BY | October 30, 2011

Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One box office collection for merely three days crossed Rs 570 million mark. It is a record of sort for any Indian movie

This is again one more film that got critics wrong, absolutely wrong, to be true. Critics panned him like someone who never gave a true hit to the India cinema and who had nothing to show despite putting in his own money and prestige too on the project called Ra.One.

But now as the verdict is out, the critics are trying to hide their faces in the sand hoping no one noticed their craps they mindlessly produced with their keyboards.

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There is something that has given Shah Rukh Khan the name, King Khan. There is something that effortlessly gets him leadership role wherever he goes. He takes risks and mostly he wins, though like a lesser mortal he loses too, sometimes.

His biggest gamble was his just released film Ra.One and after three days, the unanimous verdict from film goers is that he has once against passed a tough test with flying colors.

A Shah Rukh Khan fan says, “Being a king is a virtue which only SRK has when it comes to Bollywood. It’s not like you are making the same old masala movies remake from the south and call them blockbusters (not that they are not). SRK is the king who has given back to the industry by taking it to the next level. SRK is like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who has given us innovation by taking risks and out of box thinking. These freaking reviewers are losers who can only criticize and that is the reason why they are only writing such articles”.

Meanwhile Shah Rukh’s Ra.One’s 3 day collections have soared to Rs 570 million. No other film including Bodyguard and 3 Idiots were able to touch this figure.

Ra.One’s day one collection was around Rs 185 million, on day two, the collection skyrocketed to Rs. 251 million which is the highest collection ever by any Hindi film on a single day. The collection in merely 3 days crossed Rs 570 million.


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  • rp

    maro! wait for lifetime achievement baby :) it might be flop or god knows :)

  • dev

    srk is really king of bollywood.he is the best

  • Aftab

    love you shah rukh. You always great…tha king….
    Like you so0o0o much

  • prakhar

    now ppl need to shut up against king khan….i mean thats the intensity of a guy who has ruled the industry for more than 15 years and even at the age of 45 when he sees his numero uno position under threat he comes up with something that just raises the bar for films in india and critics writing hi off is absolutely ridiculous

  • angela

    Taran Adarsh followed by some American critics got it right only. I read every critic’s review. Some of the people who said it is a crappy movie did not even get its story. Raja Sen, perhaps, stays indoor too much for which he did not even get the jokes played in the movie. Another critic thought that the joke of Lee was related to Bruce Lee. But it wasn’t. It was actually based on the notion that 1 out of 4 Asians has the Lee last name. I knew someone in my class whose name was Choo Lee. But I must say that Rediff has always been against Srk for some reason. Now they even have an article against Srk fans. Then there is Rai from Dubai. Her review made me see her hatred towards Srk. She was not being fair even in telling the story. When I pointed this out in a comment it was deleted by her. I am going to complain about her directly to the owner of the site because she is taking advantage of journalism to reveal her personal grudge.

    Sallu fans were also trying to bring the movie down. Even before the movie released one of them went to Imbd and wrote nasty review on it just so people did not watch it. Overall, Srk haters worked hard to put him down. But king is king and lower class is lower class. Ra One just proved that.

  • Tariq rahim

    Again sharukh showed that he is a super hero and king of bollywood.i will watch this again,,,and again.he every time takes riske and gives outstanding results.v all frend are waiting for 2

  • anon

    hey fanboy
    why dont you go suck his dick while your at it?

  • Ajay

    Ra.One is beyond excellence…I bow to SRK for trying something new and something as big as Ra.One. I don’t care too much about the box office collections and numbers, cause in my eyes and my mind, the movie was worth every penny I spent taking my family to watch it. The effects were mind blowing, the story line was well placed and Kareena was the bomb as always.

    There is no point event talking about SRK’s performance, as it was spectacular as always.

    I have a special finger reserved for those so called critics…they can do nothing more that eat their own words. To make a movie with such heart and passion can come only from the big three SRK, Salman & Aamir, each of who in my mind are pioneers of our Indian cinema.

    Truly proud of you SRK!!!

  • arbind

    u r right sir …..ra has proved itself…

  • danish

    srk rockssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss love u srkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk u r king khan

  • danish

    i am a hugh fan of u srk please meet with me srk please please please i watch ra one three times in first tow days in cinema i watch ur every movie more then forty times and i watch ddlj more then 200 times and inshallah ur movie ra one do 50000000000000 figure businees more and will be a big hit

  • Dayanidhi kinkar

    SRK is real king of bollywood,he has given so many hit to bollywood by his own acting ability,unlike other who do with the support of good script.Despite of getting negative response from critics RA ONE is breaking all the records

  • Anish Mathew

    Using imperial units to paint a rosy picture won’t help..
    570 million means 57 crores, with a movie budget of 150 crores and another 50-55 crores on promotion adds up to 200 crores. Add to that the Goodwill at stake for self proclaimed Badshah Khan…God Save The BADshah..

  • shezai

    SRK has brought Bollywood to the next level. Jealous people are everywher and jealous

  • http://facebook jobaer bhuiyan

    sab ka bap srk! salman or amir ka band bajadi! badsha aki ha and that is srk! the real king of bollywood! aba sallu zara ya record torka to dikha! salman is a star who became famouse , by the help of his brothers! king khan is a man of him self! so farah ur gonna take sallu in om shanti om2, it dsnt matter! still u cant beat srk! people came to watch ur film only and only for srk! so chamack chalo farah and sallu

  • Ashok Khadka

    King Khan simply rocks…….love u sharukh……u r the real king of bollywood…….

