2016 Super Tuesday election results live: Clinton, Trump win, but Sanders, Cruz still relevant

2016 Super Tuesday election results live: Clinton, Trump win, but Sanders, Cruz still relevant

2016 Super Tuesday election results live: Clinton, Trump win, but Sanders, Cruz still relevant

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders in Super Tuesday 2016 States

Alabama 53 Delegates
Clinton 79%
Sanders 18%
Arkansas 32 Delegates
Clinton 68%
Sanders 28%
Colorado 66 Delegates
Sanders 59%
Clinton 40%
Georgia 102 Delegates
Clinton 71%
Sanders 28%
Massachusetts 91 Delegates
Clinton 50%
Sanders 48%
Minnesota 77 Delegates
Sanders 59%
Clinton 41%
Oklahoma 38 Delegates
Sanders 52%
Clinton 42%
Tennessee 67 Delegates
Clinton 66%
Sanders 33%
Texas 222 Delegates
Clinton 66%
Sanders 32%
Vermont 16 Delegates
Sanders 86%
Clinton 13%
Virginia 95 Delegates
Clinton 64%
Sanders 35%

Republican trend

Alaska 28 Delegates
Carson 0%
Cruz 0%
Kasich 0%
Rubio 0%
Trump 0%
Arkansas 40 Delegates
Trump 34%
Cruz 30%
Rubio 25%
Carson 6%
Kasich 4%
Bush 1%
Georgia 76 Delegates
Trump 39%
Cruz 24%
Rubio 24%
Carson 6%
Kasich 5%
Bush 1%
Massachusetts 42 Delegates
Trump 49%
Kasich 18%
Rubio 18%
Cruz 10%
Carson 3%
Bush 1%
Minnesota 38 Delegates
Rubio 36%
Cruz 29%
Trump 21%
Carson 7%
Kasich 6%
Oklahoma 43 Delegates
Cruz 34%
Trump 28%
Rubio 26%
Carson 6%
Kasich 4%
Bush 0%
Tennessee 58 Delegates
Trump 40%
Cruz 25%
Rubio 21%
Carson 8%
Kasich 5%
Bush 1%
Texas 155 Delegates
Cruz 43%
Trump 27%
Rubio 17%
Kasich 4%
Carson 4%
Bush 2%
Vermont 16 Delegates
Trump 33%
Kasich 31%
Rubio 19%
Cruz 10%
Carson 4%
Bush 2%
Virginia 49 Delegates
Trump 35%
Rubio 32%
Cruz 17%
Kasich 9%
Carson 6%
Bush 0%

Results have started coming out from Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses. While Republican front runner Donald Trump seems to be doing very well, a great performance by Ted Cruz in several states including two wins in Texas and Oklahoma mean that he remains in the race.

On the other hand while initial trends showed strong showing by Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton, the 74 year old senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders is not doing very badly either.

He has already won two states in the form of Oklahoma and Colorado besides his home state of Vermont. Nonetheless in the state where there are 255 delegates on offer in Texas, Hillary Clinton is doing very well.

On the other hand the front runners Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton have each won in several of the states voting in the so-called Super Tuesday elections, according to early estimates. Voters from Vermont to Colorado, Alaska to American Samoa and several states headed to polling places and caucus sites on the busiest day of the 2016 primaries.

Latest details coming from states suggest that Trump finished on top in the Republican primary in Virginia, Alabama, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Georgia. Texas Senator Ted Cruz topped his rivals in his home state, as well as in Oklahoma. Following his impressive performance, while talking to media he rubbished Marco Rubio saying if there was one loser tonight it was none other than him.

Complete results are expected to take some more time as voting is still ongoing in other contests or the races were too close to call. Clinton and Trump were pressing for sweeping victories that could distance them from their party rivals and move them closer to a November presidential election showdown.

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