About NVO

NVO is a mission and not a business oriented enterprise. It has been launched to serve the mankind selflessly and in a better way. In the very short time it has acquired the reputation of one of the most popular and credible online news organization in Northern India.

NVO provides you breaking news, free, fair and frank daily news stories from whole north region. News stories from all walks of life and all sections of society, literature, information,  tourism. , modern technology and many other things with the changing scenario of global trends is our daily service dedicated to the people of this planet.

NVO : Northern Voices Online is leader among the North India’s online portals providing instant news, views and other valuable information.

Above all we are providing a platform for the writers and journalists of this planet – whosoever wants to join us.

NVO encourages you to add comments, send pictures your articals, litereray pieces etc in English and Hindi languages.

If you run a School, educational institute, industry, self business, any kind of association etc and organizing any activity or function please contact us in advance so that we may provide you coverage on this news portal. If you have organized the function recently you may send report and photographs of the function/activity to us for.

On this page we shall share with you many more important events of life time to time – please keep watching

Contact : info@nvonews.com