  • Jay

    and how much did you get paid to write this?

  • mukesh

    it’s amazing.SRK is real king of bollywood.

  • john

    True absolutely true

  • nik

    yes he is the real king of this industry coz he tried something new not like other people doing all tollywood remake n calling dem blockbuster..It is only Shah Rukh Khan who has tried out something new n i think other heroes also learn something from him n do something new… If others have gutts dem do a role in all opposite role they play now like salman do something new man not only action u r gud in dat but try something new not only dishumm dishummm…….

  • Zaffar

    What srk has done for last 20 yrs in bollywood we all know. He is one who give a place for indian cinema in internation market. He is really an international super star. I am really shocked to see some people needlessly critisizing the Ra.One desipite the fact the film is doing well at home and aboard. I am happy a new concept like hollywood is transformed in indian cinema. Thanks srk for this..

  • Nakul Shetty

    Dear Jay, How much ur daddy salman paid u for asking this question u dickhead.

  • jamil

    this is a weak attempt to copy the terminator series. i think in the movie there is nothing for the audience . it is good for childern. we are expacting some mature character from shah rukh khan

  • http://Gmail Dirtyboi nick

    Shah Rukh’s always at No.1!!
    The King Khan loves experimenting new roles instead of those stereotypical action heroes…

    Indian audience should yearn for more original movies…..

    Remakes really Suck!!

    Salman needs to learn a lesson from him…..

  • anwar suhail

    the film is not reached upto the

  • saleem

    ra one flop movie hai bakwas saala kuch b nahi hai film me srgay weekend tak jitna kama sakta kamale bad me bik mang gandu movie srgay sucks

  • RAM

    Admin you sound like more SRK fan then jornalist so your say never count to the public infact who ever watched RA 1 they know how bad RA 1 is so just plz just try to give us real verdict not fake one.Just ask your heart a follow the turth.

  • shah savan

    no one bit srk he is orrignal king of film industries and he prove with ra 1 its grate film

  • Ashish

    yah man SRK truely is the king of bollywood……………………
    not only bollywood but he is the king of the worldddddddddddddd

  • shubham

    Disaster movie…:(
    arjun rampal is gud and one more character called akash (kashee)- all actions suits on him not on SRK..
    Crap Movie
    Wastage of money and time..
    Warning: Watch at ur own risk..!!!

  • RAM

    SRK IS a real superstar but this movie is really not a good movie.PLz be honest everyone.M SRK fan too.

  • http://yahoo dhanendra kawre

    Shahrukh is the best actor of the bollywood , ra one is very nice movie

  • Nitesh Narwat

    it is a nice movie.
    SRK u r the real king of bollywood.i wait ur don 2

  • kaustav

    SSSSSRRRRKKK ‘THE KKKING OF BBOLYWOOD’. We love u SRK. You r d all times great achiver of b’wood.

  • The robot

    Interested to get box office comparison between ra1 and endhiran

  • sharifullah

    u r the king in bollywood ……………..

  • Raj Ariyan

    He is a guy of greatness…after 16 years in the industry he is still the one & only super rocking khan((SRK))… is a milestone in bollywood history…..God bless u SRK……I hv seen dis movie 3 times..
    its the greatest science fiction movie in INdia ever made……WE want RA.ONE part 2…..!!!
    4 more imformation,,join me at FAcebooK…..BYE…

    RAJ Ariyan

  • Kaushal

    love u SRK uuuuuuuuuuuuuu rock the flooooooorrrr of Bolllywooooodd u are really the king of bollywood not one can be compared Salman ki to ma fad ke rakh di llllllllloooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Shahrukh

  • rk

    SRK is SRK….No Comparision all that Sallu are just south remake hero’s…Probably his next movies would also be a remake

    The BO Collection was a very good and tight slap on the face of the critics…He he he

    Who did their best to spoil the BO collection by giving false reviews

    SRK is the undoubtly the king of bollywood. For now the movie is on the way of creating Records

    All the best Critics to Hide your Face in SAND

  • irshad

    I am great fan of king khan but having said that I would never always would want to praise him for any of his not so good performance.
    After watching the feeling is that yes it has some good standards to match with hollywood but looking at the publicity made by khan I had lot of expectations from the movie which I would say did not come through.
    Movie is good to watch but not exceptional as being portrayed srk. Felt some thing is missing from direction side. The length of the movie would have been a problem .
    any way no doubt it will be a box office hit but advise srk to tell the tell the truth about his own feeling about the film.

  • mohd.faisal

    shahrukh u r such a genius i really lyk u n i wish u dat ra-one get all d success in box office n brake d record of 3 idiots n i also lyk u as a buissnessman u r a good leader n u ve gud sense f humour n very gud presense of mind…in last i would say 2 u dat u ve magnetic personality… Allah hafiz n take care

  • Ashish

    Srk is real king of bolywood. He is awesome.

  • bokachoda

    very good comments by Gaandu

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  • Rah

    you are the king of my heart and bollywood….

  • Raj

    saharukh rock every were……………love u

  • Gaurav Jain

    Movie ho toh aise ho……..SRK is really great……great………great…..thankx SRK for given this film………!

