Adele tickets 2016 for USA tour sold out in minutes: Buy online for $9000

Adele tickets 2016 for USA tour sold out in minutes: Buy online for $9000

Adele tickets 2016 for USA tour sold out in minutes: Buy online for $9000

If you have got your hands at the Adele tickets for her forthcoming North America tour, you might have got a golden egg. A ticket that you might have bought for a hundred buck may be worth more than $5000 or even $9000. Adele concerts tickets are selling on some secondary websites for as much as $9999.

Her latest album “25” has broken almost all records and it is still getting unprecedented response in US and Canada besides of course across Europe. In the given scenario no one was in doubt that her tour tickets will be sold out within hours.

Nonetheless no one had any idea that the tickets will be taken within minutes. A leading company that was selling her tickets said that they had never ever experienced this sort of frenzy for tickets of any singer or other performer. Apple announced last week that Adele’s “25” is the best-selling album on iTunes. The record-breaking sales of 5.2 million units in the United States alone of her new album, “25” had left no one in doubt how the fans were going to respond. And they did better than expectations.

Adele united states tour 2016There is no denying the fact that she is the hottest singer right now. With the debut of Adele’s first live performance in four years, the special attracted over 11 million viewers. Those impressive numbers were certain to draw big crowds for ticket sales later in the week. “Hello” the singers latest single debuted with 1.11 million sales in its first week, according to Billboard, and the slow ballad, “When We Were Young,” is the singers second single off the album.

With the popularity of 27-year old British singer soaring, it’s no surprise fans are willing to shell out big bucks to hear the “Skyfall” singer, especially since her last try at touring did not end well, with her having to cancel many dates due to a problem with her vocal cords. While she has since then made a full recovery, the pressure is on for the singer as she has sold out the 55 date concert tour within a matter of minutes. It must be noted that she was on voluntary leave for the last three years, and this has done her a great favor indeed.

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