2015 UEFA European Under-21 Championship: Serbia v Czech Republic, live score, highlights

2015 UEFA European Under-21 Championship: Serbia v Czech Republic, live score, highlights

2015 UEFA European Under-21 Championship: Serbia v Czech Republic, live score, highlights

Serbia v Czech Republic match is going to be an important encounter of the UEFA Under 21 football tournament. Both the teams are very good, at least on paper, and both have several players who have been playing for their respective national football teams.

So, notwithstanding the fact that the match is not between top soccer sides of the two nations, the fact that they have many national players is going to make the fight all the more enticing.

There is no denying the fact that the Czech Republic fans must be feeling apprehensive about their team’s chances in today’s match. Their side suffered a humiliating loss against Denmark in their opening match and this has made their task all the more difficult.

In the meantime Czech Republic coach Jakub Dovalil believes that their loss against Denmark has strengthened their resolve to do even better and try to win today’s match in order to remain in the contention.under 21 european championship

While talking about their chances in the match today, Mladen Dodić, Serbia coach says, “We know that we’ll play against 12 men tomorrow – 11 on the pitch and one in the stands. We respect that. Everyone will support the home team and try to beat us. We’ll be ready for that, and we’ll give everything. They will change their side a little; I have no doubts about my lineup. But I don’t expect anything to be different. Everyone has 23 players at a similar level, and I think it’ll be a very interesting match”.

While talking about the differences between his and Czech side he says, “The main difference between us and the Czech Republic is that we went through qualifying, and played some tough competitive matches in the last two years. That was a disadvantage for the Czechs, as they couldn’t test themselves competitively. But they have had enough time to prepare their team and their tactics. I saw they have worked a lot on counterattacking and are always aggressive when they are close to their opponents’ goal…Our advantage is that we have a lot of competitive games behind us in which we have worked to be prepared for games like tomorrow’s. I expect it to be just as tough as the Germany game. Each of the eight teams can be champions, because they all have a lot of quality in their ranks. We want to stay in Prague, not just until the semi-final, but also the final. We’re highly motivated to do that”.

On the other hand, Jakub Dovalil, Czech Republic coach is very hopeful about his team’s chance in today’s match. He says, “We would like to play in the same way as we did in the first half against Denmark. When we analysed that game, we saw that we sat back and we lost possession too easily. We weren’t aggressive enough, and that led to Denmark being able to put pressure on us. I think we know what went wrong”.

Possible lineups
Serbia: Dmitrović; Stojković, Pantić, Spajić, Petrović; Brašanac, Čaušić; Jojić, Djuričić, Srnić; Pešić

Czech Republic: Koubek; Kadeřábek, Brabec, Kalas, Hybš; Petrák, Trávník; Frýdek, Kadlec, Krejčí; Kliment
• Doubtful: Baránek (ribs), Frýdek (back)

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