AAP expels Yogendra Yadav, Bhushan from PAC: Is party leaving secularism mask?

AAP expels Yogendra Yadav, Bhushan from PAC: Is party leaving secularism mask?

AAP expels Yogendra Yadav, Bhushan from PAC: Is party leaving secularism mask?


New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) seems to be suffering from a crisis of sort. This crisis may end up completely discrediting the party.

Arvind Kejriwal led party that governs the tiny state of Delhi has ousted its top two leaders including Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan from the party’s powerful political affairs committee (PAC) besides divesting Yogendra Yadav from being the official spokesperson of the fledgling political party.

The news has come as a rude shock to millions of people across the country. Yogendra Yadav, one of the most reasonable speakers in India with decades of experience in political science and activism has been removed from the party’s decision making body, so has been Prashant Bhushan, a top lawyer who is one of the founding members of the AAP.yogendra yadav, prashant bhushan

It is being said that Arvid Kejriwal and his coterie including Ashish Khetan have planned the ouster of the two most respected people in the party to clear the party of people who believe in socialism and secularism.

Voices of dissent have started coming from the party. Though many activists have voiced their frustration over this extreme step calling it unfortunate on social media, Senior Aam Aadmi Party leader Mayank Gandhi came forward and publicly attacked Kejriwal and his coteries for the decision.

While writing on his blog he said, “Last night I was told that disciplinary action would be taken against me, if I revealed anything. I would be dishonest to accept the gag order. This is not a revolt, nor is this some publicity ploy. I will not go to the press. There may be some repercussions overt and covert against me. So be it – my first allegiance is to the higher truth”.

He went on to add further, “At the national executive meeting, Yogendra said that he understood that Arvind did not want them in PAC, as it was difficult to him to work together. He and Prashant would be happy to stay out of PAC, but they should not be singled out”.

While writing about the proceedings of the meeting he said, The meeting broke for some time and Manish and others conferred with the Delhi team of Ashish Khetan, Asutosh, Dilip Pandey and others. After reassembling, Manish proposed a resolution that YY and PB be removed from the PAC and it was seconded by Sanjay Singh…During the Delhi campaign, Prashant Bhushan had threatened multiple times that he will hold press conference against the party, because of his concerns on candidate selection. Some of us were successful in somehow or other to stave off the threat till the elections” Yogendra Yadav , meanwhile, refused to comment on Gandhi’s comments saying he remained a disciplined worker of the party. “Our party is built by volunteers. No leader can ever get away with any wrongdoing” said Yadav.

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