Acer at CES 2012: Acer Aspire S5, new Ultrabook introduced


    Acer is hogging limelight at CES 2012. The company introduced Acer Aspire S5, new Ultrabook with Intel Ivy Bridge CPU

    Leading computer manufacturer Acer has demonstrated a working unit of the new Aspire S5, the world’s first laptop with Intel Ivy Bridge processor at CES 2012. The upcoming Acer Ultrabook laptop will be the thinnest laptop ever. The Ivy Bridge is Intel’s next major processor technology after Sandy Bridge core processors. The new Intel processor technology provides better application and graphical performance than the current core processors, the chipmaker giant claims.

    The Aspire S5 will be ready for shipping in May or June this year, Acer, one of the first companies to roll out an Ultrabook said. Its Aspire S3 has been a key Ultrabook notebook on market. At 15mm (around 3/5 of an inch), the new S5 is the slimmest laptop ever in the world. The new Acer Ultrabook comes in a gorgeous ‘onyx black’ magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis and it will be known for its cute design and ultra portability factor.

    Intel Ivy Bridge processor will revolutionize the entire ultrabook market. The chipmaker is in efforts to bridge the gap between laptops and tablets with high performance Ultrabooks. Indeed, the laptop market has been in a muddle with the onslaught of tablet PCs. Of course, products like Acer S5 will be highly portable and they can turn the attention of people towards Ultrabooks.

    The Ivy Bridge processors perform 20 percent better than Sandy Bridge processors. Graphic performance of a computer will boost up to 30 percent with the new gen processors, Acer rep said at CES. Well, we are witnessing the evolution of a new type of powerful Ultrabook. Ivy Bridge processors will make computing a far smoother experience for users.

    Acer Aspire S5 tech specs
    The Taiwanese computer maker has exposed little about its upcoming S5 Ultrabook. The laptop will mount USB 3.0 and Intel’s new high-speed data transfer technology Thunderbolt and many other advanced features. Thanks to Ivy Bridge CPU, the Acer laptop will perform more brilliantly. Its CPU and graphical performance will certainly attract many users. Plus, the device will support DirectX 11 graphics technology.

    The Ivy Bridge processor brings many features to the S5. It will have faster 3D performance. According to Intel, the new Acer laptop will be 37 percent faster for 3D transistors and will consume only half of the power required for 2D transistors on Sandy Bridge processors. No other information about the features and specs of the Acer Ultrabook is available.

    Battery life
    Thanks to the power efficient Intel Ivy Bridge processors, the S5 will run about eight hours on a single recharge. The device is known for uncompromising battery life. The ultra-thin laptop devours less power than the current generation of computers. “The S5 laptop delivered about eight hours of “uncompromised” battery life and a high-level of component integration has helped reduce the laptop size while retaining battery life of the S5,” says Agam Shah of the PCWorld.

    Price and release
    Acer has not cleared the possible price tag of its new Ultrabook. The notebook will arrive in stores by mid this year. Of course, the laptop will be put on display at CES 2012.

    What others say?
    Let us see how the leading tech blogs have covered the report regarding the Acer Aspire S5. According to George Lang of Device Magazine, rumors over an Acer laptop with Ivy Bridge processors have come true. Read on below what he further says,

    “At the same time, rumors began to surface over a new Ivy Bridge processor. Now, the Aspire S5 has been revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and it will contain the Ivy Bridge chip. At 15 mm (approximately 3/5 of an inch) it is the thinnest ultrabook laptop ever brought to market.”

    Meanwhile, PCMag’s Agam Shah says,

    “Acer on Sunday became one of the first PC makers to show a laptop with Intel’s upcoming Core processor code-named Ivy Bridge, which will deliver better application and graphics performance than current Core processors.”

    Many more companies are expected to soon join the Ivy Bridge processor frenzy. Lenovo has recently announced plan to launch an ultrabook with the Ivy Bridge processor. Well, the world is now going to get more powerful Ultrabooks. Let us hope many more technology manufacturers will make use of Ivy Bridge processors for their next generation Ultrabooks.