  • http://no farukh khan

    Thanks god very very much for making Ra one the biggest hit of indian film industry. This moment of glory for indian film industry is possible only because of the overwhelming support of die hard Sharukh khan fans. Truly this success belongs to Sharukh Khan fans.
    Sharukh you have proved the critics wrong because you made film for the fun & creativity admiring audiences not for the critics.
    Sharukh one kind suggestion for you please take care of the critics as others do. When you can spend 175 crores on making Ra one. This matter is very silly. Please do it King Khan so that your fans will escape the annexious moments which are created by these great gentlemen who are unfortunately called as film critics.
    Hope you are enjoying these great moments of your life with your family&friends.Enjoy it Dear.
    Sharukh we your fans are very far from you.ButYou are in our hearts.
    A true king is one who stays in the heart of his fans.
    Thanks a lot to one of the best human beings of our time the greatesgt
    Shri Shri Shri RAJNIKANTH JI SAAHEB. for supporting Sharukh.

  • Suman Bhote

    My opinion is, just Alt + Ctrl + Delete……
    Why people so blind fan….

  • Nishant

    Once A King Always A King.
    There is no Argue.
    Baap baap hota he aur Beta beta hota he.

    Guts to do something new which is never done before,
    it is not within all to even think like Badshah Shahrukh Khan.
    Shahrukh, the name is enough.

    Shahrukh and Akshay are the only Macho man whose background is not from Bollywood and today the entire Bollywood begins with Shahrukh Khan.

    Shahrukh Khan is the man of Himself,
    With his Guts,
    Successful all over the world,
    Most powerful man in world,
    i like the SRK more for giving respect to others thats why SRK has gotten respects from all over the world.

    Respect is not given, respect is earned.

  • Anil Barick

    saab ko pata hey ki srk is king khan,lekin ra one me srk ka king khan bali koi baat nahni, jo thoda bahut dikh raha hey , wo hey 150 cr and privious record of srk,

  • Ravi

    Such a fazool movie. You can say its a copy of Transformers, Terminator & Robot.
    RA One is 99.99% powerful than G-One but he is so idiot that he cant see when trying to kill G-One has not fixed his heart.

  • Raju

    77 crores for distribution rights, 40 crores for satellite rights, and 15 crores for music rights. Ra one has garnerd 132 crores before its release.

  • Shalini

    SRK rocks, all please appreciate hard and intelligent piece of work

  • http://Gmail Bijeet

    Sallu ke ullu fans ko samaj me aya ki nai KING KOUN aur king ka bodyguard kon he he he

  • prajesh francis

    srk is the real king of bollywood…..


    shahrukh u rocksssssssssss you are the real king of bollywood town……………………………….u proved urself…………..keep it up………u r the only KING KHAN!!!


    RA.ONE rocksssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i m waiting for the next blast of srk DON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mahad

    very good movie it is a blockbuster in world

  • bhavya arora

    u r rocking srk i am a big fan of u srk rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss love u srk

  • Gaurav Dahiya

    SRK is a real king of bollywood………….. who is bal tahkrey…….. just a bluddy politician……. who defame srk………….

  • rahul prakash

    but the movie is a shear bore………arjun rapal acted well than shahrukh……..srk is nothing but a loser…..

  • Dev

    Dear Anish Mathew,
    SRK is not “proclaimed badshaa Khan”….. we are the fans of SRK who named him so and whatever the result of the film we don’t care bcz we know SRK is the king of Bollywood.He alone has the capacity to make the film hit and taking some new initiative unlike others who remake the Telugu or Tamil movie or somebody else who use others’ famous script like Chetan Bhagat’s…
    Day one is the festival day(Diwali Eve),so many critics are there to oppose ,some other claiming that film piracy is out and few of the news channels are doing anti-campaigning ,then what more u r expecting from this movie…….Still king khan proved that he is the one and only Badshaa.

  • Mahfuz235

    I like this movie. Arjun rampal rock……………………….

  • John

    Shahrukh Khan is a total disgrace tio Indian Cinema such a bad movie this is really a shocker …he cant compet against Aamir,Salman ,Akshay and Ajay sorry you look a third class labour of a factory in RA-one ..such a bad hero he can only act as rahul and Raj go and do some DDLJ stuff or RBNJ DTPH …he is a looser hero he was not even able to tgouch salamans Bodygaurd after such a huge promotion come one you are kidding …

  • Appa

    King of bollywod…

  • P.One

    “It earned about Rs 15.5 crore (Rs 14 cr from Hindi and Rs 1.5 crore from Tamil, Telugu) as against over Rs 21 crore netted by Bodyguard on day one,” he says, attributing the figures to low turnout in evening shows due to Laxmi Puja.

    However, the film’s distributors peg their first day India figures at Rs 18.5 crore and Rs 25 crore on Thursday.

    Sharing Mehra’s opinion that Laxmi Puja was bound to affect the collections of ‘RA.One’, Komal Nahta, trade expert and editor,, asserts, “Due to Laxmi Puja, you should compare first day numbers of Bodyguard with second day earnings of RA.One. By that benchmark, RA.One has earned more than Bodyguard.” Nahta, who pegs the first day collections at Rs 18 crore, is sure that in five days, RA.One’s net collection will surpass Bodyguard.

    However, both Mehra and Nahta, share the opinion that the overseas numbers will give the best idea of the fate of the film, said to cost Rs 150 crore. A Mumbai-based distributor, on condition of anonymity, wondered where would ‘RA.One’ stand at the end of nine days, coming Thursday.

