BY | December 2, 2012

Apple’s iTunes 11 is the talk of the town. Here we discuss in short 5 best features of iTunes 11 and how it is going to be different from its previous avatar

Apple has launched the iTunes 11, and the tech press is not exactly raving. The reaction in fact is more like a sigh of relief, or perhaps disappointment, considering the features that iTunes users wanted, but did not get in the update.

Despite this, it is a must have update which brings in much needed speed and UI improvements. Here are the five new features that you would like in the new iTunes 11.

iTunes has implemented something like Google’s Project Butter, making it faster. Everything loads fast. Search, scrolling and every other operation feels fast and fluid. The amazing fastness is evident in the iCloud too. Album art loads as fast as you scroll. Some parts of the iCloud experience however is still rather slow.

The sidebar in the library has been replaced with a drop down menu on the top left corner. The library sidebar used to contain Music, Movies, Podcasts etc, now the same can be had from the left corner menu. While the change frees up screen space, it also makes getting around the store a little less easy. Given that many users might not want to make that tradeoff, Apple has thoughtfully added the option to get back the sidebar. All you have to do is go to view, and from there show sidebar.

The mini player is probably the most unused feature in the iTunes package. Now however, it just might get more people using it. The mini player has implemented a Spotify ‘Queue’ like feature called “Up Next”. This feature tells you what song is going to come up next on your playlist. It also allows you to add songs to the playlist, add more playlists, remove the song which you do not want played, and generally gives you a lot of freedom to manage how you hear your songs. It also allows you to search and choose speakers via AirPlay.

iTunes ‘Expanded View’ has both the Cover Flow and a list like menu which lists all the songs of an artist or an album which you have clicked. The idea of course was to make navigation easier. From here you can go to the artist view, which handles search through a sidebar on the left. While the relevant results appear on the main page.

Last, but not the least, the UI has got a makeover. The iTunes is now going to be the same across all Apple platforms. The design language that Apple went for borrows from iOS. There are sliding panels in interfaces which opens to reveal needed information, but get tucked back when not in use. This is very much like opening a folder in iOS.


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