says, “the company is aiming this app at teachers, students, nonprofits, small businesses, corporate employees and anybody else who wants to put together a highly visual presentation that mixes basic text and imagery. Once finished, users can publish their creations on Adobe’s servers and share the link with their audiences. Adobe also allows users to embed their Slate stories on their websites”.

From a blank slate, to a newsletter, the move is swift and fast. Everything in Slate operates within the confines of its core design principals and the title page is no different. When you are through with the title and subtitle, you have the freedom to choose background picture from your camera roll, Lightroom library, Creative Cloud files or Dropbox. This seems so easy and so navigable that even a young child with some knowledge will do it.

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