209000 FJ Cruisers recalled by Toyota for seat belt issues


    It is a precautionary recall in nature and didn’t involve any accident. 209000 FJ Cruisers have been recalled by Toyota for seat belt issues

    Japanese automobile giant Toyota is facing another bout of car recalls. The company is reportedly recalling 209,000 FJ Cruisers in United States and elsewhere due to some seat belt problems. The recalls notwithstanding the car giant has regained its numero uno position as the top car manufacturer in the world.

    Report suggest that so far the issue hasn’t affected anyone nor caused injury or death to any of the millions of Cruisers users throughout the world, but the company was taking it as a precautionary measure given the fact that there was a chance in some cars that at seat belt retractor may come out. If that happened in case of a collision or accident, the problem could have proved fatal for the driver or the passengers of the Cruisers.

    Earlier there have been numerous problems in Toyota cars and on many occasions the recalls have been in millions of cars, the most infamous being the gas pedal that allegedly caused a few deaths. Stuck accelerator pedals on many occasions failed to work and at times there was no way a driver could slow down his car. This had dented Toyota’s image badly and an LATimes report suggest 34 people were allegedly lost their lives due to this very same issue.

    But the latest bout of recall is just precautionary in nature as the Japanese automobile giant said the seat belt retractors for the driver and front passenger seat belts are mounted in the rear doors (access doors) of the vehicle. The company in a statement said that given the insufficient strength of the rear door panel, there was fear that cracks may develop over an extended period of time if the rear door is repeatedly and forcefully closed. But the company hastened to add that it hasn’t received any complaint about it so far.

    If you find the same issue affecting your Cruiser you can lodge a complaint at www.toyota.com/recall or give a call to 800) 331-4331.