    “Although everyone seems to be happy with the opening numbers, they’re not exactly confident of making a decent profit,” he said, pointing out that the first two days’ collections are not strong on their merit. “Considering more screens and shows, exhibitors are in panic mode over RA.One in the coming days.”

    Another distributor based in central India said that the reports were not good, thereby causing a drop on Friday. “Never mind if it’s Bhai-Dooj, the concept of the movie has been rejected,” he said, declining to be named. “I don’t know how much it will sustain on Saturday-Sunday. It’s another Tees Maar Khan.”

    However, Suniel Wadhwa of 52 Weeks Entertainment Inc is optimistic. Dismissing comparisons with Bodyguard, he says, “RA.One is high on graphics and visual effects. So the cost is more than double of Salman’s film. It’s not right to compare the revenue aspect but ignore the costs. Going by the current trend, it looks to cross Rs 90 crore in five days.”

    Delhi-based distributor Sanjay Ghai of Mukta Arts Ltd tells us that Friday morning registered a drop of about 20-25 per cent due to Bhai-Dooj. Further, he feels that SRK’s film could net Rs 100 crore in five days. “However, if it drops on Monday, then it’s a cause for concern. More so, because it’s an expensive film.”

    RA.One has to maintain the momentum till November 11 to make money over and above its high investment,” he declared. No wonder, the favourable verdict of the film lies with the overseas fans of SRK. As Mehra puts it, “Shah Rukh is a huge star overseas. Over there, there’s no comparison between him and Salman.”


  • Vijay

    SRK, no doubt you are a great actor i am also a good fan of yours, but this time you trying to hit your Ra.One by hook or cook, the expectation is very high, but failed to do lot of people writing that collections are breaking records, but the truth is in every show the tickets are available and from monday onwards it is big flop show of RA.One………………..better luck for DON – 2.

  • tousif khan

    srk did a lot to indian movie his film ddlg gave a story, my name is khan new platform and new techniqe. shame on those people who look movie for an actor working on that movie and doesnot look the acting as well as there effort made on each mivie.

  • gaurie

    I don’t think that SRK is much better than any other actor in Indian Cinema, he does all same kind of sake movies. Even Ra.One fits the category.

  • irfan salroo

    really u r the king of bollywood

  • Prateek

    Its its awesome what can v say abt. Ra 1 . This prove that he is the king of b’wood & my favourite

  • Prateek

    Its its awesome wat can v say about ra 1 dis prove that he is king of b’wood & my favrate

  • Akku

    Srk i luv u.aaj hi ja raha hun dekhene

  • kumar

    If compare with bodyguard and verdict that Ra. one is a great movie, it’s totally wrong.One stupid will marketing for one movie for more than 6 months. Salman khan will never doing such things. Second thing wat’s the bloody innovative from Wat’s the special? In simple word it’s cartoon movie.Still bodyguard is the winner coz everyone compare with Bodyguard movie means Stupid SRK is the looser.If SRK not believe in South Indian movie why Chutia will book South Indian Directors?

  • satish

    robo is far better than ra.1 its bit complicated movie,.srk is promoting from jan,., lets hope for d best

  • ferozkhan

    thts totally true THE COPY KHANS are really sucking and making bwood waste …. he made true and sincere attempt to give good come back and Hollywood style ….. wat ever ppl say KING IS ALWAYS KING

  • kumar

    Where’s the story?
    Industry observers say it is doing well only because there is no other big release this Diwali. “There is no coherent storyline; the performances are mediocre,” said Raghuvendra Sinha, who walked out midway.

  • amit

    Ra.One if Hit or Not it doesn’t matter to SRK as he has the property much more than any other filmstar in the industry. He can buy 20 salman khans in a shot. Even the NASA has named a part of the moon after SRK and its an honor to india. Every aaactor has his era. Akki was hit during 2007 to 2009. Salman is hit from 2010 to 2012 and on Eid. But SRK will always be hit anytime of the year. Once he told in his interview that he wanted to buy Mumbai and now he has earned a part of the moon.

  • kumar = Rascal One

  • http://facebook rabindrabhata






  • rajath rk

    SRK has once again prooved that he is the king of bollywood

  • Ali khan

    teri behan ko lun SRK

  • imran

    Its great to see Sharukh in a new Avatar and once again he has proved that nothing is impossible for him. The trend setter in bollywood,youth icon,owner of great energy and passion. Sharukh you are really king khan of bollywood and i know is going to break all the records. I really request all the people that do watch the movie and don’t go by rumors. love you sharukh

  • shahid will be floop bcz it is backwaz movie.I think srk is good actore…………….this movies story is so pore……just like a 3d games

  • Mirza fahad

    Hi,shahrukh khan is the real king of bollywood and badshah of bollywood,he take risk in every film.but he gave excellence the big fan of kingkhan,noone can act like srk.even aamer khan also cant act like srk.i like his films very much.inshallah it will break all records and touch the mark max.4 00+.ra one is my one of most best films and it is the most expensive film in bollywood.thanx

  • anshuman


  • Bittu

    There are stars then superstars then there is SRK, critics who tried to put him down have to eat there own words.

  • shamim

    Shah Rukh Khan only do one type of Rola and its boring now. RA-One is mixed all all movies like, Spider-Man,Matrix,Avatar,Robot. and Nothing is new in that movie. I appriciate the The Grafix all effects.

