BY | June 26, 2013

Brazil is set to face Uruguay in the first semifinal of the Confederations Cup 2013. For the hosts this is going to test their nerves. Though Uruguay has not been able to be very impressive in the tournament thus far, nonetheless they are a great and aggressive team and have been famous for never giving up till the end.

They know that even if a team has taken a 2-0 lead in the beginning of the match, this lead can be equaled in the last two minutes and even a third goal can be managed to win the match. They have always been a team with great and steely nerves and have always proved more than a handful even against the best of the best teams, not just in Latin America, but in all parts of the world.

Brazil knows this fact and they are not ready to take Uruguay lightly. They know that they can be dangerous when it is their day and even a few good minutes for them can change the game in their favor.

Uruguay defeated Brazil on its own surface to win the world cup in the year 1950. Though it is a very long time since then and Brazil have become much more dependable side than what they were at that time, they don’t want to forget the past.

In the meantime a sort of war of words has broken out between Uruguay and Brazil.  While the real match is at least several hours away, the war of words has begun and Uruguay captain has alleged that the best Brazillian soccer player Neymar fools referees. The final match is set to be very interesting for the fans as they have always played their best games when pitted against each other. In the meantime the match is going to be played in the backdrop of massive protests in Belo Horizonte. The activists of anti-government protests have said that the city will witness the biggest protest today in a series of protests that have rocked the whole nation in the last two weeks. Just a few days ago, the Brazilian captain witnessed the biggest protest with more than a million people assembling to protest against spiraling cost of life in the country and corruption. Police officials have said that they fear that the protests may even turn violent in Belo Horizonte.

I am sure that the match is going to be very enticing. But some trash talking and attacks have made thing substantially more important even before the beginning of the match. Uruguay captain Diego Lugano has accused the top Brazilian soccer star player Neymar of fooling referees during the ongoing Confederations Cup. “I am worried about the fouls of Neymar…At this Confederations Cup it’s not just a case of someone being very apt at pretending to be fouled – Neymar is very lightweight. He can drop to the ground and fool the referees, and the rivals…Neymar can feign a foul so we must be watchful that nobody is fooled by his ability”, said Diego Lugano. The real fireworks are yet to begin. Who will win the match? Share your thoughts with the wider world.

Windows 8 tablet Acer Iconia W3 announced: Specs, features, release date details
It is the first of its kind and will certainly attract many towards it. Here we take a look at Windows 8 tablet Acer Iconia W3 specs, features and release date details

Acer is set to storm the tablet market with very enticing products. Its tablets are not just in different sizes and different specifications, but also running on different operating systems as well. And the best tab that has become a talking point in the tech world across the world is none other than Acer Iconia W3 that runs on Windows 8 operating system.

Though speculated for long, the 8.1 inch tablet –the first in this size –has been introduced by the Taiwanese tech giant with great fanfare.

This tablet seems absolutely perfect, except just one thing. It has put in just 2-mega pixel rear camera. And I am sure it will regret the decision. Now forget the oft-repeated argument that tablets are not used for taking snaps. May be 10-inch tabs are not used for taking snaps, but millions and millions of people in almost all parts of the world are using their seven and eight inch tablets for taking snaps.  And they enjoy doing that, not ashamed of it.

Notwithstanding the camera issue, the tab will be well received in the market. The new table is going to give an excellent choice to those people who were not very happy with the sort of experience that Android tablets and Apple’s iPads provided. To be true, there are many people who love everything Windows and the latest tablet –not very small and not too huge –is set to give them a good choice. The best thing about this latest tablet from Acer is the fact that the tab comes with the top class specifications and great features. Besides it is not as pricey as Apple iPads. So people who love Windows and the immensely useful features that it brings along with it, they are simply going to fall for it. The fact that the Taiwanese tech giant has taken a lead in launching the Windows 8 tablet will also give it a likely headstart over its future market competitors.

Though there is no doubt that the tablet is really very pricey, nonetheless its features and the fact that it is a Windows 8 tablet will help it grab some traction. The small 8.1-inch Acer Iconia W3 will be available in India for Rs 27,999 before the end of July. When it comes to specifications the Iconia W3 comes with 8.1 inch 1280 x 800 pixels LED resolution that provides the user with a sharp and bright viewer experience. When it comes to processor, it is power-packed and comes with 1.8 GHz duel-core Intel Atom processor Z2760 besides 2 GB RAM and 32 GB memory. Right now it seems to be the only talking point in the tech circles. In India the tablet will be launched towards the end of July.


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