2012 MacBook Pro will come with same old design


    A Chinese forum has revealed that the 2012 MacBook Pro will come with same old design of exiting MacBook Pro

    The wait finally seems to be ending soon. Within hours we will be seeing numerous products coming out of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2012. Both software and hardware launches in store and so there is great enthusiasm among Apple fans throughout the world.

    The enthusiasm is highest among Apple fans for the latest upgrade of MacBook Pro, the top Apple laptops available in the market. Though the launch is merely hours away, but rumormills haven’t stopped functioning. To be true, there is so much urgency for the introduction of new Apple laptops from Apple fans’ perspective that rumors wouldn’t subside till the product is actually in the hands of users.

    But there are latest updates that may not go down well with Apple fans. A report suggests that the new MacBook pro –unlike rumors –may not come out with major design change. If this is true, it will be very disappointing for many Apple fans who were looking forward to owning a brand new MacBook Pro with a new look of the laptop.

    An image on a Chinese technology firm WeiPhone shows that there is not much difference by the way between MaBook Pro 2012 and the existing versions of MacBook. Meanwhile MeiPhone forum also suggests that new MacBook pro will come with NVIDIA GeForce 650M Kepler GPU and graphics memory.

    There are more and more details filtering out of Cupertino based Apple’s office. New rumored specifications for the imminent MacBook Pro refresh suggest that it will come with 16GB mSATA boot SSDs across the range. A report in French tech blog MacGeneration suggests that the 13-, 15- and 17-inch models will all be updated, complete with a Core i3 switch in the 13-incher, and the option to replace the SuperDrive DVD burner on the two larger versions with an SSD. More and more details are emerging about the complete specs of next generation MacBook Pro.