    Paise kamane se Kya hota hai. Salman jaisa koi Garib ko madat nahi karta hai Shahrukh Khan. Bas Apne Family ke Liye F1 Race ka Cabin 10 Crore deke book karsakta hai. Agar ye paise ki Garib aadmi main batwate to wo Sach-much Ka King or RA-One Hota.

  • mangesh w

    S.R.K ra-one is the slap on the haters of U? All fans of u want Ra-One (2)…
    Love u SRK…

  • azad feni

    sahruk is a is a best. is brillient.

  • Aman

    Guyz…though film had a few backdrops its far better than those bleady films like ready veer etc…though raone didnt make jaw drop experience…but it does leave a good experience….gud film could have been more better….i m aman@win entertainments…i rate it 3and half stars…***and half….

  • amit singh

    no one like “SRK” in bollywood . he is the real hero of indian film.Also he proved hi is the no 1 khan.

  • Raj

    RA-One’s good..for d effects,musiq n not upto an SRK film expectation..
    But whethr an SRK fan or not.. U’v got to respect him for his guts man! Hats off to SRK! HE IS THE ONLY REAL CONTRIBUTING SUPERSTAR IN BOLLYWOOD!!!

    Stop complaining..relax n feel proud of what SRK has attemptd! It calls for real guts guys…

  • http://Facebook Anup negi

    Srk u r the the king of bollywood as well as world. I like the movie And i watch ur don 2



  • Fatima AlBloushi

    SRK Is the best in boll wood some people are making some gossipy to make his Image download and who is doing that I think they want get more public city so they want come an issue in media. SRK have many funs overall the see more than salman Khan.



  • Ula Farooqui

    SRK i luv U SRK. U R Great nd coolllllllllll nd handsome.some people gets jeolous from u bcause u r so smart nd dashing

  • raghesh

    I saw Ra One on the second day on big screen with my family. Truly speaking, SRK kick started a new trend in Bollywood, which nobody was dared to do. A new theme or a new idea is always criticized by common public. It is not their fault, they are still in the nutshell (watching remake movies). If this would have been a romantic movie, the critics might have commented, yet another SRK type of movie. SRK and the entire team of Ra One has proved that Bollywood is capable to compete with Hollywood. No doubt SRK is an international star. There is only one actor in Bollywood can be compared with him is Amir Khan. He is also a versatile actor, always trying to bring something new to this industry. I wish all the very best and a great success to SRK and Ra One

  • tanay

    raone the film of the year

  • Arif

    SR Khan is king. we love u SRK.
    All Bangladeshi people love u too much.
    You are only one king in bolly wood.

  • kaleemkhan

    i like sarhkhan all filam and ra one is very out standing filam

  • Azeem mulla

    Main hindi me cmnt likh raha hu taki sabko samajh me aaye, pehli baat ke Ra.One bakwas movie hai aur ise bodyguard se compare kar ke ‘srgay’ fans bahut khush ho rahe hain to wait karo ‘Ek tha tiger’ ka fir compare karna Ra.One ke sath aur Ra.One ka promotion 6 mahine se karne ke baad to aisa hoga hi jab Ra.One ka trailer aaya tha tab Bodyguard bani b nahi thi aur bodyguard ka promotion sirf 5 weeks aur Ra.One ka 6 months aur bodyguard ke 2700 print aur Ra.One ke 3200 to fir result kya hoga.

  • vijay

    all people are fools here who are talking shit against srk… its very easy to just say that movie is flop, not good n all or some people are also saying that this movie is copied from some hollywood movies, these people are nothing but the fans of salman (the king of shit) and the akshay (bade masoode wali smile.. yuck!!) who have been copying a lot of movies for a long time like shit..!! salman copied wanted, amir stole chetan bhagat’s famous story five point someone without letting him know.. this is why you guys are jealous of srk who took the bollywood up to the next level.. you should be proud that bollywood is making such movies… what is story behind salman’s movies? nothing but shit..!! senseless stories and a lot of loafers in cinema halls…
    srk rocksssss and alwayz will..!!


    love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    much shahrukh
    srk you are the best
    thanks for ra-one its a great movie

  • Azeem mulla

    Just wait n watch ‘EK THA TIGER’ salman will become a baap(father) of Bollywood, bcoz he is the next n last king of b-town n last action hero, bcoz Ek tha tiger Ek hai tiger n Ek hi rahega tiger.

  • Alnasir

    To all of you, Which khan give most of films all time block buster? That is only 1 khan & who is Only & only Salman Khan.

  • pushpin

    luv u srk……..u r really unbeatable… :)

  • nishikant

    ra one is the very faltu movie i think dis movie crash ofter dis week

  • http://shocklagalagalogoko...............raonekecollectionkodekhkar ani

    srk is king of bollywood like sachin is god of cricket he will be acheving everything with his dreamz project i hope don2 will do same .srk u r real rockstar i dont have worlds but all other people of bollywood dont think srk was best is best will always be best . worship him plzzzzzzzzz . he willl make ur carrerrrrrrrrr.

  • dev

    really something efferent movie for srk,bollywood and india.
    i think our critics work for other bollywood heroes.srk made
    a very invotive movie in india.
    critics totally wrong for this time.
    srk good job.

