2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup final schedule: USA vs Japan match may test nerves of both teams

2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup final schedule: USA vs Japan match may test nerves of both teams

2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup final schedule: USA vs Japan match may test nerves of both teams

Around a month has passed since we are seeing nothing but football. Three major tournaments have been undergoing for the last one month. FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015, Copa America 2015 besides of course Euro Under 21 tournament. Though all the tournaments are important, the one that has been discussed and watched by most spectators is nothing but FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015.

The women’s soccer world cup has become so much important that it looks like unbelievable. But after a relentless month of soccer we have a result that is similar to the last women’s world cup played in the year 2011. Before you attack my neck I must and here rather hastily that the result I am talking is till only semifinal and I haven’t said on how the final match will world cup women team USA

Notwithstanding the fact that the US eves have an upper hand against Japan after beating them merely three years ago in the London’s 2012 Olympic Games, Japan is a tough opponent. They have won all their matches of the tournament thus far and have most impeccable record as far as the tournament is concerned thus far. They are also the ones who have the crown and beat the US in the finals of the same tournament some four years ago.

Japan also did pretty well against England in the semifinal match. While the team US had a one-sided match against the top ranked Germany, Japan had a rather tough match. The good thing for the team USA riding on Carli Lloyd hot streak is the fact that team seems to be peaking at the right time.

There is no denying the fact that Germany was the most ferocious foe and after subduing it, the team Japan seems to be looking rather easy opponent. This seems more true when seen in the context of improving performance of US women soccer team with every passing day during the soccer world cup.

The US team has gone without a single goal for more than 530 minutes. Coupled with the dominant defense and an Olympic gold standard can turn into the first World Cup title for the USA since 1999. Or that extreme technical skill and a penchant for one-score wins can lead Japan toward a repeat of the ultimate World Cup feat, a la Germany in 2003 and 2007. Both the teams are in great form and anyone that plays good soccer will easily win the day.

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