2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup finals live score: USA wins soccer final 5-2

2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup finals live score: USA wins soccer final 5-2

2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup finals live score: USA wins soccer final 5-2

Full-time: USA 5-2 Japan – USA WIN THE WORLD CUP!

GOOOOOOOOOAL! USA 5-2 Japan (great goal by Heath 53 min)

It is one of the best goals of the tournament indeed.

Did the US just concede from an aerial ball against the much smaller Japanese team, who are weak on set-pieces? Yup, they did. Did they just run up the pitch and score straight away? Yup, they did. It’s a wicked, inswinging corner that Japan fail to clear. Brian gets it at the far post, pops the ball back to Heath, who slides the ball home from eight yards out. wonderful performance from USA eves indeed.



GOOOOOAL! USA 4-2 Japan (surprize gift, Johnston og 52 min)

Being a great friend USA is gifting a few goals to its long time ally.

Which idiot said Japan had no chance? Johnston, who has been slack in the air this game, goes up to defend a free-kick and flicks the ball past her own keeper.


GOOOOOOOOAL! USA 4-1 Japan (Ogimi)

Finally one goal for Japan. They have made three attempts at goal till now. USA are now playing the ball out of the area with crisp, short passes. They can afford too. Or maybe not. Ogimi gets the ball around 10 yards out, and has plenty of time to turn and shoot past Solo. Told you the comeback started here.


GOOOOOOOAL! 4-0 Japan (Lloyd)

It is nothing short of carnage. Why Japan are playing like an incohrent side. USA has clearly stolen a powerful initiative.

What a goal! Kaihori is way out of her goal, and Lloyd roughly located in Wyoming, sees her off her line and shoots from inside her own half. Kaihori slips as she runs back and the ball sails into the set. Me oh my!


GOOOOOOAL! USA 3-0 Japan (Holiday 13 min)

TThis seems to be disgustin. A club level performance by Japan

Hope Solo looks visibly shocked as she is asked to touch the ball. It’s an easy one too, which she takes with ease. USA haven’t conceded two goals all tournament, they’d need to have a horrible game to do so in the next 75 minutes Make that three goals they need to concede! The ball deflects up on the edge of the area and Holiday thrashes a volley past Kaihori.


GOOOOOOOOAL! USA 2-0 Japan (Lloyd again 5 minutes)

Hey guys what Japan

is doing. USA having it so easy here. Lloyd again! Rubbish defending again! Holiday plays the ball in short from a free-kick into the near post. Johnston flicks it on, it deflects off a Japanses defender and Lloys is there to snaffle it up.


GOOOOOOAL! USA 1-0 Japan (Lloyd 3min)

USA seems to be on an offensive from word go.

Rapinoe takes their first of the final and THEY SCORE! No wonder Ellis looked so relaxed. It’s a simple goal: Rapinoe plays it short into the area and Lloyd runs in to finish. Simple.

How the Team USA will perform tonight? Will it be bogged down by the baggage of history or will it show resilience to beat an adversary that has increasingly become more powerful and lethal.

Japan is no longer the minnow that it used to be. In the last four years when it miraculously beat team USA in the final if FIFA women’s world cup 2011, the team has become a soccer powerhouse in truest sense.

This is the reason that it came with immensely powerful and impressive display of soccer.

The Japan women have won all the matches in the tournament and they are going to treat this match as just an ordinary match and win it hands world cup women team USA

But team US has a great plan to frustrate Japanese designs. Abby Wambach says “We still have to win. We haven’t won anything yet, and we know what that feels like from four years ago,” Wambach said. “It’s not a good feeling.”

The team USA has been equally impressive thus far. The United States is coming off an impressive 2-0 semifinal victory over Germany, the team that had unseated the Americans for the top spot in the world rankings. Criticized at times for a lack of offense, the U.S. has posted five straight shutouts.

US midfielder Carli Lloyd says “I think we have really good momentum. I think we have confidence as a group. But we need to raise our game as well…This is the final, everything’s on the line, there’s no holding back. There’s no reserving energy. It’s full throttle.”

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