  • aditya

    SRK UR SUPERRRRRRR UR REAL KINGUR MY GOD KOI KUCH V BOLE UR AWESOME RA.ONE IS superrrrrrrr movie aise movie bana na india muskil hai lekin phir v ye log pata nehi kya chhaiye or unko movie se sab to hain film hai
    phir v movie achi nehi ye hai wo hai shit ye indain log na kuch acha karo to uski burai karte hain.. ye kids ki film hai aare yar agar ye kids ki film ahi to SPIDERMAN,SUPERMAN,BATMAN, ye sab kya badaon ki film hai yar agar hollywood main banti to sure gonna be huge response blockbuster bt india main reamke kardo bohut achi movie hai superr hit…

  • mansoor mallik

    khan you truely proved that ur the king of bolltwood hats of to u for giving such a wonderfull movie ra one.u ve taken indian cinema to the next level,pls guys dont listen to the rumors go watch the movie atleast once.and dont listen salmans fans and rediff
    review.srk is far far far far better than salman.he will copy all south indian movies and make it hit in north were is the orginality.salman is the big looser copy cat

  • shawkath Khan




  • ravi

    Srk is the best.

  • Krrish

    SRK = KING KHAN…….

  • Teena

    SRK sirf talent ki vajah se bollywood apni pachan banai hai……..

    Aaj SRK King of Bollywood hai…

    uska koi bollywood ka background nahi rha hai.
    usi tarah Amitab Bachchan ka bhi koi background nahi tha.

    King Khan lov u……

  • Ahson

    Ra 1 is not lived up to the expectations….. it has the collections similar to bodygaurd which is made up of 50 crore and Ra 1 is made up of the budjet of more than 150 crore and srk made a lot of publicity even than with his full effort can’t beat SALMAN KHAN…. really even Aamir known as the Mr. perfectionist admit the power of Salman khan and said that he is the king of box office… Salman and Aamir both rocks……… Srk was the king but currently he was after than these two macho mans….

  • Shalmesh more

    Srk rockss….gr8 effort by srk n team…..awesome n rockin movie…never seen dis kind of movie in history….superb effects…loved it……

  • rounak

    no body stopped the makers of bodyguard to release it in 1000 more screens….and cut this crap abt more no. of screens….u were the same guys who wrote off shahrukh khan completely when his previous films released in lesser no. of screens and could nt match the stupendous collections of ghajini and 3 idiots…yess i am talking of my name is khan and rab ne bana di jodi…rab ne bana di jodi released in abt 1100 screens and still made around 95 crores…whereas aamir’s ghajini in 1500 screens and made 130 crores….no body was vouching for logic den….all u wanted to do then is write dis..’shah rukh khan dethroned’… if he is grossing higher than all these movies…accept his success gracefully…..i m a huge fan of salman khan too…but opinions should nt be made on a situational basis to suit your arguement…..

  • Rakend rv

    ra one-number 1
    king khan now emperor khan

  • Ashok Kumar

    I was a big fan of shahrukh but RA.ONE disappoint me , becasuse there is nothing extra ordinary nor story in present in this film. it seems that i am watching terminator-2 movie again in hindi version that is totally out of logic.

    Shah rukh sorry it is true , 3 idiots is the immortal movie, you have to work hard on story line not to being like a hollywood.

  • pankaj

    what is this aap salman aur shahrukh ko compare mat karo ek “king khan” hai to dusra “lady killer” dono apni apni jagah sahi hai.both are like brother.tau stop this ladai jhagda.



  • Ravi S.Shetty

    i saw this movies with my son Aryan which he enjoy very much even i enjoyed
    nice movie

  • http://nvnews twinkle

    the movie was simply awesome dude!what an innovation!now we are proud to point our developments in science and technology

  • sameer

    as per visual effect is super but film is not like srk film

  • Vinod

    Srk rocks…………………,srk you are the best

  • sameer

    and also sound effect also super but week screenplay

  • Shinu


  • vk

    It seems chu…. who is srk fan wrote this article.

  • amit mistry

    srk is best actor.



  • Hamed

    Srk rcks awsome movie must watch

  • siv

    what a shit..totally cocktail movie……mixture of hollywood movie …made to entertain kids and people who do’t have knowledge of cinema …

  • Nazar alam

    srk u r soper hero .. srk is the only outstanding actor in bolly .. we all are waiting for Don 2 and then Ra one 2 …

  • Kcmtoken

    Indian critics had never seen a good superhero film before. I think they do not know that in a superhero film the superhero always has choices to make….either it be spiderman, superman or batman…….which is also true in case of Ra One….never had this been before in bollywood…..the critics compared Ra One to romantic films of SRK…thats lame……..Ra One is a great leap in bollywood….

  • http://gmail rahul

    srgay chaye jitne bhi koshish karle salman bhai ko peeche nahin kar sakta

  • Arjit gautam

    It would b the biggest hit of bollywood.No other film can ever touch it”s record. you again prove that u were baadshah , u r baadshah, nd u will be.king khan we r proud of u that we r ur’s fan…………always keep smiling nd god may bless you nd achieve everything u want in ur life nd gud wishes to ur kkr……..

