BY | December 31, 2012

The year 2012 was a great year for tech trends: here we take a look into the year that was

The 2012 is about to bid farewell. The year 2013 will bring many trends in tech markets. As we know, next year there will be a line of handset with 1080p FullHD displays, more phablets and others. But, here we make a revisiting to the important tech trends of the past year. The technology market has witnessed to large changes in 2012. Many advanced devices and upgrades hit the market. Various trends in tech market have emerged and here we bring to you five interesting tech trends of the past year.

It is the next generation cellular technology in data connectivity. LTE or Long Term Evolution technology brings data to gadgets faster than ever before. The year 2012 is quite decisive in the spread of LTE connectivity across the world. The high speed network connectivity hit many more key carriers in all prominent areas of the world. It was earlier available in the U.S. and some limited areas only.

Most of the recent handsets have come to market with 4G LTE capability. Even Apple has adopted 4G LTE technology after a delay. The new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are rich with LTE compatibility. All key Android handsets including Galaxy S III, HTC One X and others are also up with the feature for high speed internet performances.

Microsoft Windows Gets a New Life
Microsoft has launched its new Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 software for computers and handsets. Windows 8 is also compatible for tablet PCs and it also has a Windows RT variant for ARM-based gadgets. Microsoft also launched a pair of 10.6-inch tablets for Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro; respectively Surface RT and Surface Pro. The first one is already released and the second one is about to come into light by early 2013.

Windows Phone 8 is the next update to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. It is especially composed for devices with multi core CPUs. Windows Phone 8 has already appeared in a line of handsets; the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 from Nokia, HTC Windows Phone 8X, 8S and Samsung ATIV S. More devices are to join the party sooner.

Nokia new Lumia Series
After the market failure of the first series of Lumia phones, Nokia has now launched a fresh line of Lumia phones for Windows Phone 8. Being an official partner of Microsoft, it has been obligatory for the Finnish firm to launch new Lumia devices for Windows Phone 8. The software is meant only for devices with multiple core processors, while Nokia’s previous Lumia handsets only have single core processors.

The new Lumia series has already received three handsets; Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and Lumia 620. As they refer to, the devices respectively are flagship, midrange and lower range models of the series. The 920 is a quite innovative product with a nice design, wireless charging, larger display, a set of impressive body colors and more.

Patent Wars
The outgoing year is a year of patent wars. There is no exaggeration in saying so. Many companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, RIM, HTC and Oracle have engaged in various patent wars. In mobile market, most of the patent litigations were initiated by Apple, which used to repeatedly challenge Android rivals in copyright infringement suits. In its effort, the company could make a huge success as it won a $1billion in damages from Samsung for copying its patents.

NFC is Widespread
Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has widely sneaked into the handsets of the time. Almost all tech makers have recently introduced the feature to their handsets. NFC is much helpful in letting customers share data between devices quite quickly. It is also widely used for making payments at checkouts in shopping centers and others.


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