iPhone 6S may get design change: release date, specs rumors

iPhone 6S may get design change: release date, specs rumors

iPhone 6S may get design change: release date, specs rumors

Apple is all set to launch new version(s) of its bestselling smartphones in the market early next months. There are reasons to believe that the Cupertino based smartphone maker will launch the new iPhone versions being dubbed iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in the first week of September and then start shipping the handsets as early as September 18.

Though this is not final and the company hasn’t started sending out invites as yet, from previous experience we have learnt that such rumors are actually trustworthy.

Apple might be feeling concerned at the moment as its biggest competitor Korean smartphone maker and tech giant Samsung has brought the launch of its Galaxy Note 5 forward. Galaxy Note phablets were highest selling phablets before Apple launched its iPhone 6 Plus. And now Sammy wants to get the advantage of early launch by putting its best foot forward. Nonetheless no one is still sure if a Sammy handset –even Galaxy Note 5-is actually able to compete well against a new and obviously slightly improved iPhone 6S Plus.

iPhone 7 imagesThere is no denying the fact that bigger size has meant better response for the company that once abhorred any size for smartphones bigger than 4 inch. Earlier it espoused to continue with as small a size as 3.5-inch. There is no denying the fact that larger smartphone screen has helped the company garner more fans and spread rapidly even in areas where it didn’t think a good market existed. With the new size, old Apple fans felt left out and they too went to buy new handsets with bigger size and better experience.

Now there are reasons to believe that the tech giant is not going to stop at the bigger size. The Forbes report claims that iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will come with “A new access panel to the display (also photographed by which is a prerequisite for Force Touch integration…Different flex connectors which Touch ID circuitry is now integrated into the LCD and digitizer connectors which hints at an upgraded fingerprint sensor…The protective plate on the back of the LCD is now glued in place, which may present a greater challenge for third party screen repairs”

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