  • sagar

    RA.ONE is super flop movie of all time and SRK fans u just wait & watch for EK THA TIGER is begest hit in indian history

  • javed al malik

    srk prove he is a king of bollywood……
    srk we love uuuuuuuu

  • atif ahmad

    like sachin u r a legend in ur own field…. love u for this SRK…thumbs up make some more adventurous movie

  • deepak

    kuch b kaho srk is the real king of bollywoof and a trend setter
    ab dekhna all the other cheap khan’s will also tryi copying srk …….
    srk is the one man army

  • raone

    SRK is srk no compare with sallu or ullu

  • Adwant

    Bodyguard & Ready were blockbusters coz they made 3 times the money of the production cost, whereas Ra. one will fail to make even 1.5 times the money. So SK is bigger star then SRK coz SK doesn’t need 200 crore for a hit movie. Put any other actor in Ra. one and the movie will still make as much money but put SRK in Dabangg, Ready, Bodyguard, Wanted and Tere Naam and SRK’s career will be over. Accept the truth SRK fans…

  • Brajesh

    Again a Great Movie from Shahrukh…Every one should watch.

  • Jargan

    horrible movie

  • samit singh

    For all Sallu fans
    1. Did u really enjoyed bodyguard & Ready as dabanng. Ask yourself before criticizing Ra-One
    2. How many different types of roles he has done. Its only a single stereotype salman which we see everytime.
    3. How many new stories he has tried. Its only remakes of some nonsense south indian movies. But all those south indian movies were great entertainers.
    4. Can he even try some innovation or different or a superhero. We have seen it in veer which was a high budget movie too.
    5. Is he a dancing sensation. LOLZ.
    6. How many superhits he has given as compared to flop ones. He had a dry run for almost a decade when sharukh produced DDLJ, KHNH, KANK, KKHH etc.

    SRK beats him in all the above.

    But point is…..we(Including me :)) still love sallu inspite of all the nonsense superhit entertaining movies and we like him for those.

  • Sumit Sinha

    SRK really is a good businessman.He knew that movie is full of Crap and only VFX cannot bring that karizma to box office collection that’s why he leaves no-stone unturned.
    First he bought 95% of screens in India, to ensure people will be forced to see movie once only once(not more than once..that cannot be happen).
    Second he paid off all major reviewers to give positive reviews to the film so more people go to watch the disaster of life.
    Third He hadn’t left any marketing medium that can help out his movie(as he said it is a movie) and shown up he is confident that this visual crap is better than any hollywood and bollywood VFX movie and its original.(Which it can never be in future)
    Fourth he blaimed Big B( who told you this SRK mama :)) by putting wrong twitter statement from fake account of Big B so that film will get more popularity(Ha ha ha).
    Finally he got the desired Box Office Results but he has down with his reputation as actor,even Himesh has done good acting in Damadamm,and even the child in the movie RaOne also the Chinese one too..Ha ha ha

  • Shaurya K Dhall

    Absolutely agree. Critics have been proved wrong. The movie is a blockbuster and I have watched this movie and please go to watch the movie. Do not hear what the critics have to say. SRK rules and will always do……..

  • Yogendra is amazing and i saw it 3 time and still wiling , its a world class movie, thank you shahrukh to give indian cinema this kind of platform..

  • vipin narayanan

    no doubt he is the king in indian film one can ignore him

  • sajid

    shahrukh tum sahi me king khan ho. India me tum jaisa khan kabhi vapas nahi milega. isi liye to sari duniya me king khan ke naam se jane jate ho. I Love U. Knao me khan King of Khan SHAHRUKH KHAN. I LIKE SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH RA. ONE

  • kartikeya

    sallu & aamir makes new record and SRK breaks them evrytime…
    Coz he is the king of bollywood.. so sallu fans dont argue and accept tht ra one is a big hit and wait 4 Don-2 also..

  • Amar

    Srk is stupid to do dis type of film,…
    I love his acting in many films but dat super acting was not in Ra.One..
    he sucks….
    and people who r talking bout Salman Khan’s fans den i just have 2 words for u all (FUCK YOU)…
    dont ever dare to take Salman’s name in stupid comment to just compare to different actors….
    Salman is the best and will be the best no matter wat srk does. even if srk does 100 films like Ra.One still he is not better than the best man in earth(Salman bhai)…


    it is the mege mege mege mege mege mega blockbuster of all times in the indian cinema

    srk=super rocking khan

    kkr=king khan riders

    srk=super romantic khan

  • vijay

    Every one giving extreme comments about & more so about sharurkh. Forget the critics, i am talking about all his fans. But Take a reality check. On a Diwali relase with such a long weekend(5days), Tickets are available in all multiplexes across the country. That was not the case with Enthiran/Robot where tkts were sold out in advance for week, or with 3Idiots, Dabang etc. may not make loss for Sharukh but its not a block buster. Lets wait & see 10 days collection & then pass judgement. All best SRK.

  • bang

    Great to read SRK so called success but in the article & comments no 1 mentioned the num of prints released its 4000 prints worldwide..& to sustain hit it has to keep the box office till nov first week..Second thing Salman never go over the boat to promote . AAmir does & his flicks shows the potential can SRk cock suckers tell 1 his flick which created RDB or 3 ididot kind of revolution inside society answer is no. Acting vise Aamir is king ,mass vise Salman marketing vise SRK. When in Gajini small Aamir kicks ass of villains their is a belief on audience tats wat is acting in Ra 1 in crap suit G-1 looks like Rajpal Yadav kicking assess funny at best . No king calls himself king .SRK is jst lucky khan. Any king tan tat is Big B . Can u imagine people writing scripts 4 SRK at 60plus no. for Aamir may be yes Salman will leave before he gives flops but SRK lives in dream world tat is stardom wen it shatters Agra or Nimhans mental hospital most welcome. I can bet on it…An insecure person so called star name SRK doom is near, jst wait king suck my cock ..learn acting .

  • md rashid hussain

    srk,is real bollywood hero.and every one should watch this moovi…..


    Still only khan factor z behind d collection. Movie big time suck

  • sonia

    one of his best movies. one of the most innovative movies that bollywood has to offer. it’s really pathetic to see people bashing a magnificent man like srk after all that he has done for the industry. with srk you always get quality movies unlike other high grossing movies that have no substance whatsoever ra one is a perfect desi super hero movie. haters piss off.

  • Ali

    The movie was below average. The only reason it earned so much money in the first 3 days was because of the hype and the tendency of people to see a movie at least once even if they are made aware that the movie is definitely not worth it.

  • pav

    hmm… obviously all you people are big fans of SRK… however Ra One promoted as great superhero film
    which its not and there is no story… But, till now in Bollywood there was no movie with great graphics
    except the Robot again which had good graphics but it wasn’t good entertainer…

    Ra-One is doing just because of better graphics vs other Bollywood films and of course SRK’s charming and comedy… The boy in the film sucks, there isn’t much to Karina’s character and there is no story honestly its not that of a good movie but… becoz of only and only SRK its turned into a good entertainer

    And its NOT A SUPERHERO FILM!!!!!!!!! Just another superficial Bollywood Entertainer

    neither I agree with critics like Rajiv Masand who gave this movie 2.5 nor I go with 4.5 its paisa vasool entertainer especially for core indians the people in abroad definitely not going to like this as the film promotion was misleading, viewers expectations are different.

  • msk

    the movie is a super flop i to see it dude

  • sam

    baigan ki movie hai hum kuch sonch k gaye te nikla kuch aur kabhi kabhi super hero ku bodyguard ki zarurat padti hai salman bhai ka record srk to kya chahe koi b ho bollywood ka baigan ka bal tod nai sakta, bollywood ka asli hero to sallu bhai hai.

  • zaki ahmed


  • Amol Wagh

    Definitely the movie is crafted out of well done efforts & pouring millions in making it. but it could have been so much better if story was the main factor the money was spent on.

    And about the Making millions of profit things will get cleared up in next week reports, where it have to compete with all time blockbuster gross incomes like – 3 Idiots, Gadar & many others !

    Lets see if it can make it !

  • sherali

    srk ne sab logo ki gaand mare diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii is super duper bolck buster sabite hui hai bollwood mai

    ab don 2 yeh record

  • http://googleraonecollection saddam sid khan

    kya hai salman 1 ipl ki team to laye us ki kya okaat hai srk ke samne bodygard ek tha gada

  • akber

    srk love you you are rockkkkkkkkk

  • mohsin

    There is no comparison between SRK and Salman oversea, no one even cares for salman movie here. SRK rocks here. UK. Germany

  • krishna chimariya

    SRk you just trying to be like THE MOST LEGEND

  • Farrukh is a disaster.i hv watchd it 2day.its script is worse.dn go by blind fans of srk.ths movie is a real crap.the quality of hs movies hs dclined ovr years.he promisd a lot bt hs ended up disappointin.dn watch it if u value ur money.

  • Kaka

    57 crores collection merely proves crores of fan have seen Ra-One.

    But how many actually liked it? No-One

  • balparth

    thanks to everyone who is saying it is a great movie, after watching it on internet a little bit honestly all I can say PLEASE SAVE THE POOR PEOPLE FROM THE AGONY AND MENTAL PHYSICAL TORTURE OF WATCHING …JUST BECAUSE YOU WATCHED AND WENT THRU THE FRUSTRATION.. YOU WANT OTHERS TO GO THRU THE SAME.. PLEASE don’t take out your anger because he directed a fool out of you.. right thing to do is BASH him up.. but i guess you don’t have to do anything as he (SRK) himself has proved that he is very insecure, suffering with inferiority complex, that is why he has himself coined the term for him Badshah of Bollywood, whereas nobody gave that respect he started on his own and as if this was not enuf he stooped so low that he crowned his wife as queen of Bollywood.

  • pratik

    srk roxxxxxxxxx………. superb movie……..<3<3<3

  • http://gmail pankaj raina

    srk rocks even after every criticisium

  • http://gmail pankaj raina

    srk i love you sarika

  • Hari Om Prakash

    S.R(oc)K(s) again………….KKHH, DDLJ……..RA.1!!! BIG HITS ALWAYS…!

  • Neowhiz13

    Ra.One is a CRAP.One

  • Rakesh

    Its got B grade english movie story.

  • Sunil Vyas

    One of the greatest movie of all the time is RA-1. Bollywood badshah is Shahrukh khan and no one could be. Its an movie with excellence i must say.I Love this movie like anything.

  • b

    sallu bhai best hero in bollywood . Avi srk uske paas bacche hai. Phele thik tha avi o kuch nehi hai

  • Himanshu Idnani rocks so is SRK. Kareena was looking damm hot too. Chamak chalo was gr8. different movie, not seen before in bollywood.

  • vijay dasari

    SRK always a king ra one just a best but it is great and abt sallu
    i would say that he is just a pakau sale ko acting nahi aati hai kitna be karega na SRK se aage nahi ja payega samjha DON harana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai